Office Rentals


If you’re looking for premier office space rental for your entertainment industry business in Glendale,Hollywood Production Center is the answer to all your needs. Hollywood Production Center specializes in creating a comfortable workspace for your project. Catering to the entertainment industry, they provide elite amenities, such as pet accommodations, onsite gym and personal trainers, car wash, and complimentary espresso machines. Offices can be scaled to fit your business needs, and a flexible leases are available. Hollywood Production Center is not your average office space rental, but caters to making your employees and clients feel at home.

Their support personnel are highly trained, specializing in the entertainment industry, and a professionalism and customer service expertise expected of an elite company. All your requirements will be met with care and promptness. That’s what allows Hollywood Production Center stand out above other office space rentals in Glendale.

By catering to the entertainment industry, the staff at Hollywood Production Center knows that your office space is more than just a place to work. In a “hurry up and wait” environment, they make sure that your workspace has that welcoming atmosphere that promotes creativity and keeps your clients, staff and talent at ease. The staff at Hollywood Production Center knows that long days and long nights are all too common in the entertainment industry. Their office spaces provide amenities that allow employees to take care of everyday errands during their work breaks, and even get a chance to blow off steam and recharge. And with their first class accommodations, they ensure that your business can focus on the project, while they take care of the set up and maintenance.

Hollywood Production Center has years of experiences and has catered to a wide variety of clients, including many well known and popular production companies, and major motion pictures. Located in Glendale’s heart, their entertainment office spaces are located in high-class buildings that provide rooms with skylights, private balconies, open space layout or connecting rooms. Offices are also fully furnished.

For your next entertainment office space rental, be sure to contact Hollywood Production Center. You won’t be disappointed.