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Executive Offices & Executive Suites near San Jose, CA

When you are in Los Angeles for a project, the last thing that you want to do is spend a few months trying to work and live out of a hotel room. You have clients to meet, appearances to keep up, and a necessary comfort level if you want to stay creative. Staying in hotel rooms instead of executive suites is not only more expensive, but it is also bad for business.

Hollywood Production Center has the solution. We have five properties located throughout the Hollywood and Glendale areas that offer fully-furnished, all-inclusive executive suites designed for comfort, style, and productivity. Each of our luxury suites is fully furnished, includes electric, phone, and Internet services, and is available with flexible lease terms to meet your needs.

The executive offices at Hollywood Production Center take luxury and comfort to the next level. The floorplans are designed to be spacious to enhance creative flow while also being luxurious to ensure that you always impress your clients. All of our suites can be used as an executive apartment space, meaning that you can live and work in the same area without having to settle for a hotel room lifestyle.

Each of the Hollywood PC properties is located near a major studio and is close to supporting entertainment industry businesses. We have many amenities for our residents, including an amazing pool and deck area, fitness center, and spa. All residents have secured parking with optional valet services and use of our concierge services.

You can have temporary luxury office space when you need it if you visit Hollywood Production Center. Our locations near San Jose place us in the heart of the entertainment industry. Stop by today and take a tour of any of our properties – you will love what you see.