Executive Office Suite to Work In Style

Executive Office Suite to Work In Style Near Thai Town, CA

The Hollywood Production Centers have been serving the professional and entertainment industry since 2001 with amazing office complexes. Today, we have six locations and are known as one of the top executive office suites for high-tech production and post-production. Large, fully-furnished office spaces, filming locations and a garden rooftop for networking and relaxing are highlights for the DTLA facility.

The DTLA Hollywood PC at TENTEN Wilshire is our original location. TENTEN is an all-inclusive, ultra-modern, award-winning, and sophisticated Live, Work and Play facility, located near Thai Town CA. Thai Town is fun to visit as it is the only designated Thai Town CA in the country.

Our HPC locations are in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale and they provide a unique, chic solution for the professional community in need of office and networking space. HPC becomes a home away from home for executives and staff, proving to be heads above other executive office space with our high-quality production and post-production abilities.

TENTEN Wilshire, which overlooks DTLA, offers stylish, state-of-art, full-service facilities with modern executive office suites that include high-speed internet, cable, local phone, all utilities, a California café, a hair salon, a fitness room with a personal trainer, an on-site masseuse, sauna and BBQ pits all on the 16th floor – the rooftop!

Our 24-hour valet and friendly staff are ready to serve you with a smile at all times! Exceptional customer service is our goal as we create a sense of community with 230 fully furnished suites, stylish offices, and exquisite lobby for your guests.

Both short-term and long-term leases are available with the flexibility to change offices as your needs change. HPC promotes creativity with professional services that go beyond our offices and facilities.

It would be impossible to present all of our amenities here, so our techs have created a virtual tour to show all the details and amenities. Simply go to to tour any of our six locations knowing that all of the outstanding amenities are included in your monthly rent.