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Executive Offices & Executive Suites near Edendale, CA

A fun and exciting environment is something that can inspire more ideas and lead to a more pleasant workday. And this is the kind of environment we promote at our office space near Edendale, CA. We lease out office space, though in a different way than most traditional property management firms do. Ours is a turnkey office space with studios in the facility for filmmakers to take advantage of. Filmmakers aren’t our only clients though; insurance agents, real estate brokers, marketing consultants, and many others also rent from us.

Our office space company is Hollywood Production Center, a fully furnished office space provider with amenities for film productions, and all kinds of other fun features. You can rent standalone private executive suites, or lease out shared office spaces. Our leasing package allows you to add to space if your business needs to grow. Around the facility, you’ll find the equipment rooms where printers, copiers, and fax machines are located, and there are shipping and fast delivery services in our business center. Our internet is highly reliable and secured, and our IT team is always standing by in case you need help.

If you’re running a high activity film project here at Hollywood PC, you can reserve sections of the property for film shooting and prop setup. That even includes the use of our sound stages with assistance from our in-house engineers and equipment managers. But if you need a break from work, there are fitness centers with personal trainers and massage rooms where you can go to get away for a bit. If you’re in the market for renting executive offices but want to make sure we’re the right fit, you should take the tour of our place. The tour is free, and all you need to do to sign up for it is call 1-833-472-0404, or visit But hurry so you don’t miss your chance to get move-in discounts.