Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Brentwood, CA

Need to rent an executive office with flexible terms and plug-and-go technologies? Want to lease a cost-effective yet impressive workspace or office space in a prestigious business center near Brentwood?

Hollywood PC provides inspiring business environments for businesses and professionals to work, network and collaborate with their peers.

When you decide to rent our Luxury Furnished Office near Brentwood CA you don’t need to worry about upfront capital for office equipment and furnishings. We feature a wide selection of attractively furnished offices that are available for a short-term or extended rental basis.

HPC locations have equipped, Internet-ready conference and meeting rooms and state-of-the-art technology. Our Executive Offices also have stylishly designed reception areas and lounges that facilitate business networking and opportunities.

Our business tenants and renters are comprised of diverse professionals, companies, and entrepreneurs across many industries including entertainment, production, media, technology as well as professional services including consulting, accounting, legal, and insurance. Many furnished offices and workspaces are leased to professionals who are working on a special project, entrepreneurs starting a new business, and companies that want the flexibility of expanding, scaling back, or completely redesigning.

HPC provides you with the opportunity to conduct business in a professional manner and project the right image while saving money. Projecting the right image also means better business relationships for you.

We operate office space business centers at several locations, each with excellent access to the area’s best retail stores, finest restaurants, distinguished corporations, and an array of exciting recreational facilities.

Our experienced staff is fully dedicated to your business success and will provide the business services and administrative support you need to work efficiently and quickly. We bring the best of high quality and comfort with the finest offices for rent near Brentwood.

Browse our website to check out the vast range of amenities and services we provide, then contact us to schedule a free tour of our location.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Sunset Hills, CA

If you are in need of a professional office space near near Sunset Hills CA, get in touch with our staff right away. We have been providing executive office rental for years and our company is well known in the industry. We cater to company personnel, business travelers, designers, architects, attorneys, producers, directors, entertainment professionals, and all others who desire to work in style and comfort.

The best option for most entrepreneurs and businesses is fully furnished offices or executive suites. Each office space comes fully furnished with all the amenities needed for the successful completion of projects.

At Hollywood PC, we take steps to be sure you have everything you need to run your business or work on special projects without problems. Our range of amenities and features includes executive suites, filming space, shared creative spaces, state-of-the-art technology, top-notch business centers, on-site gym and yoga instructor, and much more.

Our professional buildings are top of the line with a remarkable record of successful clients. Services such as cleaning and maintenance, reception services, client refreshments, and administrative support are extremely crucial for business success.

As the leading Executive Offices provider, our goal is to ensure that you are provided with the services necessary to help your business thrive. Whether you own a small business or you are corporate executive, HPC office solution is the perfect all-inclusive, short-term or long-term office solution. We can help you to choose the perfect high-quality office space by making use of search criteria such as location, size of office and price, and office amenities and features.

Project good corporate image with the best temporary office, Luxury Furnished Office, shared office space or executive office space available. Our conference rooms and meeting spaces offer a professional, productive place to meet clients or collaborate with a team. All of HPC meeting and conference rooms include high-end furniture, a flat-panel display or whiteboard, high-speed internet and plenty of tea, coffee and water.

We also provide modern kitchens with stainless steel appliances and extensive kitchenware sets. Our world-class rooftop with a well-equipped fitness center, sauna, and Jacuzzi will absolutely impress you.

With premier locations near some of the most popular business districts near Sunset Hills, you can impress your clients and associates with a supportive team and an elegant office that truly shows you’re serious about your business. Have a look at our website and get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and schedule your free tour.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent Near Little Armenia, CA

Are you looking for quality production space? Are you tired of long leasing agreements to rent an office? Hollywood PC a sophisticated interior and a well kept exterior landscaping. Located near Little Armenia CA gives you access to a rich culture and panoramic views of downtown L.A. and Hollywood. Their luxury furnished office space is technologically savvy with a great physical address that is known for upscale businesses. Their workspace is immersed in a friendly shared community that inspires creativity and productivity. Best of all, you decide if you’ll rent from month to month, or sign a long-term leasing agreement.

HPC caters to innovative, proactive, informative, and savvy professionals. They create the ideal workspace for all workers in the production industry. They have four locations to choose from in the heart of Glendale and Hollywood. They offer a sleek chic environment for the entertainment industry. You’ll have everything that you need in one spot that will allow you to write, film, edit, and produce. Enjoy all the comforts of being near Little Armenia CA. Since 2001, they have been a top facility for your production and post-production needs. Their executive offices are chosen to 10 to 1 over other workspace locations.

HPC Office Amenities

– All utilities included
– Friendly receptionist
– 24/7 security
– Private entrances
– High-speed internet
– Onsite cafe
and much more…

Their executive offices include skylights, local phone service, and high-speed internet. They have created a friendly office community that caters to serious working professionals. They are a home away from home for hundreds of executives that are looking for a no-commitment leasing agreement. You’ll find a home away from home with their luxury furnished office space.

Hollywood PC provides excellent customer service at all times. They have great workspace opportunities that will grow with your business. You can subcontract space as needed. Film your next feature film in an award-winning luxury suite, the gym, or get a jacuzzi scene. They also offer a full business center for all your meetings and events after work. Your favorite syndicated network like CBS and NBC have utilized their office space to create some of your favorite television shows. Become a part of a working environment that helps you thrive. They also offer over 15,000+ sq. ft of rooftop space that includes firepits, relaxation lounge, pool, and helipad filming. Experience world-class amenities that accommodate entertainment professionals.

You’re invited to visit the Hollywood PC website for more details on subscribing to a tour today. Tour today and start working today.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Mount Olympus, CA

Searching for a suitable office space or production space? Need a luxury office space or executive suite near Mount Olympus? HPC can help you get the perfect office for your business or special project.

Appearance matters when you’re getting a new business office. Potential clients might question your ability to provide a high-quality product or service if your business is housed in an unappealing place. Clients are impressed by sophisticated and comfortable executive office suites, high-quality workspace, modern business centers, and state-of-the-art technology.

Hollywood PC provides furnished office spaces that meet the needs of today’s businesses and professionals. We have been providing excellent services for years and we have established a great reputation in the industry. If you are looking for a suitable place to run your business or work on a special project, get in touch with us. Our staff is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the office rental business, and will ensure that you have everything you need to work comfortably.

Executive Offices and all-inclusive office solutions are excellent options for organizations, businesses and professionals looking to reduce the costs of their office. We do not require long-term agreements and you can easily scale your operations up or down.

The executive office suite environment at HPC offers networking opportunities. You will be able to network with other tenants or businesses on the same floor or building.

Among the amenities available at our executive office suites are meeting space and conference room facilities, fax/scan/copy machines, video conference equipment, modern kitchen, break rooms, restrooms, parking space including covered parking, large lounge areas, administrative support services, professional receptionist service, onsite cafe, fitness centers, yoga instructor, janitorial services and 24-hour security surveillance.

Our office solution will transform the way you do business. Our goal is to provide essential amenities and services for you to be comfortable yet maximize your productivity.

With a Luxury Furnished Office, you don’t have to worry about upkeep, updates and maintenance of the work space or professional building.

You will have the opportunity to conduct business professionally and project an impressive image while saving money. You can simply sign a lease agreement, walk into your office, and start working.

Find your ideal office space for a fraction of the cost of setting up your own space. Visit our website for more information and subscribe for a free tour of our sophisticated location near Mount Olympus CA.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Spaulding Square, CA

Hollywood PC offers flexible short and long-term office rentals that accommodate the needs of businesses and professionals across the spectrum, from corporate personnel or financial managers to lawyers and entrepreneurs. From the moment you step into our modern office complex, you’ll know you’ve landed at the right place.

Choosing a location for a business office is an important decision. Setting up an office space in a desirable location near Spaulding Square is an address to be proud of.

Once you have selected the location, it’s time to determine the cost of the office rental. The range of office amenities needed depends upon the plan you decide on. It may entail laying carpet, wiring your office, purchasing furniture, and a lot more. All this requires a great deal of time and trouble, but if you go with an all-inclusive office you simply move into a fully furnished office and start focusing on your business immediately.

Fully-furnished offices are available near Spaulding Square CA. However, finding the right one could be hard, as you may have to go through a time-consuming and tedious process in locating the right office space.

Whether you are looking for a production location, collaborative office or executive office suite, a HPC fully furnished space will get you up and running immediately. This is an excellent option for entrepreneurs, production companies, company executives, members of the entertainment industry, and other professionals who do not have the time or inclination to furnish their own office.

In addition to making it easy to get to work, moving into a serviced office is also a good way to save money. Instead of investing upfront cash in office equipment and furnishings, you can just keep that money for other business essentials. Now, for those who have a limited budget, serviced office or production workspace is an excellent option to get a professional office. You will have access to top-quality amenities without coming up with upfront cash.

Luxury Furnished Office space typically provides services such as postal services, reception services, client refreshments, cleaning and maintenance, business support and purchasing. These are extremely vital for operating a successful business.

You can start in a small office or workspace and then expand as your business grows. With HPC flexible lease options, you can upgrade your office and amenities as needed to support your success. Visit our website to schedule a free consultation and subscribe for a free tour of our Executive Offices and amenities.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office for rent near Thai Town, CA

You are the consummate business owner who values the ease and comfort that a Luxury Furnished Office will add to the value of your business. You don’t have the need or expertise to be bogged out in a myriad of confusing details of moving and running a professional executive office. What you need is the budget-friendly, turnkey package offered by the Hollywood production center

This preeminent space, located near Thai Town CA offers a myriad of opportunities in a fully furnished luxury setting; from the richly furnished executive offices to production and creative space.

Your business thrives on creativity and you require the right place to grow your business without distraction. HPC understands this need and is committed to helping your business reach its fullest potential.

Without the hassle of expensive moving costs and logistics and long-term leases, this turnkey space is that luxury furnished office that lets you hit the ground running without the worry of missing deadlines and going over budget.

A fully furnished luxury space will give your business the detailed presence of prestige and stature as you open your doors for business. Your clients can visit your location and be bedazzled with the upscale surrounding and your staff will relish in the onsite amenities available to them.

With all the conveniences at your fingers from the moment you open your doors, you will be confident that you have chosen a space that will sparkle with the elegance and sophistication that you, your staff, and clients have come to appreciate.

Amenities include a complete gym with fitness and yoga instructor, expansive views, prominent executive office space, a plush conference room as well as the latest in technologically advanced office equipment available.

This Hollywood PC space is located near Thai Town CA which is an area where you can immerse yourself in local culture as well as entertain clients. Offering fine restaurants, shopping, and entertainment, you will find that you have no need or desire to leave.

You appreciate the value of not wasting valuable time and energy mired down in the small details that would otherwise hinder a traditional move to a new office space would entail. If keeping a budget and not wasting time are important issues to you, our turnkey package is the perfect fit for your executive offices.

There simply is no other location that offers the flexibility, creativity, and ease that HPC offers. We have designed our location to meet all of your needs, but to surpass them in the form of service.

For a tour of this site and others offered by Hollywood PC, visit

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Sunset Gower Studios CA

Are you searching for Luxury Furnished Office or production office space near Sunset Gower Studios? Do you want to rent a fully furnished work space for your business or special project? HPC can help you to get the right workspace or office for your business.

A wide range of Executive Offices and workspaces for rent are available in this area, and you can find exactly what you’re looking for if you use the right resources. Professional setup with sophisticated amenities and services create a great impression and help to get the right clients and business associates. These types of office rental plans appeal to corporate executives, business travelers, editors, writers, designers, producers, attorneys, business owners, and other professionals who are interested in an all-inclusive office solution.

Hollywood PC has a lot of office spaces and executive suites and shared workspaces for you to choose from and you can quickly move in and get to work right away. Never worry about missing an important call with a professional receptionist answering your business calls. Our experienced support staff is fully committed to your business success and will make sure that you have everything you need to work productively.

With furnished, ready-to-go flexible offices available from HPC, you get a top-notch, all-inclusive office or production space that gives your company a remarkable image without spending a huge amount of money.

Property management services, office equipment, high-speed Internet, on-site cafe refreshments, security access, 24/7 security surveillance, well-designed lounge areas, and private balconies are just some of the features and amenities our office building has to offer.

Outside your office door are other professionals, small businesses, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and even multinational companies working hard to succeed.

Our professional building near Sunset Gower Studios is in a convenient location. Walk to art theaters, boutiques, galleries, and tons of restaurants and business establishments. Amenities also include a yoga instructor, rooftop pool, sauna, 24-hour fitness center, game room, and business center. Break rooms, a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and a granite countertop, are also available.

So if you are looking for a workspace or executive office space in a premier location near Sunset Gower Studios CA, with high-quality services and flexible terms, you need to contact us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable management personnel will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. Contact us to schedule a free tour of our location.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Garden Grove CA

Finding the right office space for your needs is a tough task. On top of having to find space that fits your needs in terms of square footage and price, you also want to find space that offers the level of amenities and services that your operation will need and desire to make working easier and more effective. You also want to find space that is in a part of town that is the right fit for your operation and is in a building that you are proud to call home for your business. In southern California, there is of course no shortage of office space to be had, but finding the right space that hits all of these marks for your individual needs can be a chore. The good news is that if you need a Luxury Furnished Office for Rent near Garden Grove CA, you need look no further than Hollywood production centers.

HPC has been a leader in offering premium office environments catering those in the entertainment industry for years. The company has five great locations including their newest location in Glendale that features full soundstage spaces as well as post-production, and office space. Hollywood PC is the one name to turn to when you need space for your entertainment-related operation no matter the size team you have, or what your industry related specialty is. So why is Hollywood PC the top option for executive offices and luxury furnished office space in the greater LA area?

All offices at HPC are fully furnished with current and stylish décor. All units feature preinstalled high-speed data, internet, and phone lines as well. Selected units offer in-suite kitchens, private entrances, balconies, skylights, and more. There is a fully staffed main lobby and on-site café, and for those times when you just need to get away from it all, you will find an onsite gym with locker rooms and showers at your disposal. You will even find onsite cafes and all of the buildings feature daily visits by some of the greater Los Angeles area’s hottest food trucks. These executive suites also feature janitorial service with fully vetted professionals as well as onsite security that is friendly and ready to respond.

If you are looking for executive offices for rent near Garden Grove CA, and want to simplify your search why not check out Hollywood Production Center’s website today to learn more about what they offer and to register for a free tour.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Civic Center, CA

For those in the entertainment industry and its associated professionals finished the right office space for their operation may mean the difference between the success and failure of their projects. Finding the right space for team members and business associates that is the right fit for your needs is key to everyone working and collaborating in comfort and efficiency. If you are looking for luxury furnished office space near Civic Center CA then the best choice for your next move should be Hollywood Production Centers.

HPC has been the leading name in office space for teams and professionals working in the allied entertainment industry for many years. They are known for designing working communities that don’t just provide space but provide the kind of amenities built-in that help you get work done and produce top quality results. Why just rent a normal office space when you can rent team space or executive offices that are designed from the ground up to be ready to serve your needs from day one. These fully furnished office suites are true turnkey solutions catering to eh specialized demands of those working in the entertainment industry.

Every office space at Hollywood PC is fully furnished with current and stylish décor. All suites are equipped with everything that you need to get to work and get it done, including preinstalled high-speed data, internet, and phone lines. Selected floor plans include private kitchens in-suite, private entrances, skylights, conference rooms in-suite, and more. You also have access to all building services which includes the tastefully decorated lobby with receptionists and security personnel. No matter which location that you choose the building is also equipped with a full gym with locker rooms and showers, as well as massage services, yoga instructors, personal trainers, flower services, valet parking, and more.

Choosing the right space for your needs is important, and choosing the right location for your offices is just as important. Hollywood PC has five locations around the greater Los Angeles area including the premier HPC at 1010 Wilshire, and the exciting new location in Glendale which includes a full state-of-the-art sound stage as well as post-production facilities to meet the filming needs of your next TV or movie project. In fact, all facilities in the Hollywood Production Centers system are available for filming if needed to help make finding the right shooting locale for scenes as easy as possible.

Why not check out the company’s website today and see what all is offered at each location, including ones that are near Civic Center CA. While you are on the site make sure that you register for a free tour of the facility that best suits your needs and location preferences. For luxury furnished office space and executive offices in the greater LA area, Hollywood Production Centers is not just the smart choice, it’s the best choice.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Burbank, CA

Finding office space in southern California isn’t a hard task, finding the right office space for your needs at a great price and in a great location, however, is a different story. For those who are needing the perfect office space for their entertainment industry-related operation finding the right office space can be even more of a challenge. You need to make sure that the office space that you move into is a good fit for the unique challenges that the entertainment industry has. The good news is that if you are looking for luxury furnished office space for rent near Burbank CA for your entertainment industry-related operation then look no further than HPC.

Burbank has long been called “Television City” due to its heavy saturation of operations and studios associated with the TV entertainment industry. And if you need office space that is designed from the ground up to provide everything that you need to be an effective operation for the TV industry then Hollywood PC is the place for you. These office suites are fully furnished and have preinstalled phone, data, and internet lines that are ready to go on day one. These are not your standard one or two-man office setups either, these are full-fledged executive offices with everything included that you need to be effective.

The main lobby is large and well-appointed and features on-site security that is friendly and ready to help. There are conference rooms and even board room space for meetings and all offices have access to business center features that help you get work done. Most facilities also have additional amenities that help make your time at HPC more enjoyable and comfortable. Fitness centers with showers and locker rooms, flower services, massage, and more are available and all centers feature top-name food truck services and award-winning cuisine nearby.

For those who are looking for great luxury furnished office space near Burbank CA looks no further than Hollywood PC. With all of the premium level amenities, same day move in and turnkey office options, industry-leading features, and the kind of service that you won’t find anywhere else its no wonder HPC is the name entertainment industry professionals have turned to for years when they need executive offices for them and their teams. Why not check out their website today and register for a free tour and get working!

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent Near Westwood Village, CA

Hollywood PC has everything for your production crew, located in the heart of Glendale and Hollywood. Enjoy breathing taking views of downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood from your fully furnished office. You’ll have the convenience of being near Westwood Village CA. HPC caters to the professionals in the entertainment industry with full scale amenities. They offer the all-in-one spot to write, produce, film, and edit. Best of all, you can rent month-to-month or inquire about a long-term leasing agreement. Enjoy a luxury furnished office that has a sophisticated interior design with a well kept exterior landscape.

Syndicated networks like CBS and NBC have worked on some of your favorite television shows in their executive offices. HPC offers remarkable workspace that caters to innovative, savvy, informative, and proactive professionals. Now is the time to inquire about reliable turnkey office space that saves you money. They are ready to lease you an office that comes equipped with a great physical address that ensures your clients are doing business with highly trained professionals. You have access to upscale workspace at a modest price.

Hollywood PC Office Amenities

– All utilities included
– Movie/Screening Room
– Receptionist
– Janitorial services
– Relaxation lounge
– Modernized Technology
– Business Center
and much more…

They allow you to host your production or post-production event at the location of their popular events. You can maintain your identity while sharing office space. Shared office space also has huge financial rewards. They offer an on-site engineer that assists you when you need them. Create your next feature film or motion picture with everything you need at your fingertips. Their location offers a creative environment that will have you feeling inspired.

Westwood Village CA has executive offices that come with skylights, internet, and phone, conveniently located in every office. Their clients are inspired by luxury views and creative workspace. Film your next movie in-suite or in the gym and create a masterpiece. Their rooftop offers over 15,000+ sq. ft of space for your entire crew after a busy or difficult day of production. They also offer great office space for real estate agencies, fashion consultations, attorneys, PR companies, and freelance professionals. Come to work in a sleek, stylish professional atmosphere. Take a break on your balcony and/or enjoy the privacy of a private entrance.

You’re invited to take a tour of the HPC official website to subscribe to a tour of their luxury furnished office space. Tour today and start working from your new office immediately.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Universal City, CA

If you have ever searched for an office space or production space for rent near Universal City CA, then you know how difficult it can be when you are going about it alone. Sometimes, you may not know where to look to find what you need. That is why it is necessary to contact a reliable rental company for assistance. Only experienced rental companies have the right resources and reliable connections to get you the right office or workspace for your company.

Hollywood PC is a renowned company in the commercial and office space rental. We have built a fantastic reputation as a provider of professional workplaces in the rental community, and our impressive list of clients proves that we know what we’re doing. We can help you find a good space for whatever project you’re working on. All you need to do is contact us and one of our friendly rental specialists will assist you in getting a Luxury Furnished Office or workspace.

Fully-furnished office space or post-production space is very convenient, and it is one of the most practical options available on the office rental market. This feature has led to the appeal of furnished office spaces within the past several years, making them one of the most beneficial options.

Our turnkey setup includes lavishly furnished executive workspaces, state-of-the-art equipment, and top-notch technology, shared creative spaces, fitness instructors, business centers, an on-site gym.

Management is taken care of and you can just concentrate on your business. Our professional location and top-notch services will truly impress your clients and business partners. Our business support features also include best-in-class services such as high-speed Internet connectivity, telephone, conference room and video conferencing, and a multitude of other great services designed to help you prosper.

HPC fully-furnished workplace, business executive suites and production facilities are located in the prime commercial areas of the city. Being centrally located, these business offices offer you a prominent address that makes a great impression on your clients and guests. Our list of successful renters includes Company Personnel, Producers, Directors, Advertising Agents, lawyers, Designers, Creative Teams, and others who are looking for a great office location.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one setup, you need to take advantage of our fully furnished office or production space and elegant location and amenities. Contact HPC today to discuss your requirements and schedule a free tour of our Executive Offices.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Toluca Lake, CA

Are you looking for a professional office near Toluca Lake CA? Want to move into a fully-furnished office space with all the amenities and services for running a successful business?

Hollywood PC is well known for providing executive office space, production office and executive suites in several prestigious locations. For many years, we have provided outstanding services to business owners, companies, organizations, and professionals from a wide variety of industries.

Our fully furnished office space is a cost-effective alternative to traditional office space. Our offices come with a wide range of services and features included with your monthly rent, saving you money and time.

Executive Offices are a smart, affordable way to set up your business office in a premier business district. We do a free needs assessment to get a good understanding of your business and create a custom office solution that enables you to focus on doing what you do best.

HPC offers the perfect lifestyle for corporate executives, artists, entertainment professionals, attorneys, fashion designers, advertising agents, entrepreneurs, creative teams, architects, and others who prefer to live and work in the same location.

Our remarkable all-in-one location provides well-equipped meeting rooms and conference rooms, a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, break rooms, and an on-site cafe. Amenities and services also include on-site mail handling and professional mailing address, office cleaning, fax, photocopy machine, and printer access. All common areas in our facility are secured with a controlled access system, ensuring your safety and security.

Our clients and renters also enjoy the on-site impressive amenities that provide additional comfort and convenience including lavishly furnished workstations, modern fitness centers, resort-style pools, and business centers with state-of-the-art technology.

Each workspace features stylish and spacious interiors with high-end features. From our properly designed collaborative workspaces to our spacious private offices and executive suites, you’ll experience authentic elegance and genuine comfort everywhere you turn.

Our amazing office location near Toluca Lake, and other exclusive neighborhoods, provide convenient access to wonderful shopping, dining, and entertainment.

The perfect production office or Luxury Furnished Office makes for the perfect working environment, and it is essential to select an office from a reputable company like HPC. Both small businesses and large companies utilize our service to expand their business operations with a minimal outlay.

To get a suitable workspace or office for your business, visit our website and request a free tour of our attractive offices for rent and high-class amenities.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Silver Lake, CA

Looking for a furnished office for rent nearby Silver Lake CA? Well-furnished workspaces, executive suites, and production spaces are available nearby Silver Lake. If you need a professional setting for production, post-production, or business-related projects, your first step is to contact a reliable office space provider. We have the right resources and reliable connections to get you the right office or workspace for your company.

Hollywood PC is a reputable company in the office rental business and we have been catering to companies and professionals for many years. We have the expertise to help you get an impressive office for your business or working on special projects.

Our turn-key office solution and Executive Offices come fully functional, which makes it easier to move in once you have paid your rent. Our office suites feature furnished workspaces, professional reception areas, state-of-the-art office technology, balcony areas, pre-installed high-speed data internet, fully stocked bathrooms, and a private kitchen. Our production and business office spaces also include amenities such as an onsite gym, a personal trainer, yoga instructor, an onsite café, and secure plenty of parking.

When operating a business or producing a movie or other production project, you definitely need a work environment that will allow you to operate without inconvenience or hindrance for the duration of the project, even if it takes months. If you want to work in a style and comfort, with the essential services and amenities provided, then you will want to contact HPC staff. With a fully furnished, luxury workspace and executive office providing you with the necessities, you will be able to run your business without hassles.

As the leading executive office provider, our goal is to provide you with the services and amenities necessary to help your business succeed. Whether you want to a Luxury Furnished Office or production space near Silver Lake, we’ve got you covered. You can choose a short-term lease, upgrade plans to accommodate your growing needs or combine plans as needed.

Take a free tour of HPC fabulous building and check out the amazing creative workspace, production spaces, luxury offices, executive suites, and the elegant, whimsical settings and networking facilities that are specifically designed for business travelers, corporate executives, writers, editors, designers, producers and members of the entertainment industry. Just visit our website to schedule a free consultation and tour of our wonderful location near Silver Lake. You’ll be glad you did.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent In Santa Monica, CA

Getting your work done can require creative space with a great location for your employees or clients. Hollywood PC (HPC) is one of the largest growing fully furnished office rentals in Santa Monica CA. They specialize in immediate occupancy, regardless of the length of your leasing agreement. You have the option of a short or long-term lease to fit your expressed needs. You’ll have fully furnished office space with turnkey opportunities. They offer executive offices that cater to serious working professionals. Rent your office space and start working right away with hassle-free leasing.

Clients at Hollywood PC, lease from the top luxury furnished office professionals in the industry. They have four convenient locations that cater to directors, production companies, films, television, commercials, and music videos. All members of the entertainment industry will find everything they need in one convenient location. They offer a great physical address with over-the-top amenities for their clients. Their beautiful interior and lovely landscaped exterior will invite your clients to come and do business. HPC wants to be your key resource for reliable furnished office space opportunities.

Santa Monica CA provides a picturesque view of downtown Los Angeles from a rooftop viewing point. Choose your designated office space from a list of floorplans and start working from your new office immediately. Their executive offices come equipped with over-the-top amenities. Innovative, informative, and savvy, professionals are invited to become a part of their office park community. Their exceptional customer service makes their office space like no other. You’re encouraged to make your next movie at a premier location or spark your creativity in a high upscale office community. It is a favorite for production teams that need office space.

Hollywood PC Office Rental Amenities

– All utilities included
– Luxury furnished office
– Skylights
– Balconies
– Private Entrances
– Receptionist
– Free coffee/tea/water
and much more…

HPC offers sleek and stylish fully furnished office space, inviting your production crew to feel inspired or your work crew to have all the advanced technology to get their job. Become a part of a friendly and diverse office community for a fraction of the cost of other office rentals. They are ready to do business with you and make your office priorities their number one goal. They’re committed to serving the Santa Monica area for over 20+ years.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent Near San Jose, CA

San Jose CA is a great location to find office space that meets the needs of creative professionals. Hollywood PC (HPC) is popular for their full amenities and panoramic views of downtown Los Angeles. Enjoy flexible office space that allows you to expand, as needed. Their luxury furnished office space caters to creative teams, filmmakers, commercials, videos, directors, and producers. Their executive offices have everything you need to write, produce, film, and edit.

HPC’s executive offices inspires informative, innovative, proactive, and savvy business professionals. They are the ideal location for all facets of the entertainment industry. HPC is available with full service amenities. San Jose CA offers a great physical address that promotes your brand and indicates to your clients that they’re dealing with upscale professionals. Enjoy a sophisticated interior design and well-kept exterior landscaping. You’ll receive a luxury furnished office that will help you thrive. Enjoy share space or get an individual office to meet your needs. Hollywood PC offers you a professional workspace that helps you thrive.

HPC Office Amenities

– All utilities included
– Quality technology
– Full office kitchen
– Janitor
– Receptionist
– Mail Services
– Full gym
and much more…

They offer a movie and screening room for their clients. Your favorite syndicated network including CBS and NBC has utilized their office space. Become a part of a friendly community. They have the highest standard of customer service excellence that makes their workspace one of a kind. Your turn-key office comes equipped with utilities, phone, and internet. They have been the backdrop of many prestigious films and motion pictures. Film your next production in-suite, on the rooftop, in the gym, and more.

Their offices work for attorneys, PR companies, talent agencies, real estate, and fashion consultants. Take advantage of their large and mid-sized meeting rooms. They offer large luxury furnished office space that lets you get the job done. You’ll have a sleek, stylish, modernized office that invites you to work every day.

Other Amenities

– In-suite skylights
– Private entrance
– Balconies
– Professional reception area
– Car wash
– Month to month/long-term lease
– Business center
– Receptionist
and much more…

Their clients benefit from the costs of shared office space. They have professionally equipped buildings that are designed to give you maximum space and creative opportunities. You’ll find yourself located in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale. You’re invited to visit the Hollywood PC website to subscribe for a tour with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Palmer Park, CA

Hollywood PC offers production office and executive offices for rent. These facilities are well designed with state-of-the-art amenities that create a great impression. The sophisticated design of the workspaces is perfect for Production Companies, Creative Teams, Producers, Writing Teams, Directors, and all business people and company executives who are looking for a cost-effective location for business, production, and other special projects.

At HPC, we make it simple, easy and very affordable for you to set up your business near
Palmer Park. Our experienced staff provides reliable advice and support so you can focus on making contacts and working on your projects, while we take care of your office upkeep.

Stop bothering with coming up with a large amount of money for long-term rental or purchase of equipment, and save yourself the trouble of setting up a professional office. You will pay a single, all-inclusive monthly cost and enjoy all the features of a premium office.

At an affordable price, you will get access to professional services and excellent quality amenities – from the fully furnished workspace, dedicated receptionists, conference rooms, high-speed Internet access, fax and copy machines, technology solutions, to a professional support team who will make it comfortable to work on your tasks. Project fantastic corporate image with the best-serviced executive suite of workspace available.

On-site business services and support allow you to complete projects efficiently and quickly. Since we started, we’ve helped numerous businesses, individuals and companies grow and expand by providing an affordable and professional environment to conduct business.

Our clients stay with us because we have a proven track record. Our company has a great reputation in the business community. Our Luxury Furnished Office removes the high overhead costs of owning or renting traditional office space and allows you to lease space on short-term or temporary basis.

We simplify your life with our executive office space by eliminating hidden fees and providing a simple agreement for you to sign.

Location is critical for any business. Our location gives businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals quick access to shops, restaurants, recreational and entertainment facilities, and multiple business opportunities.

Luxury offices paired with top-notch service from our friendly and helpful administrative staff makes HPC a premier choice for a business near Palmer Park CA. Contact us right away to schedule a consultation and for a free tour of our amazing location, fully furnished office, and world-class amenities that will help your business maximize productivity.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent in Hollywood, CA

If you are in the luxury market furnished office space in Hollywood CA, you may have found that the search can be daunting at best. It’s not that there isn’t a lot of office space to choose from in the city, but finding the right space that is the perfect fit for your needs can be difficult. This problem is compounded when you are working in the entertainment industry. Finding team space, or executive offices for operations that are related to film or TV productions. While choosing the right office space could be a difficult job, you can make it easy by turning to Hollywood Production Centers.

HPC offers more than just run of the mill office space. When you lease space from Hollywood PC you are getting a full office suite that has everything that you need to get to work on day one. These luxury furnished office spaces features current and stylish décor, preinstalled internet, data, and phone lines, and friendly professional security and maintenance staff that are fully vetted and ready to help with any needs that you have. Unit options include private entrances, full in-suite kitchens, balconies, skylights, and conference rooms. Not to mention that you will be sharing space with others who work in the same industry that you are in which can make building professional relationships and collaboration much easier in the future.

The Hollywood CA facility, which is just one of five great facilities in the Hollywood Production Centers system, is set up to provide the best space to work for editors, writer’s producers, and others who have direct contact with the myriad of production and post-production associated professions for film and TV. In addition to the office suite, there are also individual offices that are great for entertainment attorneys, agents, and managers. But there is much more to an HPC building than just the office space that you lease.

All of the Hollywood PC buildings feature, onsite fitness centers with locker and showers rooms, massage, flower, and trainer services, valet parking, beautiful staffed lobbies, onsite cafes and daily visits from some of the hottest food trucks in the city. There are so many great amenities that you can enjoy when you lease from Hollywood Production Centers that choosing them for your office space is the only smart choice. Why not check out their website today and while you are there register for a free tour and see for yourself why so many in the entertainment industry choose to make Hollywood PC their work home.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent in Los Angeles, CA

The move to Los Angeles CA is a big step in one’s professional life. When somebody relocates to the big city, she will begin to realize that the world is hers. She can accomplish anything, so long as she puts in the effort. However, LA is full of people who want to thrive in the film industry. She needs to start her career in the right atmosphere. The right atmosphere can help a creative thinker to reach her potential. The wisest creative professionals are moving into Hollywood PC as a residence and a stable work environment to establish their career.

A Valet And Gate

Self-confidence is integral to success. If you were to land a meeting with a famed Hollywood producer, she would want to know what you think of yourself. If you do not believe in your own abilities, then she will not believe in them either. Self-confidence is not something that can be faked. It is demonstrated in dialogue and inactions. Occupying a luxury furnished office at HPC is one way to build your self-confidence. Every day, a valet will take your vehicle. You will be behind a gate, and you will think to yourself, “I earned this.”

It Is Actually In Hollywood

There is no better way to immerse yourself in the Hollywood community than to actually move to Hollywood. These executive offices are in the heart of the city. That will be ideal for networking and being in an environment in which you can thrive. You will be able to learn from others who have endured many of the struggles of the young artist. Networking at HPC will also put you in touch with important members of the film society who can hoist you into success by referring.

A Secure Facility

If you are relocating from the suburbs to the big city, you might have a few concerns, such as the crime rate. You might wonder if you are going to be mugged on your way to work or if thieves will break in and steal your laptop. But your luxury furnished office will be behind a gate with security guards to protect your valuables. Thieves are far less likely to target an establishment with so much security. You can feel comfortable leaving your belongings in the executive offices so that you can go about your day.

If you are in Los Angeles CA or are interested in relocating there, Hollywood PC will be the ideal spot for you to thrive in the film industry.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Highland Park, CA

Are you looking for a Luxury Furnished Office or production facility? Need a cost-effective workspace near Highland Park?

Whether you are an artist, director, or a producer who is searching for an affordable filming location or corporate personnel searching for a prestigious business office, you need to consult HPC today.

We are a renowned provider of high-quality offices and executive suites for companies. We cater to the needs of Corporate Executives, Business Owners, Production Companies, Attorneys, Producers, Writing Teams, Professionals, Business Owners, and others who want a cost-efficient office space or location for their projects.

Our all-in-one setup is specifically designed for professionals looking to work in a classy location. We also offer production space, a post-production office, and an executive office for filming, editing, on-site writing, and related projects.

A fully Serviced office is a wonderful way to move into a new workspace and can save a significant amount of money for professionals and companies, irrespective of whether they are working on a small task or a large project. Fully furnished office space allows you to move in and get to work right away without the troubles and financial difficulties that are associated with moving into a traditional office.

The quality of services and amenities will determine the impression you create about your company, and clients will see it. HPC professional building offers fully furnished office spaces also provides conference and meeting rooms that are fully equipped with state-of-the-art video conferencing, high-speed Internet, fax and copier machines, and other furnishings. No long-term contracts or commitments – just flexible office rental solutions that help your company succeed.

Our offices for rent and production facilities are conveniently located near popular destinations, including dining and shopping, and near exciting recreational facilities as well.

Hollywood PC provides the most impressive buildings, state-of-the-art technology, a strategic address to boost your company’s profile, the best people, the best service, and professional business centers. Known for fast and reliable service, our company is the most reputable and reliable office rental company in the industry.

Our office space and services are all you need to leave the competition in the dust. We have plenty of serviced business offices near Highland Park CA, and we can help you choose the best office as soon as you contact our staff. You will be absolutely delighted with our Executive Offices. Visit our website today to subscribe for a free tour of our location and our quality amenities.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Griffith Park, CA

When it comes to choosing locations for your business it becomes extremely complex when you have to consider where to relocate a production company. Many working parts have to be considered. If you need executive offices near Griffith Park CA, you can have it all at the Hollywood PC. It also offers facilities where you and your staff can meet, a conference room. Finally, the filming of your productions needs to be in a studio. The perfect solution is to find a building that provides for all these needs and does so in an exceptional manner. Everything needed is located in one spot.

No matter what the full extent of your business responsibilities, the Hollywood PC offers an extensive set of amenities and services to facilitate the performance of your duties. It’s obviously a luxury building. The moment you or your guests arrive in the parking area, that becomes more and more clear. You can elect to be met by valets that attend to the parking of your vehicle upon your arrival. You enter into a pristine lobby built welcoming visiting business executives.

HPC takes all your needs seriously, providing workspace for your executive duties as well as on-site studios for your production and post-production needs. Your luxury furnished office makes it possible for you to relocate quickly. There’s no need to move or buy furnishings. Everything you require for comfort is already in your suite, well-appointed pieces. To add to your ease of use high-speed internet, voice and data are pre-installed. As soon as you set up your computer, you’ll be ready to work.

As a tenant, there are many aspects of residing and working at the Hollywood Production Center that you will never have to consider. Security is one of those features. The production center is monitored 24/7 for your protection. The other feature is the janitorial staff which continually keeps the executive offices, production areas and grounds pristine. When you’re occupying the premises or entertaining visitors, it will always appear in excellent condition.

The HPC can offer you a luxury furnished office, an on-site gym, complete with trainers. Add to that outdoor settings can be used for any number of things. The rooftop, patio, and courtyard are often utilized for meetings, events, and filming. Your office suite offers you a well-rounded environment with views of the outdoors via the balcony and skylight.

If you’re looking for a six-month lease in Griffith Park CA, the Hollywood PC is the perfect location. Lease periods vary according to your needs. Select the rental period you need and get to work right away, producing, editing, filming, or managing your business. Time is money, right, so schedule a tour of the HPC to see if this is the place for you.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Glassell Park, CA

Are you looking for the perfect office space or production space for your project? Do you really want to get an office space with top-notch amenities and services that can help you work efficiently? HPC can help you find the right office for your business.

Almost everyone is aware that first impressions are vital, especially in business settings. So when you consider getting an office, you must make sure your office or workspace matches the image you intend to portray because your office truly represents your organization. The design, layout, and style of your office or workspace is not something to be taken lightly.

To that end, having an office situated near Glassell Park CA adds a feeling of stability and reliability to your business. Find an elegant, sophisticated office setting that can impress your clients and business associates. A professional office complex in the business community of a prestigious city is a very good option for any corporate executive, lawyer, entrepreneur, film producer, writer, or another professional who wants an appealing and attractive setting for a project or business.

Many professional workplaces or Executive Offices for rent, particularly the high-end ones, are not advertised. Reliable rental companies are given access to these listings, so they maintain a huge database of these executive office buildings. You need to contact a renowned company and have them find you exactly what you need and avoid wasting precious time driving all over town looking for signs on office buildings. That’s an outdated way of searching for executive office or Luxury Furnished Office. Only an experienced rental company has the excellent resources to match you up with the appropriate workspace or executive suite.

Hollywood PC is a highly reputable provider of luxury office, temporary office, collaborative office space, production facility and executive suites. We have been providing outstanding office solutions for years and we have the resources and connections to meet the needs of today’s entrepreneurs, business owners, and production companies. Whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term office rental, we can help.

HPC professional building near Glassell Park is in a neighborhood that is home to the most distinguished corporations, financial establishments, finest retail stores, best restaurants and an array of essential facilities. There are several major road routes through the area, and public transport links are within walking distance.

Visit our website to check out the amazing location and top-notch amenities we provide. Be sure to sign up for a free tour.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Edendale, CA

Have you been searching for a completely turnkey office space for your Hollywood production? Look no further than Hollywood Production Center, your one-stop solution for Hollywood Executive Offices.

You won’t find a location quite like Hollywood Production Center. Our offices are a top choice for producers, editors, designers, directors, and screenwriters. You can choose from one of our 5 locations, each offering a unique and luxurious flare of its own. Customer service at our gorgeous facilities is best in class and the amenities are truly full service. You’ll be dazzled by our on-site cafe, gym, and fully furnished suites which are guaranteed to please even the most sophisticated tenants. Hollywood PC is truly chic and we pride ourselves in bringing you the highest possible standard in Hollywood production office space.

From valet parking to quiet behind-the-scenes janitorial staff and expert security, you can expect safety, security, and cleanliness at all times at our offices. Your maintenance needs are always a top priority at our facilities. Take advantage of our mid to large-sized meeting rooms. Enjoy the relieving experience of having all utilities paid. HPC truly understands your needs and wants to make your time at our facilities as comfortable as possible.

Another great thing about a Luxury Furnished Office with Hollywood PC is that we offer a quick solution to professionals that need more time to let those creative juices flow. So don’t worry about the furniture, we have your office fully furnished by the time you move in. In fact, if you’d like to take a look at a beautiful Luxury Furnished Office, feel free to visit our website and subscribe for your free tour of the location of your choice. HPC gives you a great place to write, edit and produce with ease and really hit the ground running.

Southern California has a lot of culture and inspiration to offer but few places will get the gears turning like a great office. Come take a look at some of the best creative office spaces you can find in the part of Southern California where the greatest minds in the arts congregate. Check out our beautiful furnished offices near Edendale CA at your all-in-one facility for Hollywood production offices.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Eagle Rock, CA

Operating business in fully-furnished executive suites or temporary workspaces in a professional setting can help you make a great impression on clients and attain success.

Whether you are working on a production project, setting up an innovative and agile startup business, or you’re running a law office, our office staff can analyze your needs and create customized solutions to meet the quality or level of service you demand.

Hollywood PC not only finds you the best workspace for your business in the best location near Eagle Rock, but we also allow you access to excellent amenities and features, state-of-the-art technology and the most reliable support team crucial to helping your business flourish.

Our staff is dedicated, reliable, and available to support you, and see you become successful. We provide the ideal solution to all your business or entertainment industry needs. You’ll undoubtedly love our production and post-production location, including our fully-furnished rooftop filming.

With a HPC office rental, you’ll have immediate access to fully-loaded conference rooms and meeting spaces – stocked with high-tech equipment and video conferencing capabilities and the latest technology. Our executive office space provides needed office space with essential amenities, flexible terms, and budget-friendly rates.

Find your ideal office space for a fraction of the cost of setting up your own space. Our location near Eagle Rock offers individually customized options, such as part-time office space, Short-term-office space, Long-term office lease and Executive Offices in various sizes, copiers, scanners, fax machines, multi-functional phones, high-speed Internet and well-equipped kitchen.

Each of our locations gives you quick access to many shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment and recreational venues. There are several popular road routes through the area, and public transport services are within walking distance.

Our modern, spacious business office spaces are the perfect environment for maximizing your company’s productivity. Our dedicated and professional support staff can get you up and running quickly, because time is money – HPC saves you both.

If you are looking for a business office space for rent, or a production office space near Eagle Rock CA, talk to us. We’ll be glad to schedule you for free personal viewing.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent in Glendale, CA

Looking for an executive office or short-term office space with in-suite amenities? Want to find a budget-friendly office space near Glendale CA?

Selecting a place to set up a professional office used to involve spending a huge amount of time calling commercial office rental agents, or trying to search available spaces through classified ads online – usually by visiting several different websites. Now, we have made things a lot easier for companies and professionals to find an available workplace in a target area.

Hollywood PC is the most reliable place to search for a magnificent office space or executive suite. As a reputable company, we take pride in the personal attention and support that our staff can give to every one of our clients and renters.

Plug in to HPC search options and have immediate access to a wide range of high-class office spaces and workspaces. We can help you to choose the perfect high-quality office space by making use of search criteria such as desired location, size of workspace and price, and office amenities and services.

If you are a business owner or work in the entertainment industry, you must create a professional image for your company. Having a superb corporate presence in one of the most desirable locations near Glendale is a wonderful way to appeal to high-class partners and clients.

Make an impression on your associates with five-star services from our Luxury Furnished Office. You can have everything you need to operate your business or work on a special project without paying the high price of traditional office space. Our state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated amenities increase your competitiveness and effectively diminish your costs.

With a HPC office, you can grow your business the smart way. Our office solution is the affordable, hassle-free alternative to leasing full-time, traditional office space or hiring a full-time staff by establishing your presence in one of the most desirable areas near Glendale. We’ll handle your mail, allow you to use our prestigious business address, and even take your phone calls for you.

To get started, contact us today. Our friendly staff will be glad to schedule your free tour of our Executive Offices.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Chula Vista, CA

The great city of Los Angeles very much defines western culture. Society takes its’ cues from the entertainment industry. It all begins with a creative thinker who wants to tell a story. The film industry has identified potential in individuals that the rest of the world has overlooked for generations. Artists who take themselves seriously make their way west and find a place to live and breathe creativity. Many of these creative professionals have found their home near Chula Vista CA at Hollywood PC.

Same Day Move In

Moving can be stressful. Sometimes it can take weeks or even months to find a suitable apartment and transport all of your belongings. If you are ready to move on to something new or you just really need to find a new place to live, where you can thrive intellectually and creatively, then you should consider HPC. HPC allows residents to move in on the same day of the tour.

A Gym For Residents

Sometimes there really are legitimate reasons that you cannot go to the gym. You do not have time to drive across town after work. Perhaps you do not like that it is so packed or perhaps parking is too much of a hassle. Yet going to the gym is an integral component of the creative mind. Physical exercise will also exercise the mind. The most successful people are those who exercise. That is why Hollywood PC offers a gym to its’ residents. When you need a break from your luxury furnished office, walk down to the gym and take in an hour on the treadmill, a massage, or a yoga class.


The love for Los Angeles might be slightly mitigated by the stress about parking. You might be worried that when you make your way to the executive offices, you will have to spend thirty minutes driving around, trying to find a suitable place to park. Some people end up taking the train into town just because they do not want to have to deal with parking. But just outside of your luxury furnished office, you will find ample parking that is restricted to residents.

If you are in Chula Vista CA and looking for upscale executive offices, schedule a tour today.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Century City, CA

Need a great place to set up your business office? Looking for a furnished space located near Century City? In Century City CA and surrounding areas, the demand for fully serviced work environments has increased greatly in the past several years. This is because of the many perks offered by this rental plan. Serviced or fully-furnished offices offer convenience and can save you a great deal of time and money.

Hollywood PC is a modern full-service commercial office provider that caters to businesses of all types. We have provided outstanding office solutions for many years and our clients and renters are always delighted with the quality of services they receive at our location. We provide fully-furnished Luxurious Office Space and production facilities to our clients.

You’ll enjoy all the benefits of having a professional office space in one of the most prestigious areas while maintaining flexible terms to change capacity as necessary.

Fully furnished office space comes complete with professional reception service, secretarial support, the use of high-speed Internet, computer networking, meeting space, conference rooms, presentation rooms, heating, and air conditioning, cleaning and maintenance, surveillance, refreshments, and separate lounge areas.

Our elegant office spaces and executive suites feature a contemporary work setting with state-of-the-art technology and professional staff. Fully-equipped kitchen and break room areas with complimentary coffee, tea, and filtered water.

Since the office or workstation is already in place, there is no need to wait for furniture, or equipment installations. Most start-up businesses and busy administrators find all-inclusive office solutions to be the perfect solution to moving into a prestigious office without typical expenses and long-term contracts.

HPC offers top quality, affordable executive suites and comfortable workspaces in a professional environment designed specifically for entrepreneurs and professionals who want an all-in-one work, live, and play location. Many writers, producers, and film directors visit our fabulous location to take advantage of the perfect filming settings of the office spaces and rooftop.

If you are looking for a great place to live and work, consider our Executive Offices, shared office spaces and executive suites. With 24/7 access and affordable Luxury Furnished Office, HPC is your office. Hold meetings with potential partners or clients in a state-of-the-art conference room, or finish an important project on a Saturday evening.

We provide you with immediate access, a comfortable environment, and the essential amenities and services you need to excel. Browse our website, and get in touch with our friendly staff. You’ll be glad you did.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent Near Bel Air, CA

A luxury furnished office can enhance your creativity or attract business. A great address in Bel Air CA will lend credibility to your business or brand while causing your clients to know their dealing with an upscale professional. Hollywood PC offers a flexible leasing agreement for immediate occupancy. They specialize in catering to the entertainment industry including production companies, filmmakers, music videos, creative teams, directors, and business executives. HPC is the ideal location near Bel Air CA with panoramic views of downtown Los Angeles and parts of Hollywood.

HPC has executive offices that inspires innovative, savvy, informative, and proactive professionals. It is your all-in-one spot to write, film, and edit, your next feature film, screenplay, or video. Their turnkey office space allows you to save time and money. You’ll a receive luxury furnished office with four-floor plans to choose from. Hollywood PC has a well-designed and kept interior with wonderful exterior landscaping. Their executive offices offer over the top amenities that will guarantee a great place to work. You’ll enjoy a creative space that will ignite the talent on your entertainment project.

HPC Office Amenities

– Immediate occupancy
– All utilities included
– Full-service amenities
– Friendly 24/7 receptionist
– Internet
– Local phone
– Rooftop lounge
– Full gym
and much more…

Enjoy office suites or individual offices that have modernized technology that will economize your space and maximize your time at work. They offer sophisticated office space that is within walking distance from Sunset Gower Tower and Raleigh Studios. They offer fully furnished office space that will complement your short or long-term stay. It is also great office space for an attorney, PR companies, fashion consultants and real estate agencies.

They offer professionally equipped buildings with a premium address. Their IT Infrastructure is installed throughout the building, easy and ready to use. You can utilize a shared environment while maintaining your identity and saving money on start-up costs. In fact, you’ll enjoy high-quality technology, world-class amenities, and professional meeting space. Enjoy office space that allows you to thrive. Receive a month-to-month or long-term lease.

Other Amenities

– Office suites with skylights
– Private entrances
– Private kitchens
– Balconies
– Shower
– Car wash
– Catwalk access
– Revolving doors
and much more…

You’re invited to visit the official Hollywood PC website for details on a tour of their luxury furnished suites. Move in the same day you apply. They welcome you to become a part of their friendly office community today.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent near Altadena, CA

There are hidden gems throughout the world. People with sparks of ingenuity and creativity tucked away in places where they believe that they will never reach their potential. But when they finally make it to Hollywood, there is an aura of excitement and potential in the city. That potential is realized at Hollywood PC. It is the place that people begin to develop their identity as creative professionals. Whether an individual is striving to contribute to the film industry or the music industry, Hollywood PC will be the place for innovative professions to have a creative outlet.

A Professional Conference Room

Suppose you finally landed that big meeting with the executive who could launch your film career into success with a few words. You will want to make a good impression on him. Bringing him into your mother’s dining room might not be as effective as you think. That is why HPC offers a professional conference room. If you choose the setting, it is just as important as how you dress. If you were to show up in a stained t-shirt, it might not reflect well on you. In the same way, you will need to choose a setting that is both professional and comfortable. First impressions are everything.

Monthly Leases

Perhaps you are a little uncertain about your future at this stage in your life. You are unsure if you are going to be near Altadena CA in a few months. But you do know that you want to be in the film industry. If that is the case, HPC can help as you figure out the direction that you are going. You can sign a few monthly leases without a long-term commitment to staying in the executive offices until you figure out what you want to do. If you decide that you want to stay, then sign a long-term lease.

Luxury Furnished Office

Creative thinkers need a certain atmosphere. A cubicle might stifle productivity. If all that you have in your computer and a white wall, you are not going to be inspired. But in the luxury furnished office, you will find a very homely and cozy atmosphere. With couches, televisions, desks, carpets, et cetera, you will find yourself in an environment in which you can thrive. This is what it looks like when you are a creative thinker in Altadena CA. The circumstances are perfect for you.

Do not sell yourself short. Contact HPC today and inquire about a free tour of the executive offices. Same-day move-in is available if necessary.

Luxury Furnished Office For Rent

Luxury Furnished Office for Rent near Alhambra CA

For those who are looking for luxury furnished office for rent near Alhambra CA the search can be a daunting one. Finding the right fit for your operation can be exhausting. On one hand, you want a good location, and a budget-friendly price, on the other hand, you want a building that offers amenities and services that only can be found in high-priced downtown locations. For those who are looking for executive offices or team office space for their entertainment industry-related operation, the smart choice is to turn to Hollywood Production Centers.

HPC has been a leader in providing premium office space for those who work in the entertainment-related industries in southern California. Everyone from agents and managers, to entertainment attorneys’, to production companies, and more turn to Hollywood Production Centers to address their needs for comfortable, stylish, and secure office complexes that meet the demanding needs of the movie and TV industry. When you rent from Hollywood PC you are not just getting office space, you are getting a community that is designed from the ground up to meet the specialized needs of Hollywood.

So what makes HPC different from other office space providers? First, as they say, location is everything, and Hollywood Production Centers has five great properties centrally located in major movie and TV production centers around the greater LA area. There is nothing more valuable than being where your clients, associates, and production partners are located. Secondly, Hollywood PC only offers Luxury furnished office space. Every unit has preinstalled phone, internet, and high-speed data lines that are ready to turn on. All units feature contemporary designer décor and furnishings, and with easy move-in procedures, you can get started working the same day you sign your lease.

All buildings feature units with private entrances, in-suite kitchens, skylights, balconies, conference rooms, and more. There is a floor plan for everyone’s needs. lobbies are staffed with friendly reception personnel and full security to make working here as easy and safe as possible. There is even valet parking at some locations, offering full service detailing of your vehicles while you are working.
For those who are looking for a great option for executive offices and luxury team office space near Alhambra CA, HPC is the only real choice. Why not check out their website today and see what all is offered at each of the five locations including their newest Glendale soundstage location. While you are there register for a free tour and take a look around for yourself and see why working at Hollywood production centers means working well.