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If you or your organization needs a temporary residence in Glendale but not long enough for a long lease, you should opt for an executive office suite in Glendale, CA. Finding the right location is key to making sure that you and your team performs at optimum productivity. Hollywood Production Center can provide the perfect solution.

We have three locations if you’re looking for an executive office suite in Glendale, CA. Each location is a stylish building that comes with everything producers, designers, and businesses need to function. The space is fully furnished with chairs, desks, tables, storage, and everything else you would expect from a regular office.

The goal of Hollywood Production Center is to manage the office space setup and provide everything you would need so you can focus on productivity. Here are some of the things that are included: a 24 hour surveillance system and security personnel, janitorial services, conference room, high speed Internet connection, tele-conference system, and a kitchen. The whole building will be managed and maintained by experienced staff.

There are many amenities that you wouldn’t expect from temporary housing. The building comes with secure parking with valet, pet friendly environment and grooming services, an indoor gym with a personal trainer, yoga classes, and free cappuccino/coffee/espresso machines. The goal is to make everything the experience of working in the building as seamless as possible for you and your team.

The lease terms are flexible, so you can choose the term that best fits your needs. You won’t have to go over your budget and get locked into a long lease that you have no use for. There are also different services and space available, so you can ask about what’s available and choose one that’s right for you.

Hollywood Production Center (HPC) has provided services for a large number of clients. This includes companies such as Warner Bros., Machinima, ITV, MADtv, and more. You can visit the site to read the feedback that they have provided and see what events were held in the HPC buildings.

So if you’re looking for an executive office suite in Glendale, CA, find out more about Hollywood Production Center. You can go view the gallery and go through a virtual tour to get a better idea of what to expect. For information on availability, you can call (323) 785-2100 and take the first step in planning.

Office Rentals


If you have a production company and are looking for executive office rentals in Los Angeles, CA; Hollywood Production Center has just what you need. With three locations to serve you and nicely appointed highly functional spaces in each one, you can take your pick. In Glendale, there are two Hollywood Production Center locations, one on W. Lexington and the other on E. Broadway. If you prefer LA proper, they also offer executive office rentals in Los Angeles, CA on North Gower. All three locations are centrally located near fine restaurants to please your palate, as well as freeways for ease of commuting.

At all three Hollywood Production Center locations, they not only offer the best in office rentals in Los Angeles, CA for the entertainment industry, but also first-rate service to their tenants. They employ a customer service staff that is second to none in accommodating all of your production office needs.

And the amenities at Hollywood Production Centers will keep your staff happy and focused on the job at hand. They offer furnished and non-furnished office rentals in Los Angeles, CA that include monthly use of conference rooms with tele-conferencing capabilities, Internet, telephones, all utilities and janitorial included. Each Hollywood Production Center has on-site security personnel and 24/7 security surveillance for your protection.

To help keep you and your team in shape, each HPC location has a gym on-site that provides yoga classes and personal trainers. For pet lovers, all locations are pet friendly and even offer mobile grooming. For you, your staff and visitors alike, the three locations also offer secure parking and a valet, as well as a car wash. HPC also provides a machine that dispenses free coffee, espresso, mocha and cappuccino for your convenience and to help wake your employees up in the morning and keep them up during those late-night editing sessions.

So, now you can quit looking for executive office rentals in Los Angeles, CA, and call Hollywood Production Centers and set up a tour of the building of your choice where you’ll get the best in flexible long or short-term production office rentals.

Office Rentals


If you’re looking for premier office space rental for your entertainment industry business in Glendale,Hollywood Production Center is the answer to all your needs. Hollywood Production Center specializes in creating a comfortable workspace for your project. Catering to the entertainment industry, they provide elite amenities, such as pet accommodations, onsite gym and personal trainers, car wash, and complimentary espresso machines. Offices can be scaled to fit your business needs, and a flexible leases are available. Hollywood Production Center is not your average office space rental, but caters to making your employees and clients feel at home.

Their support personnel are highly trained, specializing in the entertainment industry, and a professionalism and customer service expertise expected of an elite company. All your requirements will be met with care and promptness. That’s what allows Hollywood Production Center stand out above other office space rentals in Glendale.

By catering to the entertainment industry, the staff at Hollywood Production Center knows that your office space is more than just a place to work. In a “hurry up and wait” environment, they make sure that your workspace has that welcoming atmosphere that promotes creativity and keeps your clients, staff and talent at ease. The staff at Hollywood Production Center knows that long days and long nights are all too common in the entertainment industry. Their office spaces provide amenities that allow employees to take care of everyday errands during their work breaks, and even get a chance to blow off steam and recharge. And with their first class accommodations, they ensure that your business can focus on the project, while they take care of the set up and maintenance.

Hollywood Production Center has years of experiences and has catered to a wide variety of clients, including many well known and popular production companies, and major motion pictures. Located in Glendale’s heart, their entertainment office spaces are located in high-class buildings that provide rooms with skylights, private balconies, open space layout or connecting rooms. Offices are also fully furnished.

For your next entertainment office space rental, be sure to contact Hollywood Production Center. You won’t be disappointed.

Office Rentals


One of the most important things needed for a successful business is its location. This is especially true in Los Angeles, CA, which has a huge number of businesses. Not only location but also the services offered need primary consideration. One of the best places to find the best setting for a particular business is the Hollywood Production Center. We are able to connect a site with the need of any particular business.

People who rent this kind of business site include real estate agents, web designers, attorneys, accountants, talent and fashion agencies, and others who realize the importance of the first impression a visitor to their site receives. This is a major selling point in presenting one’s services to potential clients.

Professional businesses may include casting, creative fabrication, writing space, production, or any industry and requires a friendly and inviting atmosphere that will attract business while fulfilling anyone’s particular needs. Special considerations should be taken when renting or leasing an office space and our company recognizes this.

These considerations include adequate conference rooms, convenient parking, security personnel, and available janitorial service. In addition, the location will be properly designed and decorated in a manner that will compliment any particular business.

Los Angeles is one of the largest business hubs in the country and is known for the availability of first class, ready-to-move in facilities. When renting or leasing such a location, it is possible to begin working immediately without any undue problems. Hollywood Production Center provides a rental service that caters to professionals and business executives who wish to continue their work without interruption.

Our office rental agency in Los Angeles can immediately provide a location that is suitable for any type of professional who may be just be entering the business or is already established. Many of these locations provide facilities that allow for expansion or reduction, if needed. This is especially important for anyone just entering a particular business. Many times, companies that start out small find they are quickly growing beyond their initial needs and this should be taken into consideration when renting an office.

The personnel of our Hollywood Production Center office rental facility will be happy to discuss any professional or business executive’s desires and assist in finding a well-managed office location space. Experienced in all types of requirements for an appropriate site, we provide a full understanding of a client’s needs and can show a number of locations that will allow them to work with sophistication among their peers.