Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Universal City, CA

Looking to set up an office space in a nice area near Universal City? Rental space is available for entrepreneurs, corporate executives, entertainment industry professionals, lawyers, production companies, creative teams, writers, and others who desire a comfortable and professional environment.

Hollywood Production Center is highly regarded in the business community due to our integrity, honesty, accountability, professionalism, and extensive experience in meeting the needs of our clients.

Renting a business office or production space is a major decision. There’s a lot to know when it comes to choosing a workspace that provides the right working environment or atmosphere for your company. Careful planning is critical to getting exactly what you need for success.

The HPC team is knowledgeable and experienced and can guide you properly. Just let us know what type of project you’re working on and we will help you find your dream workspace or private office. We’re committed to ensuring a pleasant rental experience.

HPC offices enjoy stunning views and natural daylight. You will have access to gorgeous lounge areas, an on-site cafe, meeting room facilities, a business center, receptionist, administrative support, and cutting-edge technology.

The workspace is large and fully equipped with the top-notch amenities you need to run a successful business. The offices are accessible via a gated entry, and the premises are monitored by 24–hour security.

Our location near Universal City CA is a walking distance from urban amenities including shopping centers, bars, restaurants, and financial institutions, as well as extensive public transportation links.

Whether you’re interested in getting a private office for business, collaborative space, or production space, we can help you. Just contact Hollywood PC staff to discuss your needs. Be sure to browse our office spaces available and amenities, then subscribe for a free tour of our world-class location near Universal City. You’ll be glad you did.

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Garden Grove, CA

Hollywood Production Center is a leading office rental company and we provide expertly designed, sophisticated offices for rent. If you’re looking for a business office in a prestigious location near Garden Grove CA, then we can help.

All-inclusive or serviced offices are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. This kind of setup is the wise choice for businesses and professionals who want to avoid hassles and move into a ready-to-go office.

Hollywood PC offers an abundance of offices with gracious amenities. The procedure for professionals and executives renting a private office, executive suite, or production space near Garden Grove requires the services of a reliable rental company.

HPC staff is highly knowledgeable and experienced and provides high-quality guidance. Our company comes highly recommended in the business community due to our excellent service. We have simplified finding a business office space for those who are looking to move into a new office with high-class amenities and features.

HPC extensive list of clients includes fashion designers, production companies, legal professionals, writing teams, entertainment professionals, architects, directors, producers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and all those who are looking for an impressive location Garden Grove to set up an office.

Hollywood PC offices come with high-end amenities and world-class services such as luxury suites, business centers, cutting-edge technology, shared creative spaces, and high-tech equipment. Our experienced support staff handles the maintenance of the offices so you can focus on growing your business.

With our service, you will avoid costly mistakes. Whether you need an office for a short-term project or you want to rent a space for a long-term assignment, you will benefit from getting a furnished or all-inclusive office at our location.

Visit our website to check out our outstanding amenities and luxury offices. Be sure to subscribe for a free tour of our office spaces available for rent.

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now in Santa Monica, CA

Professionals and creative teams throughout
Santa Monica CA will love the office spaces available from Hollywood Production Center. Offer some of the best upscale addresses in the heart of the entertainment industry, Hollywood PC has space to meet the needs of your company.

Our office spaces available at this time include everything from private executive suites to large work studios. Each of our offices is fully furnished with modern décor and has been designed to be comfortable yet impressive. All offices include utilities, high-speed Internet, and telephone services. These are ready-to-use offices that can be moved into on the same day that you sign your lease.

HPC understands that there must be flexibility in lease terms when working with the entertainment industry. Production often must move to accommodate the project. We have made it much easier for our clients to utilize our offices by offering month-to-month and short- and long-term leases.

Our office setup includes community amenities that benefit your business. A fully-staffed reception area, conference and meeting areas, and entertainment spaces are available for all clients in the building. These shared amenities add prestige to the office space while reducing the overhead cost for each of our clients.

Hollywood PC has also recently opened its first soundstage. Our soundstage is fully equipped and ready for your production. The property is gated to ensure the privacy and safety of all guests and businesses. The soundstage also has private suites that can be rented for the executives, creative team, or staff. A private gym is on-site with personal trainers and yoga instructors. A private masseuse is also available. Dining opportunities are on site, and there is even a car wash available.

Creative teams need creative office space to do their jobs. HPC has a variety of properties throughout the Sothern California region that can accommodate the needs of any entertainment industry professional. We understand the entertainment business, and we have created offices that accommodate those needs.

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now in Los Angeles, CA

Production companies, creative teams, and other members of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles CA will benefit from the available office spaces being offered by Hollywood Production Center.

Hollywood Production Center owns properties throughout Southern California that are designed to accommodate the entertainment industry. With property addresses ranging from the heart of Hollywood to a soundstage facility in Glendale, HPC has something that will accommodate each type of creative writing or creative team space team.

Current office spaces availableinclude executive offices, pre, and postproduction space, and general creative space. We have designed our spaces to have an upscale feel using modern furnishings and alluring designs. To make our offices more cost-effective to production companies, we use a “shared tenancy” setup to reduce overall costs.

All of our offices are designed to provide our clients with their own business identities. However, we offer shared spaces, such as conference rooms, meeting and entertaining areas, and a fully staffed reception area that services each company within our properties. These shared amenities help reduce the costs for our clients.
Hollywood PC also understands that the entertainment industry needs to be very versatile with their office space. Traveling is a large part of the creative process, and many companies cannot afford to be stuck in an office for an extended period of time. On the flip side, many companies that come into the area need an office space quickly and cannot afford the time it takes to furnish and prepare one for use.

HPC offers fully furnished offices that have full utilities, phone service, and access to high-speed Internet. Our offices are always move-in ready, and you can start using your space the same day you sign your lease. We also offer month-to-month and different lease options so that you are never stuck with an office for an extended period of time.

If you are ready to move into the perfect office in the entertainment capital of the world, you are encouraged to contact HPC to find the perfect space for your office.

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now in Hollywood, CA

Office spaces are available in Hollywood CA for creative teams and other professionals in the entertainment industry. Prime locations packed full of amenities are now available for long- and short-term leasing. When you need the perfect space for your office, Hollywood Production Center offers the perfect properties.

Hollywood PC offers some of the finest addresses in Hollywood and the surrounding Southern California area available for rent. We are industry leaders in providing production companies with exactly what they need in an office space. We understand the versatility and flexibility required for this industry, and we have created offices to meet those needs.

Our offices are designed to provide shared benefits to all the clients while allowing them to retain their business identity. Each space is designed to be private, while areas such as reception, conference and meeting rooms, and dining areas are shared. This reduces overhead while still providing our clients with an upscale setting for their business.

Most of our properties have additional amenities as well. Private gyms, offices with showers and sleeping areas, and private kitchens are all available. Some of the properties have balconies, patio areas, and rooftop access for meetings and gatherings.

All of our properties have included utilities, high-speed Internet access, and telephone service for each office. Office spaces available may also have distinct features like skylights or other architectural features unique to the building.

HPC has recently opened a soundstage in Southern California that is available for lease. This fully functional soundstage is on a gated property for added security and has all of the amenities you would expect to find in this type of production building. Creative teams will find that the soundstage also has available space or executive offices, post product areas, and even quiet places for writers to work their magic.

Whatever your creative team needs in an office, Hollywood Production Center has a space that will meet your needs. We are pleased to work directly with the entertainment industry to supply what they need in quality office spaces.

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Highland Park, CA

Creative teams, production companies, writers, and all other entertainment industry professionals in Highland Park CA will be pleased to know that they can have access to prime office locations in the heart of the entertainment capital. Hollywood Production Center offers prime office locations throughout the heart of the entertainment industry.

Hollywood PC has locations at some of the hottest properties in Southern California. We understand that creative teams have different requirements, so we have properties designed to meet the needs of all professionals within the community. We have exquisite executive suites, modern office space, and open areas that are perfect for the creative process.

HPC has also just opened its first soundstage in Southern California. Our soundstage is fully equipped to meet the needs of any production company. The soundstage has professional offices that are available, dining options, a personal gym with trainers and yoga instructors, and is in a gated setting to provide additional security features for your business.

Current office spaces available provide our clients with many benefits not found in other office settings. Our offices are designed to provide communal benefits such as a shared fully staffed reception area and access to meeting and conference rooms, while the offices are designed to retain the identity of the business.

All of our offices are fully furnished with modern décor so that your company always gives the best impression to your clients. Utilities, high-speed Internet access, and telephone services are included with each office. Amenities at the properties vary but include benefits such as dining areas, patio and conference areas, and private washrooms and resting areas.

The entertainment industry often requires flexibility when it comes to office space. Locations often change during the course of one project, and companies need to be able to move their offices accordingly. Our month-to-month and short and long-term leasing options help companies save money by not locking them into a lease for longer than they will be in one area.

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Palmer Park, CA

The entertainment industry is quite different than any other industry in many ways. One of the ways that this industry differs is its use of office space. Most production companies need flexibility when it comes to their office space because of how much these companies change locations for their projects.

Hollywood Production Center offers these business premium addresses in the heart of the entertainment industry. These offices are designed to meet the needs of this industry by offering full-service, modern offices in prime locations throughout Southern California. Palmer Park CA companies will enjoy these premium addresses for their business.

HPC has offices ready to move in on the same day you view them. We know that this industry moves quickly and that you cannot delay setting up your production and office space. We also have spaces available on month-to-month leasing as well as short and long-term plans.

Our office spaces available all have a centralized reception area that is fully staffed. Each office has its own telephone system and high-speed Internet access. Utilities are included with the properties so that your company never has to worry about having the lights turned on. All of our properties offer different amenities, including dining areas, personal gyms, and even patio areas for gatherings. All of our properties have conference rooms available for our clients to use.

Our new soundstage is also available. This magnificent Southern California soundstage also offers several executive offices on-site to help production companies keep their business all in one area. These offices have many amenities, including some with private showers and sleeping areas. The soundstage property is in a gated area and has many onsite benefits such as a gym with personal trainers and yoga instructors, dining experiences, and even a car wash.

The largest benefit that Hollywood PC offers its clients is the benefits of cost-sharing business space. Shared space designed in this manner allows each of our businesses to retain their business identity while benefiting from the communal reception area, conference rooms, and meeting spaces. Our ready-to-use offices are a great opportunity for production companies, writers, post-production work, and all other members of the entertainment industry.

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Silver Lake, CA

Entertainment industry professionals in Silver Lake CA will be pleased to know that premium office spaces are available throughout Southern California for their production needs. Do you need somewhere to meet your clients or investors? Do your writers need a quiet space to write? Do you need a post-production area to complete your project? Hollywood Production Center has the right office spaces available to meet these and other needs.

Our fully furnishedoffice spaces provide our clients with a modern and appealing office setting, high-speed Internet and telephone service, and a fully staffed reception area. Each of our properties also has different amenities available such as on-site gyms, dining areas, conference rooms, or executive suites with wash and sleep areas.

HPCunderstands the versatile nature of the entertainment industry and the need to be flexible. Each of our properties is available for long- and short-term leases or has month-to-month rental options. Our pop-up-styled offices are available on short notice, and many properties have same-day move-in opportunities.

Our newest Southern California property is a fully operational soundstage. The soundstage can accommodate the needs of most production companies. The soundstage has offices and suites available on-site. The property also offers a gym, yoga instructor and personal trainers, dining areas, and even a car wash. This is a gated facility with ample parking and even valet service if requested.

Offices are available in a range of sizes and amenities, Properties are located in the entertainment industry “hot spots,” including a property in Hollywood itself on Santa Monica Blvd. All Hollywood PC properties are designed to accommodate the needs of entertainment industry professionals.

The best feature of renting an office from Hollywood Production Center is the cost-savings advantage. Sharing an office setting with other members of the entertainment industry gives each of our clients a way to reduce production costs. Your company will not be burdened with many of the expenses associated with renting or owning your own office space or building. Additionally, your company will not face long-term payments on an office that may not be located near your next project. Our short-term leases benefit the quickly-changing needs of entertainment industry professionals.

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Civic Center, CA

Production companies looking for quality office space will be pleased to know that Hollywood Production Center has four distinct properties available to rent. These properties include modern office spaces with many amenities. Our newest location is also a fully operational soundstage that can be used for any type of production.

The entertainment industry is always moving to meet the needs of their projects. Having an office in one spot can be detrimental to the company. HPC has office space available throughout Southern California. Our offices are in prime location and production “hot spots.”

Executive Offices – Meeting Spaces – Production and Post-Production Facilities

Our office spaces available right now include some of the top properties in Southern California. Civic Center CA production companies can enjoy an ultra-modern décor, beautiful reception areas that are fully staffed, and high-speed Internet and telephone services in any of the properties that they select. All of our offices include utilities, so there is never a hassle about trying to get the power turned on.

We understand that the entertainment industry often requires short-term leasing solutions.HPC proudly offers month-to-month leasing option as well as long term leases. We are here to meet the needs of the entertainment community.

Prime Location That Impress Your Clients

Hollywood PC has selected some of the finest properties available in Southern California. Our properties offer many different types of offices. Our newest building contains 100 different offices, a conference room that can be used by the tenants, and a gym area. There are fully furnished patios available for entertaining, and this prime location is also dog-friendly.

Other locations include similar amenities with some properties offering on-site dining options. Some of the available executive offices have private sleep and showering areas. Everything someone could need in an entertainment industry office can be found in one or all of our properties.

Hollywood PC has just opened a new sound stage. In addition to the sound stage, this property also has large offices with sun lights and personal kitchens, an on-site gym with personal trainers and a shower area, and even car washing services. We know you will be pleased.

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near San Jose, CA

Entertainment industry professionals understand the need for prime office and workspace. However, industry insiders also understand that the nature of this business is often mobile, and having one office in one city may not be in the best interest of the company. This is why Hollywood Production Center offers pop-up offices, soundstages and production areas to members of the industry.

Located in areas throughout Southern California, HPC offers offices for rent that are beautifully furnished with modern décor and come with telephone and high-speed Internet services. Some of the properties include other amenities inside the office building like spa and gym areas that renters can enjoy.

San Jose CA is the newest area to have access to the turn-key offices offered by Hollywood PC. Everyone from writers to post-production work can take place in one of these available offices. They are the perfect solution for a mobile production company that needs a place to work, meet with clients, or finish their production.

Hollywood PC has office spaces available in all sizes and that can meet many different needs. Our newest addition is a soundstage property in Glendale that can be used for any type of production work. We also have offices that are available in luxury high-rises, smaller office buildings, and even warehouse-style settings for larger production needs.

Our company provides the office space of the future. Entertainment industry professionals do not need to be tied down to a single space to conduct their business. They can take advantage of the different office spaces that we have available throughout Southern California and conduct their business on their own terms.

Hollywood Production Center is pleased to offer superior services to all of its clients. We provide a beautiful reception area in all of our properties, janitorial services are included with the office space, and we offer month-to-month or long-term leases to meet the needs of our clients.

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Century City, CA

If you’re just beginning in film production or publishing, or you’re an entrepreneur who needs space for a new startup, opening a new office can be a challenging overhead cost. Yet it’s important when you need an official place of work to make your film operation or business more established. If you don’t have the capital to invest in a multi-year rental, but you are willing to go with smaller or shared office space even only for the short-term, then our Hollywood Production Center offices could be what you’re looking for.

Instead of having to move a lot of bulky desks and tables, and then call a business internet provider to get your new office online, we already have that ready for you here at Hollywood PC. Our IT infrastructure is some of the most reliable in its class, and our technicians are always just a call away when you need them. Office equipment, a shipping center, conference rooms, and even a filming sound stage can all be found on our property near Century City CA, and if you’re going to be moving a lot of cameras, lights and props around, our engineer can assist you.

HPC is loved by clients because of its easy office leasing options and 24/7 property access. Office rentals can include standalone offices or shared space, and you’re not required to stay long-term. But you should take our free tour soon so that you can see office spaces available, and so you don’t miss out on your chance to move in before they’re gone. To take the free tour and later sign up for a lease, give us a call at (323)785-2100, or visit our website at

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Thai Town, CA

Why are turnkey office spaces gaining popularity today? Because in the days before they took off, it took much longer to get the capital to invest in high-end commercial space for long-term use, and you had to be ready to hire employees or contractors to maintain the equipment on the property. With turnkey office properties like our Hollywood Production Center, those are costs you don’t have to worry about as much today. Instead, you can move into an office that’s already set up for you and let the staff on our property handle the day-to-day maintenance.

One of the industries that have greatly benefited from commercial spaces like ours is the film industry. Our Hollywood PC locations have areas specifically designed for filming and sound testing including our high-tech sound stage. For non-film-related tasks such as meetings and teleconferencing, our conference rooms are set up for those purposes. You can also have bulks of packages shipped from our business center and full use of printers and copiers. If you’re interested in bringing in new talent, bringing in more clients to your business, or showcasing current film productions, you can reserve areas of our property for networking events.

How many locations does our HPC property have? With five different locations throughout DTLA and West Hollywood, we have space near some of the best historic and top tourist locations including Santa Monica and Thai Town CA. You can get started renting our office spaces available on a month-to-month basis, and you can stay for either a few months or a few years. But you’ll want to schedule our free tour soon so you can find out which spaces are available, and then move into space before it’s no longer available. To inquire about our property availabilities, call 323-785-2100 or visit

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Westwood Village, CA

Why do some business owners decide to move their offices near the plaza of Westwood Village CA? It’s where businesses of all kinds are open in a plaza that has fashion stores, home decor outlets, restaurants, and theaters all in a beautiful commercial area. For startups that need office space to start with, or for those who want to start more field offices for their firms, our turnkey office facility allows you to open new offices quickly and take advantage of on-site office equipment to take care of immediate business needs.

What kind of office property do we have? We’re known as Hollywood Production Center because many of our tenants are filmmakers and publishers, but many advertising and financial firms also lease our offices. Not only are our offices already furnished with the basic desks and chair arrangements, but we also have phone lines, internet ports, and WiFi all ready for you to use. But our Hollywood PC facility has so much more to it with its own coffee and snack bars, salons, gyms, and massage rooms. Our janitorial staff works hard to make sure your office is clean while you’re away and smelling fresh for your return.

Tenants of HPC can take advantage of concierge services, speedy move-in assistance, and 24/7 access to their office when they have late-night projects. Our property near the Westwood Village is also near the UCLA campus which can be beneficial if you’re looking to recruit student interns or fresh talent. We have quite a few office spaces available and floor plans have many sizes, but availabilities can fill up quickly. Before leasing an office, you can see it along with the rest of our property on the free tours we offer. Make sure you act now while space is still available by calling us at 323-785-2100, or visiting us at

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Spaulding Square, CA

What kind of commercial real estate would benefit your business best? Are you trying to give your business a whole new look with a new identity for your clients to see? Are you growing a new business and want office space that’s already furnished and built to accommodate a lot of intense activity? Are you hoping to do a lot of filming that requires camera moving, setting up new props, and needs professional engineering support? All of these needs are what our company tries to meet, and we have a filming and office rental property near Spaulding Square CA where your activities can begin immediately.

Our company is Hollywood Production Center and we have many facilities near the main studios of several motion picture companies who often shoot films on our property. The offices themselves are set up with dedicated phone lines, voicemail, and high-speed internet, and you’ll have a private entrance and private kitchen you can use along with them. There are also conference rooms that have video call capability, and also outdoor balconies and rooftop areas where filming often takes place. HPC also has its own salons, fitness center and massage therapy centers.

We have professionals here at Hollywood PC that include valet parking attendants, office suite housekeepers, and front desk assistants. We also have staff who can give you a free tour of our facility when you’re looking to move in. They will show you the office spaces available that appeal to you, and if you’re ready to move in the same day, we’ll get the paperwork moving for that. Schedule a time to take the tour and check on availabilities by calling 323-785-2100 or visit

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Little Armenia, CA

Sometimes your business is best to run when you have decentralized office locations making for an easy commute and accommodating employees from all the corners of LA. The film industry, one of the most dominant forces in the area has often opened up office extensions to get more workspace and add infrastructure for major projects. There are some great neighborhoods of cultural diversity with their own landmarks that your satellite offices could benefit from being close to, including being near Little Armenia CA. That’s why we’ve opened one of our Hollywood Production Center facilities near there so that professionals can take advantage of the location and grow their film business or other startups quickly. Why do professionals love our company?

Hollywood PC facility has been carefully designed to give it an aesthetic appeal while also having the most dynamic IT setup managed by our network professionals. Every office space is furnished, and all they need is you to move into them to be used. Film producers and directors can access our sound stage when they need to utilize an area for light and sound effects, but we also have outdoor areas that are perfect for it. Elsewhere on the property, you can find conference rooms, a shipping center, gaming rooms, and a gym and sauna.

Renting one of our office spaces available doesn’t require you to get a long-term lease. You can even arrange for a same-day move-in once the paperwork and first payment are received, and once you become a tenant you can access your office at any time of the day or night. But you should sign up for our tour and get started renting soon because our available offices can rent out quickly. Act now by calling us at 323-785-2100 or visiting

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Edendale, CA

Starting up a business in Los Angeles can be exciting and challenging, and being in a place where you have the tools to work with and people to network with really helps things get going. Well, we have a turnkey office space property where networking is a regular activity, and startup businesses have access to the overhead things they need to start growing. Since film and television show producers and their teams make up a significant percentage of our clientele, we’ve adopted Hollywood Production Center as our name. But financial experts, real estate agents, accountants, and other professionals also have offices here.

One of the advantages you’ll have moving into a Hollywood PC office is having office equipment already here to use, and even conference rooms to host important meetings. You can immediately connect to our high-speed internet once you move in and get an official business phone number for your office landline. There are areas on our property including the lobby, courtyard, and cafes where networking events can be hosted, and you’ll have the opportunity to find young talent from LA’s two main universities. HPC also has its own gym and pool area, and all tenants are given their own private locker and ongoing membership.

Our offices for rent can be found at properties all across DTLA and its surrounding communities, including near the hills of the historic Edendale CA district. All of our office suites have flexible leasing options you can sign up for, and you have the option to add more space or scale down as per your business needs. To visit our property and take advantage of current office spaces available, give us a call at
323-785-2100 or fill out our contact form at

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Eagle Rock, CA

One thing the Hollywood area has is a lot of parks and overlooks in the hills that surround it, and for film professionals, these spots can be the perfect area for outdoor film shooting. One area that has unique rock formations and high up views of the coast is the park near Eagle Rock CA. If you plan to do filming near here, we have the perfect office space for you to rent. We have fully furnished turnkey offices that are all part of a vibrant working community and an atmosphere of great vibes.

Our property is known as Hollywood Production Center since many Hollywood film studios and producers use our office facility and assemble their film sets at our sound stage. But the offices themselves have a lot of interior space to work with, have modern designs, and are already connected with phone lines and high-speed internet access. Renting here at Hollywood PC also gives you access to conference and board rooms, membership to our on-site gym and 24/7 access to your office. There are even private kitchens and balconies on our property.

If HPC sounds right for you but you want to make sure the office spaces available meet your expectations, then you should come to take our free tour. It’s a fairly quick tour that allows you to see the suites you’re interested in, and then if you’re ready to move in you can sign the paperwork. You can opt for either a long-term or short-term lease, but you’ll want to act soon while availabilities are still here by calling us at 323-785-2100, or signing up at

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Glendale, CA

Why is it important for filmmakers, actors, producers, and technical engineers to be a part of networking events? Sometimes you can get to know people who may be part of your next planned production even better when you have an informal gathering and social event at a place like our Hollywood Production Center property. We are a turnkey office rental company that’s been renting out space for film executives and other local businesses for more than 10 years, and throughout that time we’ve seen many well-known TV series planned and even filmed on our site. Networking events have also been common at our property near Glendale CA thanks to the different amenities we’ve brought there.

As an office space provider first and foremost, our facilities feature furnished suites where the desks and shelves are prearranged, and all it takes is plugging in your computer to access the internet. But film shooting itself can be done in many places on our property from our state-of-the-art sound stage to capturing intense moments up on the rooftops and helipad. But we also have a spacious lobby, board rooms, screening areas and billiard rooms here at Hollywood PC which can be accommodating for networking events. During your time off, you can use other amenities such as our gym or sauna.

Once you move into HPC, you’ll have 24/7 access to the building and be protected by top notch security and surveillance. Other services you can take advantage of are valet parking, housekeeping and giving our IT and maintenance departments a call any time there’s an issue. office spaces available are leased out first come first serve, so it’s a good idea to sign up for a lease while you still can. To get started by taking our free tour, call 323-785-2100 or visit today.

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Chula Vista, CA

Have you ever reimagined the place you’d prefer to work from and felt you needed a change of scene in a place like the beach coves of Southern California? Well if you rent out workspace near Chula Vista CA, you can find that kind of place. Our company, Hollywood Production Center is located in several gorgeous parts of the greater LA area, and filmmakers and production teams lease at our facilities in the gorgeous coastal areas including near Chula Vista. But they aren’t the only ones who love what our turnkey spaces offer.

Some of the more well-known clients who lease space here at Hollywood PC include 21st Century Fox, CBS, Comedy Central, and Paramount Studios because our offices serve well as an extension to their main studios. Not only do we have sound stages and filming areas here, but our fully furnished offices are already connected to elaborate IT infrastructure. Many other professionals in finance, real estate, and government also set up their operations here since our office space is also part of amenities that include a salon, gym, snack bar, and other fun areas.

If you need to start filming right away or are in a crunch to open up your new office location, then you should sign up for the HPC tour. The tour is free, and during this time we can go over your spatial plans, introduce you to our business equipment and conference room areas, and find a lease option that works for you. Signing up for the tour is easy, but you should do so soon so you don’t lose your opportunity to lease office spaces available. To sign up today, call 323-785-2100 or visit

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Brentwood, CA

Is your business place giving you everything you ever wanted out of it? Do you need more creative places to do film work if you’re in the TV production business? Or do you need more office extensions or satellite locations for your field agents? Cramping everyone into one workspace is very old fashioned in today’s world, so when you need more luxuries for work, you might want to take a look at the office spaces available at our Hollywood Production Center. At our place, work becomes a lot easier since we’ve transformed the idea of old offices where old bulky equipment takes up space to more modern furnishings with room to breathe.

Our Hollywood PC property is where a lot of filming activity takes place, and filming teams are able to shoot from our high quality sound stages. But we also have office setups and conference areas for when you have important calls with clients in the finance or government sectors. But even more so than turnkey office space, we also have fun activities at our on-site gym, and you can even visit our massage center and when you want to take a break.

Our HPC properties are found not only in the Hollywood area, but around some of the top business districts of LA including near Brentwood CA. Since they’re already furnished, all it takes is filling in the paperwork, the first month’s rent and you can practically move in and set up right away. There’s not even a long-term lease requirement for moving in. All you need to do is scheduled your free tour of the property first by calling us at (323)785-2100 or filling in the form at

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Toluca Lake, CA

Looking for a turnkey office solution? We offer ready-to-go offices, workspaces, corporate office and executive suite near Toluca Lake CA. Each Office Space comes with high-end features and amenities.

If you want a business office with a state-of-the-art business center and other outstanding amenities, contact our staff today. We will match with a business office that portrays a corporate-style image without a huge price tag.

Hollywood Production Center is a highly reputable company and we can provide you with a beautiful office or workspace with top-notch amenities and services. Numerous businesses and professionals turn to us when they need a fully furnished office in a great environment.

HPC has been helping clients get the perfect space to run their business and our company is well known in the business community. We have a well-experienced and highly dedicated staff and we offer an amazing array of amenities and services to help our clients work productively. Let us help you choose an office that is a perfect fit for your company or project.

With Hollywood PC office rental, you don’t need to bother with furnishing your office. Our offices come with fax machines, scanners, copy machines, computers, direct fiber internet access, phone systems, furniture, and other in-suite features.

You need a Hollywood PC professionally managed office to achieve success in today’s business environment. Unlike other office rental companies, our office rental prices are all-inclusive. And we offer best-in-class technology and administrative support and other great features to help enhance efficiency and enable you to work in comfort.

The overall atmosphere of the HPC premises is stylish, sleek and very modern. With a premier location near Toluca Lake, you can impress your clients and associates with an executive office and world-class features that signify you’re serious about your business.

Get in touch with our us today to learn about our office spaces available and our sophisticated location.

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Office Spaces Available Now near Mount Olympus, CA

If you’re looking for an Office Space near Mount Olympus, we can help you. We are a reputable company and we have many affordable offices and production workspaces for rent.

Hollywood Production Center is well regarded in the business community due to our outstanding service. We offer the best resources and facilities to help you work efficiently. We cater to the needs of professionals and companies from many different industries.

HPC’s all-inclusive office solution can help you achieve the success you desire. Our offices for rent are fully furnished and in the most prestigious location near Mount Olympus.

We offer clients an array of luxury offices, executive suites, and collaborative spaces as well as production and post-production spaces. Our office spaces available are professionally designed and perfect for production companies, company executives, attorneys, creative teams, editors, writers, fashion designers, and entertainment professionals.

As a full-service rental company, we have been rendering top-notch service to clients from all walks of life and we can guide you in getting a nice office for your needs. You don’t have to worry about the upkeep of your office environment. Hollywood PC staff handles the day-to-day maintenance of the office complex.

HPC furnished office comes with cutting-edge technology, meeting rooms, high-tech office equipment, conference facilities, modern business centers, furniture, phone systems, and high-speed Internet access.

Our facilities also include fully stocked kitchens, cafes, bathrooms, break rooms, and gorgeous lounge areas. We have plenty of parking space and 24-hour security surveillance throughout our premises.

Hollywood PC executive office solution offers a stylish, comfortable environment, allowing you to work peacefully without interruptions.

Our office complex is located a walking distance of the area’s finest dining spots, best shopping malls, distinguished corporations, and financial institutions.

Get in touch with our staff to schedule a free tour of our amazing location near Mount Olympus CA.

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Office Spaces Available Now near Glassell Park, CA

A business office rental is a big commitment and we can guide you in choosing the right one for your needs. We have been in this industry for many years and we know it’s not easy to find the perfect office space for your business.

The areas near Glassell Park are perfect for professionals and companies that want to convey a great impression to their clients and associates. There are many luxury offices, production spaces, and computer-equipped workstations to choose from.

The cost of your business office or production studio affects your bottom line. The ability to rent a workspace or private office that is perfect for your needs takes some skills. It is crucial to contact the reputable office rental staff at Hollywood PC for proper guidance.

At Hollywood Production Center, we provide offices to a wide variety of businesses, including production companies, fashion designers, business travelers and corporate executives, attorneys, creative teams, architects, artists, and entertainment industry professionals.

Hollywood PC has many offices, workstations, and production workspaces for rent near Glassell Park and we can guide you in choosing the right space for your project. Just let us know your requirements or the type of business you run and we’ll handle the rest.

With an HPC office rental, you will get access to a furnished space with professional office maintenance, administrative support, receptionist service, mail handling, business centers, business lounge access, advanced technology, and a prestigious address.

HPC all-inclusive offices, executives suites, and production workspaces are expertly designed and fully furnished, saving you time and hassles.

Ready to get a new office? Choose one of the office spaces available to help you work in comfort. Contact us today to learn more about our luxury offices, executive suites, and productive workspaces. Be sure to schedule a free tour of our world-class locations near Glassell Park CA.

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Office Spaces Available Now near Sunset Hills, CA

If you want an all-inclusive office space or production space, we can help. Ready-to-go offices are available near Sunset Hills. It is essential to take into consideration amenities and features when choosing a business office.

We have corporate offices, collaborative workspaces, executive suites, and production spaces with modern business centers and a vast range of excellent amenities.

Furnished offices are professionally decorated and come with essential amenities, professional receptionists, video conferencing, high-speed Internet access, telephone systems, administrative services, meeting space, and state-of-the-art technology.

Hollywood Production Center offers a wide variety of luxury offices, executive suites, corporate offices, and production spaces. All of our turnkey offices and workstations are furnished to convey a corporate-style image without a huge price tag. Hollywood PC has been providing high-quality office solutions for a long time and we can guide you in selecting a suitable space for your project.

With the HPC office rental solution you get a fully furnished office or workspace that has the amenities and features you need for success. We even provide break rooms, gorgeous lounge areas, and a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, all at a prestigious address.

Our renters and clients include production companies, attorneys, architects, directors, designers, entertainment industry professionals, advertising agencies, corporate executives, creative teams, and others who want to work in a stylish and comfortable environment.

Another very important feature of Hollywood PC offices and production facilities is the flexible lease terms. Our office solution allows you to rent office spaces available for a short-term or long-term project. And our team handles office management and maintenance tasks.

Choose an HPC office, work in style and comfort, and convey a great impression about your business. Contact our rental staff to learn more about our services and amenities and to subscribe for a free tour of our location near Sunset Hills CA.

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Office Spaces Available Now near Sunset Gower Studios, CA

Hollywood Production Center offers all-inclusive office solution and is well known in the business community. We offer high-class amenities and services that help professionals and companies operate efficiently and reach their goals.

If you want to work productively and achieve the success you desire, you need a professional office. There are many beautiful offices in premier locations near Sunset Gower Studios CA but finding a nice office requires expert guidance. That’s where our staff comes in.

Hollywood PC helps clients find the perfect office or workspace in a great location. We cater to clients from all walks of life and our company has an established history of providing top-notch office solutions.

Almost every professional or entrepreneur knows that getting a business office in an impressive environment is essential for success and is not something to be handled lightly. So when you want to find an office, it’s imperative to consult a reputable rental company.

Hollywood PC has helped numerous companies and entrepreneurs achieve success by giving them access to affordable, professional offices with essential amenities and services.

HPC management team is fully dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients. As a reputable company with extensive experience in the industry, we know what you need to grow your business.

You will have access to cutting-edge office equipment, high-speed Internet access, conference facilities, business centers, high-tech meeting rooms, state-of-the-art technology, and related services.

With HPC’s flexible, easy office solution, you get your own turnkey office space with first-class services and top-notch amenities, all at a premier location that will convey an impressive image of your company. And best of all, it does not come with a huge price tag.

Visit our website to learn more about our office spaces available and to schedule a consultation with our staff. Be sure to submit your request for free personal viewing.

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Office Spaces Available Now near Burbank, CA

If you’re looking for office spaces available or production workspace in a great location, contact us right away. We help businesses and professionals get a classy office in a premier location.

Whether you want a fully furnished office or production space, HPC has the resources and expertise to assist you in getting exactly what you want.

Hollywood Production Center has been in business for a long time and we provide world-class office solutions. We offer ready-to-go workspaces and office suites and our clients come from all walks of life.

Fully furnished office spaces and production facilities are available near Burbank, but it’s important to enlist the services of a reputable company. Having expert guidance will ensure that you select the right workspace or private office and amenities for your needs. Our staff is highly knowledgeable and experienced and is committed to seeing our clients become successful.

Hollywood PC offers private office suites, production setups, collaborative workspaces and executive offices in a prestigious business district near Burbank. We provide modern office equipment, state-of-the-art technology, conference rooms, workspace areas with computers and other essentials. HPC facilities also have a fully equipped kitchen, gorgeous lounge areas, bathrooms, break rooms, and an on-site cafe.

Our all-inclusive office solution allows you to focus on running your business. There’s no need to hire or train your own staff. You will have access to professional reception services and administrative support personnel.

Don’t waste valuable time searching all over town for a suitable business office or production workspace. Hollywood PC offers professional offices with high-quality amenities and features. You will need to provide us with your requirements and we’ll match you with the perfect office for your business.

Go to our website to schedule a consultation with our staff. Be sure to subscribe for a free tour of our amazing location near Burbank CA. You’ll be glad you did.

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Office Spaces Available Now near Griffith Park, CA

Hollywood Production Center provides office solutions for companies and professionals. We offer classy offices, executive suites and production spaces with fully-equipped workstations.

We cater to entrepreneurs, corporate executives, directors, producers, writers, advertising companies, architects, attorneys, editors, entertainment professionals, and others who want a stylish and comfortable office environment.

HPC all-in-one setup is a great option for those who don’t have the time and upfront capital to set up their own office from scratch. It gives you access to a vast array of excellent amenities and services.

Having an office space in a prestigious area near Griffith Park CA adds a feeling of professionalism and stability. We will help you select a suitable business office that will convey a great impression to your clients and associates.

Hollywood PC office solution enables to save time and money. Typically, furnished office rental includes a beautiful selection of executive desks and luxury chairs that fit the professional environment.

In addition to having a ready-t-go office, our experienced staff will also provide the services and amenities that you need to run your business efficiently and achieve success. Receptionist service, office maintenance, mail and package handling, janitorial services, administrative support, and many more essential amenities and services are available to you.

Hollywood PC also provides features like directory listings, refreshments, a fully stocked kitchen, and gorgeous lounge areas. You will also get access to high-tech office equipment, including scanners, copiers, and fax machines. Conference rooms, meeting spaces, audio-visual equipment, a business center, and high-speed Internet are available to you.

Whether you’re an executive looking for office spaces available or you are a movie producer that needs the right location or set up for a special project, we offer an all-inclusive office solution that is designed for your success.

Simply contact HPC staff to discuss your needs and schedule a free tour of our location near Griffith Park. You’ll be glad you did.

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Office Spaces Available Now near Bel Air, CA

If you’re looking for an office for rent near Bel Air CA, we can help. When it comes to getting a professional office or product space, it is imperative to enlist the services of a renowned rental company.

Hollywood Production Center is a leading provider of ready-to-go offices and production spaces. We have been catering to a wide variety of clients for many years and we are fully aware of what you need to work efficiently and achieve the success you desire.

A furnished office solution is essential for business owners, corporate executives, production companies, fashion designers, directors, producers, attorneys, creative teams, architects, members of the entertainment industry, and other professionals, especially those who are running a business on a budget.

HPC helps companies and professionals take the expense and hassle out of getting a suitable office or workspace. With our expert guidance, you can move into a nice office space quickly and start working on your project without huge upfront capital. And you will get a comfortable, furnished office or workstation for increased efficiency and productivity.

Hollywood PC also provides building and office maintenance, mail handling, phone, copiers, scanners and fax machines, high-speed Internet connection, and business support services. You will also have access to high-tech meeting space and conference rooms as well as networking capabilities.

Having access to quality amenities and essential services will help you take your business to the next level. Hollywood PC offices are move-in ready, have flexible terms, and give you access to a vast range of high-quality amenities.

HPC professional building is conveniently located within a short distance from the area’s favorite restaurants and shopping centers and is also minutes from public transportation.

Visit our website to check out our beautiful, all-inclusive office spaces available and workspaces. Be sure to subscribe for a free tour of our location near Bel Air. We will get back to you promptly.

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Office Spaces Available Now near Altadena, CA

Are you looking for a ready-to-go office or production workspace? Need a cost-effective business office or post-production workspace near Altadena?

Whether you are a corporate executive who is searching for a fully furnished office or a producer looking for a great location for filming, you need to get in touch with our staff. We have Office Spaces Available with a vast range of top-notch amenities.

Hollywood Production Center is a reliable company that provides high-quality business offices, executive suites, and fully-equipped workstations. We cater to the needs of entrepreneurs, production companies, directors, designers, creative teams, attorneys, architects, entertainment professionals and all others who want an affordable office space in a great environment.

Our all-in-one office solution is specifically designed for those who want to take advantage of the prestigious location and conveniences HPC provides. Our executive offices and production facilities are perfect for on-site writing, filming, and editing.

An all-inclusive office is a great option for today’s busy professionals and can also save you a huge amount of money. With a fully furnished office, you avoid the hassles that are usually associated with getting a traditional office.

Hollywood PC office complex offers well-designed offices and conference rooms that come with high-tech equipment, high-speed Internet and state-of-the-art technology. Choose a short-term or long-term rental plan.

Our offices for rent near Altadena CA are conveniently located and are minutes from popular destinations, including shopping and dining spots, exciting recreational facilities and financial establishments.

Impress your associates and clients by getting a business office at our prestigious location. Hollywood PC strategic address will boost your company’s profile and help you to achieve the success you desire.

Visit the HPC website to schedule a consultation with our experienced staff and be sure to submit your request for a free tour of our world-class location near Altadena. We will get back to you promptly.

Office Spaces Available Now

Office Spaces Available Now near Alhambra, CA

If you have ever searched for Office Spaces Available or production space near Alhambra, then you know how time-consuming it can be. Sometimes, you may get frustrated trying to find the perfect office for your project. That is why it is advisable to consult a rental company for assistance.

At Hollywood PC, we have the right resources to get you a suitable workspace or business office in a premier location near Alhambra CA. We have a fantastic reputation in the business community, and we have an impressive list of clients.

A fully furnished office is very convenient, and it is a popular option available in the commercial office rental market. Our turnkey or furnished office rental includes lavishly furnished workspace, executive suite, business center, state-of-the-art equipment, and cutting-edge technology, and shared creative spaces.

HPC management team handles the maintenance of the office complex, allowing you to concentrate on your project. Our professional location and high-quality services will truly convey a great impression of your business. The business support features at HPC include essential services such as professional receptionist service, high-speed Internet, telephone, video conferencing, conference room, and a multitude of other great amenities and services designed to help you achieve success.

Hollywood PC furnished workplace, production facilities, and business executive suites are located in a prime business district. Being centrally located, these private offices and collaborative workspaces offer a prominent business address.

Whether you are an entrepreneur who is searching for a nice office space or a member of the entertainment industry looking for the perfect setup for filming or post-production project, you need to get in touch with our staff right away.

Hollywood Production Center offers ready-to-go business offices and production spaces in a desirable location. We will help you take the frustration and expense out of finding a suitable office. Contact us today to discuss your needs and schedule a free tour of our location near Alhambra.