Executive Office Space


Quality executive office rentals are essential to any film production in order to facilitate smooth operations when producing a film. The office location is important and should be centrally located in order to minimize any travel time to other production facilities, shooting locations and supporting business services. In addition, the office space should be designed to accommodate the various needs of film industry professionals, including, editors, writers, camera crews and business administrators. For great executive office space in Beverly Hills CA, visit the Hollywood Production Center.

The Hollywood Production Center offers a variety of locations that will allow you and your team to be situated near essential Hollywood business locations. There are four locations offering multi-level office spaces that are loaded with amenities. They provide fully furnished office space with utilities already set up and ready to serve you. They also provide, phone, internet, and wireless internet so you do not have to worry about setting up these services in case you are staying for a short time.

They provide month-to-month production office space rentals or long-term office space rentals to suit your needs. You can also add or subtract space as your needs change allowing you to maximize your money for more essential costs and fees. The offices and executive suite are perfect for pre-production, post production and supporting business services. The office rentals are as dynamic as your business can be.

The added amenities will also allow you to conduct business with class and style, allowing you to focus on the more important tasks of film production. The office locations provide gyms, lockers, personal trainers, on-site cafes, and hair salons. There are even parking valets to cater to the refined needs of various business people and stars.

Other essential functions are already provided so your team will not have to worry about their safety or cleanliness. Security guards are already staffed and ready to ensure your safety, during normal work hours and afterwards. Janitorial services are also included with the rental and are performed by trained staff who will go unnoticed in the late hours of the evening. With Hollywood Production Center, you simply move in and get right down to business.

Not only are the office spaces functional, but they are gorgeous as well. Skylights allow sunlight to flood the interior, there are balconies to take in the beautiful surroundings, private kitchens and entrances ensure you are not disturbed unless you want to be. There is also ample parking so you, your staff, and your visitors will not have to worry about their cars or getting in on time.