Discover Production Office Spaces for Rent

Discover Production Office Spaces for Rent near Griffith Park, CA

The film production industry is as strong as ever, and one location that has so many scenic places to film is Griffith Park CA. This area in the northeast side of Los Angeles has been the home of some wildlife centers and even an ostrich farm, and you can find areas with beautiful trees and majestic scenery in sight. If you’re planning to move near this part of Los Angeles, you should consider renting one our production office space suites to go to work at. The reason you should do this is that our office suites are made for studious directors and producers and offer amenities on the side when you need to take a break from stressful work.

What The Suites Have

When you choose Hollywood PC for your filming production place, you’ll be treated to a facility that is full of upscale office suites all furnished and ready for you. You’ll find a desk that’s got all the compartments but leaves room for space, cabinets, a comfy desk chair, other chairs for clients coming to meet with you, or you can even have it set up to share with a coworker. You’ll also be treated to high-speed internet and all the office equipment such as printers, copiers, fax machines, and even coffee makers for bringing out the maximum production to your day.

What The General Facility Has

HPC doesn’t just have fully-loaded office spaces for its clients, it’s also a place to have fun with other directors and producers and even stay a little while after work to play. The Hollywood PC facilities also have gyms and saunas to hit when you want to get your workout and later your comfort on, private kitchens when you need to go to the refrigerator to get a snack, and rooftop terraces to go out and take a look at the surrounding area or to possibly have a cocktail party later on. HPC doesn’t just want their clients to have a good experience renting from these work studios, they want them to keep coming back for more.

You Can Schedule A Tour Now

If you really want to take advantage of our fully-furnished turnkey office spaces and see how comfortable you feel in them, you can have a tour of our Griffith Park CA facility. It’s not difficult at all. You can contact our company and we’ll have a receptionist come to give you a complete run of the building. To schedule a free no-obligation tour today, simply call 888-303-2077, or go to and fill in the contact form, and a representative will set you up for a tour date.