Conference Rooms


In the technology industry, there is much talk about SCIFs or secure computing information facilities, or places where technology executives can meet without having to worry about the place being eavesdropped upon.

It has come to be a greater problem in other industries as well. One California executive used to rent a cubicle in a Beverly Hills office building on Wilshire. He arranged to use the conference rooms for a taste testing of their new product with some food industry executives after receiving assurances from the building’s owners that the conference rooms were checked regularly for problems. The meeting went swimmingly, though the executive hung back as the group went to lunch to check for any messages. As he exited the office suite to catch up, he met a man in the hallway who told him “I saw everything” and then related some of the details of the meeting to him. In a hurry to catch up with his clients, the executive shrugged it off and it wasn’t until later, when financial backers from Los Angeles leased the building that he was about to lease in another city and opened a restaurant with the same type of niche theme that he realized that he should maybe vet the conference room a little more carefully next time.

So when you go to book your conference room for your next production project or business meeting, keep in mind that the Hollywood Production Center in Glendale CA is not only secure, it provides a great support environment for any type of business to hold its meetings there.

The production center also provides office space for rent. The office space that is provided is well-designed and lends itself to a variety of different types of configurations without having to make changes to the existing floor plan.

Excelling at temporary leases for companies that are working on projects, the center does also host a number of permanent clients that have decided to stay after initially starting out on a temporary basis. The nice thing for companies is that when you do express an interest, you can be on any type of timeline and get into the building fairly immediately. In some cases, executives that had their project greenlit in the morning are able to move in the same evening, saving their companies time and money.

Another real positive for companies in the entertainment industry is that if you are looking for locations to shoot in the Los Angeles area, you are welcome to use almost any part of the center as a backdrop for your movie or production without having to go in and file for permission with the city.