Executive Office Rentals


We know there is no extra time to research superior work space in the heart of the Los Angeles and Glendale area. It is important to hit the ground running and manage client requirements as soon as possible. Your offices are ready.

The Hollywood Productions Center is taking care of the work “home” of your production job in California. We provide the comfortable and well equipped office environment that liberates you from the distractions of setting up an office, freeing you and your crew to focus on production goals. Whether your focus is TV/Film, post production, news media or publishing, our Executive Office Rentals are designed especially for professional demands of the production industry. Our collection of beautiful and luxurious offices has the perfect environment for your company. We guarantee the finest work environments available in production office space

Hollywood Productions Center manages all of your work environment requirement demands, beginning withfully furnished office space . We are able to set you up with whatever office size you need. When you arrive in California, a turnkey executive suite is waiting for you. A comfortable and convenient setting will immediately support whatever demands your work environment might have. Each suite is a tastefully decorated and comfortably furnished office ready for work. Our Executive Office Rentals provide the spacious, airy and dynamic office space fostering the creativity that your success is built on. Voice, data and high speed Internet services are ready for all of your essential IT equipment.

The furnishings are comfortable, inviting and support interaction. There is ample parking for both you and your clients. Valet parking is always available. The reception area is restful and luxurious, a very pleasing place for clients who are waiting. Private kitchens, restrooms, entrances, and balconies guarantee autonomy when needed. There are even filming locations and sets on the rooftop, right here, at our site. For completed projects, a celebration is always in order. The entertainment rooms available are perfect party places to celebrate a well done job. If you have a few minutes between tasks, or appointments, slip into the on-site gym to get rid of those kinks, or get your creative juices flowing. We take care of all of the housekeeping details so you can be a brilliant success at what you are best at. Our addresses are the locations of premium sites. Your whereabouts will be very familiar to the locals.

Hollywood Production Center is the accommodation solution for any business supporting the film and entertainment industry. Call, or email for an appointment. 855-737-7534 or