Discover Production Office Spaces for Rent

Discover Production Office Spaces for Rent near Mount Olympus, CA

What could be better than having all of the production office space that is needed while still being near Mount Olympus CA? The prominent neighborhood that brings Hollywood Hills to life is so close to the Hollywood Production Center properties that there will never be a dull moment, and one can simply feel the action of all of the landmark boulevards and roads encircling. There is a reason that HPC is a top name in the books of so many industry insiders and elite, and it is because the facilities meet their high standards and have everything necessary to get the job done.

Five turnkey office spaces are available, and the floor plans and amenities are top of the line. Anyone working with the TV/film production, post-production, new media, or publishing companies needs to give these spots a look before it is too late. PC1 could be an ideal option, and it is located right in the Hollywood Production Center building which so many are familiar with due to its proximity to everything. Both office suites and individual offices are available with everything necessary for the efficiency of production included in the offering price. Kitchenettes, a gym, and an on-site cafe are all onsite so that tenants never have to stray far from their office spaces. There are two other turnkey offerings in Hollywood as well including one at the prestigious TENTEN.

Does Glendale sound more like a relaxing place to get the job done? There are three other fully furnished turnkey office spaces which are near enough to Mount Olympus to make travel between the two no issue. As with the other selections, all utilities are paid and there is a janitorial staff on duty to keep things clean so that the work can be the primary focus for tenants. All of the floor plans are fully functional and have attractive furniture already in place so that everything will look great from the first day that new tenants walk in. Secure valet service takes care of the vehicles and has them ready at any time. A courtesy car washing is even a service that is offered while tenants work. HPC really understands how to take care of the individual, and there is practically nothing that they cannot provide if just given the word.

Various arrangements can be made such as month to month and long-term leases for this ideal production office space. Voice, data, and high-speed internet are all ready to go with the same-day move-in if desired. Be sure to visit the website today to get a look at the great views and photographs of the properties. Then, subscribe for a free tour of the location of choice so that your new space at Hollywood PC will be ready for you!