Discover Production Office Spaces for Rent

Discover Production Office Spaces for Rent near San Jose CA

The Hollywood Production Center, HPC, provides ready to go spaces for you to live, work and play. The company offers first-class centers that are fully furnished so you can start working right away. HPC offers an exceptional solution ready for immediate occupancy. Located near the picturesque San Jose CA, the centers offer the perfect production and marketing environment for your media business.
Production Benefits
The centers enable you to film, edit and produce your media projects with the support of world-class professionals, cutting-edge infrastructure, and a vibrant community environment. Hollywood PC is the ideal destination for media production and publishing companies involved in film, television, music, commercials and documentaries among others. The centers are designed with the contemporary entertainment executive in mind.

Are you a producer, director, recording artist, writer, or media consultant looking for office spaces? Enjoy fully-furnished turnkey office spaces ready for short-term and ongoing leasing. This offers you the flexibility of renting for your current project with access to the entire required infrastructure. It is an excellent choice for startups looking to minimize operational and infrastructure costs. Additionally, you enjoy the benefits of working alongside successful global media companies such as CBS, NBC, Viacom, and Lionsgate among many others.

Why Choose Hollywood Production Center?

HPC empowers innovative professionals to focus on their core business functions of creating great productions that reflect positively on their bottom line. It fosters creativity and collaboration enabling an ideal environment for the growth of your media business. Veteran entertainment professionals will tell you that the bulk of the budget goes to infrastructure development, production, and marketing.

Discover the picture-perfect filming location including access to the exclusive rooftop, helipad, and pool area. Indoor shooting sites include the penthouse, conference rooms, and comprehensive stage setups complete with audio and lighting systems.

At Hollywood PC, you get exclusive facilities including fully furnished production office space in various sizes, deluxe shooting locations, cutting edge production and editing facilities. You also gain access to industry professionals offering targeted consultation and business support services. The chic offices offer ready-to-go voice and data connectivity solutions, professional co-working spaces, and meeting rooms.

Living Spaces

Besidesoffice spaces, the Centers offer exceptional living and recreation spaces for the upwardly mobile and demanding executive. Exquisitely designed living spaces consisting of deluxe suites with private kitchens, skylights, onsite utilities such as gyms, beauty centers, and comprehensive dining and entertainment that fits flawlessly into your busy lifestyle.

Schedule a Tour

To get a glimpse of the innovative offerings from the Hollywood Production Center, check out their online portal and schedule a tour of the ingenious facilities. You can also get access to key information such as floor maps and business directories of existing tenants.