Discover Production Office Spaces for Rent

Discover Production Office Spaces for Rent near Silver Lake, CA

When you move to Los Angeles and bring your film production studio with you, you might want to consider setting up near Silver Lake CA. Silver Lake has actually had other film producers come to town including the legendary Walt Disney who set up his first studio within this vicinity. It’s also been home to an alternative rock scene and has had celebrations in its center including the Sunset Junction Street Fair over the years. If you’re going to be moving near Silver Lake, you should consider renting an office at our Hollywood PC suites which are located all over Los Angeles.

We Have The Essentials

We have some of the most luxurious office spaces at our studios that are fully furnished and waiting to be moved into. We can supply you with all you need in terms of electronic equipment that includes a desk with your own enterprise-level personal computer, high-speed internet, printers and copiers, and other miscellaneous items such as shelves and cabinet spaces. We also know that you like to come into a clean office every day, so our HPC housekeeping staff is always there making sure it’s neat and tidy when you’re away. But if you need to pull a late-night shift or come in at odd hours, you’ll have 24/7 access to the building.

We Have Extra Features Onsite

Your office isn’t the only thing you’ll enjoy about coming to work at our suites. When you come to our facilities our valet parking will allow you to enter the building immediately and get to work. There’ll also be reception staff and secretarial there to greet you and point your clients to your office for appointments. There are also conference and meeting rooms you can reserve for large group meetings. But when you need a break from work, you can go to take yoga classes, work out in a gym, visit a massage parlor or go out to the rooftop or balcony. Our suites also have private kitchens when you need to go get a snack, and you can also host private parties if you reserve ahead of time.

You Can Rent Right Now

If you need a production office space immediately, we can get you set up very quickly. We offer free tours to our facilities so you can get the lay of the land and get the perfect feel for how things are set up. We can even discuss lease terms and have you ready to go with same-day move-ins at our fully-furnished turnkey office spaces. You can schedule a tour now by calling 1-888-298-6029, or by going to and filling in your contact information.