Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Palmer Park, CA

When you are considering different filming locations in California, it will always be in the best interest of your production company to seek out a facility with the most options for filming. Having to continually move from set to set to capture the right shots for your production becomes time-consuming and expensive.

Whether your production company is located in Palmer Park CA or one of the many other Southern California communities, you will benefit from having a centralized production facility. We offer five different production facilities in and around Hollywood, giving our clients a prime centralized location in the heart of the entertainment industry.

Hollywood Production Center offers fully equipped facilities that enable your company to achieve the right look and shot for your production. We have corporate areas, penthouse areas, rooftop shooting areas, helicopter areas, Jacuzzi areas, and even revolving doors so that you can get the look and feel that you want for your project.

Our facilities have all of the latest technologies so that you are always up to date in your production, HPC offers a post-production area as well so that you can finalize your project on-site and reduce the extra costs of having to get another facility for finishing. We even offer office space so that you can conduct regular business during filming.

Each of the Hollywood PC locations has security and privacy for the filming crew and cast. We offer many amenities for the crew and cast, including a concierge service. Food and fitness options are available on-site, and we are pet-friendly.

Our filming locations have served many top production companies and we encourage you to join the list of successes that have come from our filming areas. We encourage your production company to come and tour our facilities and discover what e can offer your company. We know that time is of the essence, so we offer same-day access to many of our clients so that they can begin production promptly.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Silver Lake, CA

The suburbs of Los Angeles have their own history and landmarks, and photographs and films have been shot in a few of them including Silver Lake CA, the site of President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan’s wedding. Today, even more movies and TV shows come to life in locations near there, and some are shot at our Hollywood Production Center near Silver Lake. Our place has become a favorite among many motion picture companies with all the space we afford, the stage areas we provide, and the right office infrastructure for making things happen. Those who come to our place find out why our great setup makes our properties sought after filming locations in California.

Hollywood PC wouldn’t be what it is without the professionals who run the important services at our facilities. Our IT team is always working to make sure the high-speed internet is running properly and securely, and they can assist you with hardware and software issues. Our engineer is here to make sure you can run your equipment at our filming locations smoothly, and our security team and housekeeping staff are also working around the clock to make sure the building is well kept.

With our offices already furnished and organized here at HPC, all you have to do is get signed up on our easy month-to-month lease and you’ll be set to move in. What you can do is sign up for our tour, and we’ll show you around the property and get to know you and your particular business or filming needs. We’ll also help you find the right office space, but you’ll want to act while it’s still available since office space is rented out first come first serve. To get started, call our main number at 323-785-2100, or visit our website at

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Civic Center, CA

When you first arrive in LA, Civic Center CA is where so much of the city’s major cultural events, concerts, business trade shows and even filming activities happen. Maybe you’re hoping to bring a new film to life and want to be near the Civic Center or other hot filming locations in California, but you need more office space and additional business support to make it happen. You can obtain this kind of office space from us through our turnkey properties. Our film studios and office space on demand is all part of the Hollywood Production Center network.

Our Hollywood PC facilities have office floor plans of all sizes, and you’ll have all the equipment you need for printing and fax as part of your lease deal. If you want to assemble your crews and cast for a major effects test, you can reserve access to one of our sound stages. There will be an on-site engineer there to help you with the equipment. But you can also use props at our various outdoor platforms such as the balconies, rooftops with helipads, and swimming pools. You can also reserve conference rooms for all your important meetings.

It doesn’t matter if you want to rent offices from HPC for a few weeks or a few years. We allow for a month to month rents and don’t require a multi-year investment, and once you settle in you’re free to take advantage of membership perks such as using our gym, salon, massage appointments, and so much more. What you’ll need to do first is schedule a tour of our facility, and you’ll be able to see how great the on-site filming locations are. To take the tour, call our main office at 323-785-2100, or visit our website at

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Highland Park, CA

Sometimes film projects need an office extension from the main studios, and these days when you need extra offices without the heavy overhead costs that usually come with them, some places have those options. Some of the current top filming locations in California are where you can also find turnkey offices that film companies use for TV show and movie filming. Renting these kinds of offices usually is much quicker than having to get financing for long-term leases, and you still get much of the same luxuries that DTLA first-class office providers have, and it’s all here at Hollywood Production Center.

All of our offices are carefully prepared beforehand here at Hollywood PC to make for easy arrival and jumpstart into your filming work. There have been so many hit TV series that have been filmed within our properties across LA including “Mad TV”, “The Marc Maron Show”, “Grey’s Anatomy,” and so many others, and our filmmaking clients have given us high reviews for our quality amenities. When you rent from us, you’ll be able to use scenic filming locations such as office corridor scenery, penthouse shots, rooftops and more. When you’re off filming, you can manage post-production work and meetings in our conference rooms, or during various networking events hosted here.

If you want even more reasons to come to our HPC facility near Highland Park CA, you’ll have professional assistants here for administrative tasks, concierge services, and janitorial services for keeping your office clean. You’ll be able to use our gym and signup for yoga and other classes, and whenever you need to come into your office at odd hours, you’ll have 24/7 access. You should take our free tour of Hollywood PC and sign up while space is still available. Give us a call to find out about availabilities at 323-785-2100, or visit

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near San Jose, CA

San Jose CA is an ideal place to shoot for many reasons. It offers beautiful scenery, is alive with activity, and is home to Hollywood Production Center, which offers fully-furnished suites for you to use for your next movie or TV show. In addition to having everything you need to shoot scenes and accommodate cast and crew meetings, you also benefit from paid-for amenities such as complimentary utilities, high-speed internet, and local phone service.

There are no disruptions because you can do everything you need to do creatively onsite without needing to move your team to another location. You can film a scene in the state-of-the-art gym. Or, you can move to the courtyard and film outside. Filming locations onsite are one of the most significant incentives for leasing a suite in the building.

You’re also able to have things delivered to Hollywood PC without incidence. With a dedicated address, you can have props brought in or even provide lunch for your cast and crew by ordering it during the day. It’s one of the many things that one of the best filming locations in California has to offer you.

If you have dogs or cats that are part of your production, you’re welcome to bring them to the suite with you. HPC is a pet-friendly property worth exploring as an option. It allows you to accommodate your four-legged cast members as well as your two-legged stars.

Take the time to get to know HPC more intimately. Reading about it is one thing. Seeing a suite in person is another. Schedule a free tour today so you can admire the property and see what an asset it is for producers like yourself.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California in Hollywood, CA

Perhaps nowhere better can filming be done than in the capital of filming itself, Hollywood CA. Filming legends get their names etched in the stars on the famous street leading into the Hollywood district. Maybe you have plans of seeing members of your filming cast make it to the famous walk with their stars and along the way you need to find great filming locations in California. Great filming sites can be found at our place in Hollywood where the film stars, directors, and producers are always at work. It’s an all-in-one filming and business workspace facility with other side amenities included.

Our place is named Hollywood Production Center not only because many of Hollywood’s entertainment executives use our facilities, but also because we have the infrastructure needed to make high-cost films with special effects happen. We have a sound stage complete with lighting and sound management equipment, and our tech engineer is there to assist you. Our Hollywood PC offices have high-speed wi-fi and you can also connect to the local area network where the printers and copiers are. Our office plans are also scalable so that you can add or subtract furnished space from your current lease holdings.

Tenants of HPC have access to valet parking, a private entrance, private kitchen use, on-site gym membership, and 24/7 access to the building. If you’re excited about the prospect of using our property’s filming locations and want to see the luxuries included in our furnished offices, you should take our tour. It’s free of charge and obligation, but it’s the first step to making sure you secure available office space. To make sure you’re able to rent available office space, call our main office at 323-785-2100, or sign up at

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Thai Town, CA

Production companies located in Thai Town CA or other southern California areas will be pleased with the prime filming location that Hollywood PC now offers. We have five distinct locations in and around Hollywood, making us one of the most convenient filming locations in the area.

Hollywood Production Center enables your production to complete a majority of its work all in one place. Production companies can reduce costs by filming in one location. New production companies can take advantage of all our amenities while lowering their start-up costs. We have everything that you need to film your project.

Securing filming locations in California with all the right amenities and shooting opportunities offered by our company. In addition to offering everything from revolving doors to helicopter filming areas on the rooftop, we have many different filming areas available. penthouse scenes, office scenes, even Jacuzzi scenes can be achieved on our property.

Hollywood PC has five different locations in the Hollywood area. All of our properties are secure and have many amenities available for the production crew and cast. We have housing and office space available as well as post-production areas to help you complete your project.

HPC has incorporated all of the newest technologies into our filming locations. We know that having access to all of the latest tech is essential to your production company. All of the equipment that we have available for our clients to use is new and state-of-the-art. We are pleased to offer the best facilities in the Hollywood area.

If you are looking for your next filming location, we encourage you to join the many successful production companies that have used HPC for their filming locations. We have a long list of references that we can provide from prominent shows and companies in Southern California that have used our facilities. Additionally, we are so positive that you will love what we offer, we have same-day move-in capabilities for all of our clients.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Westwood Village, CA

One of the largest problems for production companies is finding filming locations that offer exactly what they need. Many of the available properties offer a few necessities for production, but the production company often has to bring in a lot of their equipment or setups at a large additional expense to get exactly what they need. This often leads to delays in filming and overruns on the budget.

Hollywood Production Center is pleased to offer a production area that not only will meet the needs of a production company but will exceed those needs as well. We offer a complete setup with many variables so that you can film a majority, if not all, of your production in one place.

We understand the film industry and that is what sets HPC apart from other production centers. We have built an area that is secure for all personnel and that is versatile enough that you can complete a majority of your filming here. We even have post-production space available for you to screen and edit what you have filmed.

Filming locations in California are all different and generally are limited to the “types” of filming that can be accomplished on that site. Some are dedicated to business settings, others to apartment or penthouse settings, some have the ability to shoot from higher angles or rooftops, others have helicopter access and filming capabilities. The list can go on.

Hollywood PC has all of these capabilities and more in one location. In addition to all of these benefits, our filming location offers privacy for you and your crew, contestant screening and housing, concierge services for cast and crew and we are pleased to be pet-friendly.

If your Westwood Village CA production company is seeking a place to conduct their next filming, we encourage you to take a tour of the Hollywood Production Center property. We are positive that you will like everything that we have to offer.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Spaulding Square, CA

Spaulding Square CA has a lot to offer creative people. It’s an inspirational place that makes a great filming location. People who want to experience living and working in a beautiful setting are drawn to the area because it has everything they need to nudge the muse and start making films or TV shows for others to enjoy.

Hollywood Production Center is fully-furnished and provides all the amenities needed to make your next project a success. It doesn’t matter if its production or post-production-related, either. You’ll find the different things that Hollywood PC has to offer very enticing.

For example, who doesn’t want a place that includes all utilities in its pricing? Paying each of those bills separately adds more to your production’s cost. Why not take advantage of free high-speed internet and local phone calls instead? You’ll be able to focus more on the task at hand and less on trying to figure out how to lower costs.

Another thing that stands out about HPC is all the scenery it provides for you to use in your film or TV show. From a beautiful courtyard outdoors to some of the most incredible rooftops perfect for action scenes, you have options. One of the biggest draws about Hollywood PC is that you can do all of your filming onsite without even needing to bring a lot of furniture or props in.

Secure one of the most premium filming locations in California today. Taking a tour of HPC allows you to see how advantageous it is to lease for you and your production crew. If you’re looking to up-level your production project, you’ll be able to do so easily in a beautiful location near Hollywood.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Century City, CA

Century City CA has a lot to offer aspiring and seasoned television and film producers. It’s the perfect home for creativity and provides many beautiful filming locations to choose from. If you’re looking for an inspiring place to live and work while you write, film, and edit your latest body of work, you’re going to love what you find in the area.

Hollywood Production Center caters to professionals by providing them with everything they need to thrive. From fully-furnished suites with beautiful views to the best amenities imaginable, HPC has it all. If you decide to sign a lease, you’ll have access to paid utilities, high-speed internet, and local phone calls.

You’ll also have access to some of the filming locations in California. Many are in the area of Hollywood PC or even onsite, so you don’t need to travel far. Need a rooftop for that adventure scene? You’ve got it!

Want a gym for your actors and actresses to film workouts? HPC has one for you to use whenever you want. From office sets to a courtyard, you’ve got plenty of indoor and outdoor options to use for your movies and TV shows.

You’ll find everything that you need at one convenient location. You’ll also have access to a dedicated address of your own despite sharing a space with other production teams. That means that you can maintain your identity and still have things delivered to you as you work. If you need extra props or even takeout for your crew, you can have it brought to the location quickly.

Don’t wait for a second longer to step foot in this luxury location! Schedule a free tour with Hollywood Production Center right away. Make your next creative project outstanding by having everything you need in place in one convenient location.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Little Armenia, CA

Little Armenia CA is in the central Los Angeles area. It has a rich history and provides a heavy dose of Armenian culture, making it an ideal place for a variety of productions.

With numerous filming locations on site, it is easy to find a place to film any scene. The facility’s engineer can help to ensure that all spaces meet the exact specifications of the production’s scenes.

Take advantage of the downtown Los Angeles views from any of the rooftop filming areas, including the rooftop gym, helipad, pool, and other areas. Views of the area can also be observed from other filming spaces, such as the two-story filming suite.

There are also several indoor filming areas. Some examples of these include a conference room, lobby, penthouse, and office space.

Ensure that all crew and cast members are safe and able to access the facility safely due to the on-site parking. HPC also has security to prevent any safety issues from occurring when creating all elements of a production.

The Hollywood Production Center makes it easy to create any production from start to finish. Use all of the facilities for all aspects of a film or show, including ample office space for production and post-production work.

As one of the most versatile filming locations in California, this facility offers discounted room rentals so that the cast and crew can remain on site. This also makes this facility a good choice for reality and game shows. Here you have space for contestant casting too.

The Hollywood PC site representative can help to ensure that you have access to all of the amenities that you need. This includes coordinating your use of the on-site clean-up and set up and strike services.

Use the freight elevator to move around all production equipment with ease. Take advantage of this facility’s pet-friendly policy to incorporate pets into the production.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Edendale, CA

Edendale CA is a Los Angeles district that is well-known for being a major home to silent movies in the early 20th century. Charlie Chapman’s first movie was filmed in this area, making it a place of rich history in the entertainment industry.

The HPC has all of the amenities and spaces needed for filming. This includes security to make sure that everyone involved in the production has a safe space to be creative.

On-site at the Hollywood PC, there is an engineer. Take advantage of their expertise for things like getting sets ready or ensuring the right lighting to create the perfect environment for every scene.

Use the on-site concierge services to learn more about the facility and the Edendale area. Get information about other nearby outdoor filming locations in California or places to enjoy a meal.

This facility makes it easy to meet with your cast and crew in the conference center. There are also spaces where you can host contestant casting for your production so that all elements of your production are done in one place.

When you are ready to start filming, the Hollywood Production Center offers numerous areas allowing you to create a variety of scenes. Some examples include a helipad, various rooftop spaces, a penthouse, and a lobby.

Easily move your production equipment around to different on-site filming locations using the freight elevator. There is also parking available so that you can provide ample space for your crew and cast to park on-site.

As you work on your production, you can save time by taking advantage of the cleanup services at this facility. There are also set up and strike services so that you can keep your focus on what you are creating.

Once all of the filmings are complete, there is plenty of space for post-production work. Here you can tackle everything from editing to cast and crew meetings.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Eagle Rock, CA

Rejuvenated and brimming with character, Eagle Rock CA is an ideal location for a variety of productions. Having a central location to work on a film from start to finish, allows you to unleash your creativity and remain productive.

The Hollywood Production Center features numerous set and scene opportunities. Film an action scene on the helipad, create a comedy in the office space or write the next big soap drama that takes place in a luxury suite.

There are also filming locations on site that are a little more specific, such as the rooftop gym, a penthouse and a pool area. These allow you to get more specific shots as you work on your production.

The HPC allows for easy set up and strike, helping you to save time when going from one scene to the next. They also offer help with clean-up so that you can focus on the creative end of your production.

Consider the Hollywood PC for your next game show or reality production. There is ample space for contestant casting and living, making it easy to keep all elements of your production in one convenient place.

Always know that your crew and cast are safe since this location has security on site. You also have access to a site representative who can help you to get the most out of all elements of the space.

Once you finish using the filming locations in California on-site, take advantage of the production and post-production office space. Here your crew can tackle everything from edits to making changes to the script within seconds of where you filmed all of the scenes for added convenience.

If you want to introduce pets into your film, the site is pet-friendly, so you will not have to worry about getting special permission for this purpose. Take advantage of the on-site parking to ensure optimal convenience when your crew and cast show up to work each day.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Glendale, CA

Less than five miles from the heart of Los Angeles, Glendale CA is a cozy community with plenty to do from chess in the park to their famous farmer’s market. This southern California city offers plenty of opportunities to spark your creativity for a variety of productions.

Tackle a reality production at the HPC. Several amenities make this type of filming easy, including contestant living spaces and areas for contestant casting. This makes it easy to keep all of your production needs in one place.

Talk to the Hollywood Production Center on-site engineer to get help with the technical aspects of your production. They can assist you with everything from your lighting to get your sets in place exactly to your specifications.

The filming locations allow you to use your imagination to make them exactly what is needed to create the perfect environment for every scene in your production. You have numerous choices, such as a lobby area, several rooftop spots, suites, office space, and even a penthouse filming area.

The Hollywood PC allows you to take care of everything on-site, including parking since there is ample space for your cast and crew to keep their vehicles close. Use the freight elevator to move all of your production equipment around the facility to speed up the process when it comes to getting your sets ready.

The filming locations in California are all within reach when you take advantage of the on-site concierge services. They are available to help you to navigate the Glendale area so that you can find everything that you need to create your production exactly to your standards.

As you move around the facility, you can use the on-site cleanup to alleviate the need to do this task yourself. This will help you to keep your focus on your film so that you can get it done according to your timeline.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Chula Vista, CA

Chula Vista CA is known for its stunning views and multitude of recreational activities. It is the perfect place to film a variety of productions, from a teen romance to a beach thriller or comedy.

The HPC makes it easy to go from one scene to the next with their wide array of on-site spaces. Use the lobby for a vacation movie or the penthouse for a reality series. Consider more unique facilities, such as the helipad or the rooftop pool for action shots.

The Hollywood Production Center makes it easy to move your equipment around because they have a freight elevator on site. Your crew can get all of their equipment to the different on-site locations fast so that you can remain as productive as possible.

After tackling all of the shots you need at filming locations in California, head to the ample office space to work with your crew and cast on making changes or adding more to your production. Here you can have meetings, make edits, do readings and tackle the technical aspects of your production.

The Hollywood PC ensures that everyone working with you is safe. There is security on-site that you can use at your disposal. They also offer to park so that no one has to worry about walking from a parking garage to the location.

When you are done with a scene or other production task, this facility offers clean-up services to take care of this for you. Because of this, you can keep your focus on the production and what you need to do to create your film or series.

The filming locations on-site are pet-friendly, making it easy to introduce certain animals into your production. If you need help navigating the area, you can talk to the on-site concierge services to help you learn about things like places to get copies made or lunch for your cast and crew.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Brentwood CA

Do you need to add a new workspace for a film project or add some short-term offices to be close to an important film site? Opening offices for filming near Brentwood CA allows you to be near major motion picture company studios, and have a great place for networking with entertainment executives and filming professionals. But where should you lease office space at? If you want luxurious fully furnished offices with the kind of high tech amenities and filming areas that can be set up at a moment’s notice, then our Hollywood Production Center property is for you. Here, you’ll have both business amenities and the assistance of professional staff for your filming endeavors.

We’ve designed fully furnished office spaces here at Hollywood PC to make film production and post-production work easier by having high-speed internet and full communication services installed in them. If you need multiple spaces for your filming team and directing crew, you’ll have flexible lease options to be able to do so. There are also board and conference rooms for meeting in, a sound stage along with other filming locations, and a shipping center where you can take advantage of logistical services. Our professional staff includes administrative assistants, an IT support team, stage engineers, parking attendants, and housekeeping staff.

We have a full security and surveillance system here at HPC for the safety of our tenants, and we take great care to keep the offices secure while you’re away. Your access will include a 24/7 entrance, and you’ll have access to our private entrance and private kitchen areas. If you’re ready to work on productions and post-production projects and be near quality filming locations in California, you should sign up to take the tour of our property and start leasing. To schedule the tour, call us at 323-785-2100, or fill in our form at

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California in Los Angeles, CA

The downtown area of Los Angeles CA has been the site of so many great American films over the years from Clint Eastwood’s western classics to today’s sci-fi masterpieces. While there are so many areas of the downtown that allow for fast-paced action with tremendous scenery, being able to manage film projects in LA is much easier when you have easy rental office space to work out of. One of the most highly rated office space providers is our Hollywood Production Center company which has quality tech infrastructure and even in-house filming stage areas. Many of Hollywood’s well-known motion picture companies such as Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, and 21st Century Fox have leased workspace from us.

What Hollywood PC brings first and foremost are fully furnished offices, and we have scalable lease plans if you need to add or remove office spaces over the length of time you’re with us. We have high-speed internet that’s all ready for you to connect to the moment you arrive, and office equipment and coffeemakers are also on the premises. When you need to meet with film professional clients, our conference rooms can be reserved. We’re also set up with filming locations where our state-of-the-art technical stages and recording studios can be used with the assistance of our engineer.

Why else might HPC appeal to you? We have professional service staff on hand for valet parking, administrative assistance, and housekeeping. You’ll be able to access your office at any time, and you can also work out in our gym since you get automatic membership and your private locker. If you’re ready to get set up at key filming locations in California in the downtown LA area, you should schedule the tour of Hollywood PC to see for yourself what you’ll benefit from. Give us a call today to inquire about office availabilities at 323-785-2100 or visit

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California in Santa Monica, CA

When you’re going to be filming in the greater LA area and want to have some great footage of the ocean or fun beach activities, you should consider setting up in Santa Monica CA. LA’s beach town has hosted a great many movies and TV shows here, including the longtime drama series “Baywatch”. But if you want a better deal for renting office space here than the usual high cost that most commercial landlords charge, you should rent from our Hollywood Production Center company. Our property in Santa Monica gives you easy access to filming sites and it’s open for both temporary and permanent use.

When you film here at Hollywood PC, you’ll be able to set up props in unique locations such as rooftops, corridors, and even at our sound stage. We even have an engineer who can work with your technical team to make sure things are running without any hitches. For post-production and planning, you’ll be able to complete your projects in your fully furnished office or reserve one of our conference rooms for team and client meetings. Along with being one of the tops filming locations in California, our properties are also prime places for networking events and mixers, whether they’re a relatively small meet and greet or fun-filled large gatherings.

One reason clients love renting from us at HPC is not only because of our office luxuries and renting perks but also because we offer leases based on specific needs. We do not require a multi-year commitment or significant upfront investment; we simply rent out month to month and can offer more or less space as needed. If you’re ready to take advantage of being near important filming locations and want to settle into your new office ASAP, you should schedule the tour of Hollywood PC now while we have availabilities. To do so, call us at 323-785-2100 or visit

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Garden Grove, CA

There are quite a few places in the San Rafael foothills and the surrounding outskirts of Hollywood where new TV shows and movies are filmed fairly regularly. Many of these activities make having studios with office space near Garden Grove CA very important to motion picture executives and their production teams. When you need to rent short-term offices and studio space for your filming locations in California, our company provides a scalable solution with fully furnished space and a full business support system for you. Our offices are easy to rent, and many of Hollywood’s top motion picture companies use our properties for filming.

The office and filming space we have can be found within our multipurpose Hollywood Production Center. Our office spaces come in many sizes and are already connected to our enterprise-level internet. In the main business areas, you’ll find printers and copiers you can use, and we also have a shipping and receiving station. Along with filming locations and sound stages where film effects can be tested, there are also conference rooms and reserved areas for important meetings and hosting corporate events.

Beyond just the business side of Hollywood PC, there are also luxuries you can enjoy such as membership to our gym, a massage at our massage center, and competing with colleagues at table games in our lounge area. You can enter the building from our private entrance side, and you’ll have access to your office even late at night when you have important deadlines for work. Leasing out offices is fairly straightforward, but you should do so soon because they are rented first come first serve. To contact our HPC property and inquire about availabilities and our free tour of the property, call 323-785-2100, or visit

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Universal City, CA

There’s a lot of heavy lifting that film production leaders have to undertake when they’re getting ready to put their finished work together. They need to prepare the screenplay, effects equipment, assemble director’s teams and so much more while operating against tight schedules. But one way filming executives can get all their prep work done efficiently while also setting up at filming locations in California is by leasing turnkey office space. Our turnkey office solutions are part of the Hollywood Production Center network and offer clients a great work area for filming. The production center property is also ideally set up for networking events and important gatherings.

The reason our Hollywood PC facilities are great choices for filming activities because they can be leased out either temporarily, or for a long-term period. The infrastructure here is also designed for high business data use, teleconferencing, and setting up film props. If you want to work with our engineering team and run your cameras at one of our filming locations, you can reserve usage of our sound stage. We also have great setups for outdoor film scenes such as a rooftop with a helipad, at the base of high-rise buildings, and other areas with great camera views.

Renting office space from us at HPC also has perks such as membership to our on-site gym where you can have a personal trainer and be a part of its fitness programs. Your office rental will also give you access to a private entrance, a private kitchen area, and 24/7 access to our highly secure facility. Moving into one of our office spaces is relatively easy, and we have all the lease terms upfront. To rent office space near Universal City CA, give us a call at 323-785-2100, or visit us at

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Toluca Lake, CA

Toluca Lake CA serves as the perfect location for filming some of Hollywood’s greatest films and TV shows. Offering beautiful scenery and ready-to-film sets, the Hollywood Production Center has sought-after suites used for production and post-production. Complete with all the premium amenities that lead to a smooth workday, paid-for utilities, local phone service, and high-speed internet, rest assured that your needs are taken care of when you choose to rent from HPC.

Not all filming locations are equal in quality, price, or appearance. That’s why it’s so imperative to find a place where you can work without interruption. Imagine a location that has everything you need onsite, so you don’t need to leave the suite to film. What would it be worth to you?

HPC comes fully-furnished and has a gym, patio, courtyard, and rooftops perfect for filming the next big scene in your film or TV show. It’s pet-friendly and a place where everyone is welcome. You can have your entire staff and production crew onsite so that you’re able to work as efficiently as possible with very little worry.

If you want a place where you can live and work without distraction, you’ve found it. You’ll have access to a safe and vibrant environment where inspiration flows freely. A dedicated address for your workspace is available for you to schedule deliveries and entertain potential partners on your projects, too.

Gain access to one of the best filming locations in California. Set up a time to check out Hollywood PC for yourself. A free tour allows you to get to know the suite more intimately. You’ll then be able to determine if it’s the right option to meet your production or post-production needs.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Mount Olympus, CA

Having access to beautiful production and post-production suites in Mount Olympus CA is entirely beneficial. It allows producers to fully focus on the task at hand without being bothered with the job of locating filming locations in California. Checking one more to-do off the list by supply fully-furnished turnkey office spaces complete with complimentary utilities, high-speed internet, and local phone service, the Hollywood Production Center remains a go-to resource for TV/film production, publishing companies, post-production, and new media to utilize.

HPCs long list of amenities is among the many reasons why the suites book fast. A premium location helps, too, as every producer wants access to the best scenery available in the Hollywood area. Comfortable furniture, private balconies, gyms, and even onsite cafes make the experience of brainstorming, writing, filming, and editing more creative and satisfying. You have everything you need to be successful throughout the length of your lease.

Meeting with your crew and staff in one central location is possible, thanks to Hollywood Production Center. All suites are pet-friendly, too, so four-legged, finned, feathered, and furry friends can hang out without incident. Everyone on board with your production is available and ready to shoot at a second’s notice, thanks to the luxury suites provided to you by HPC. Office sets, rooftops, patios, a gym, and a courtyard are available for filming, so you don’t need to move offsite to get that scene finished.

Schedule a free tour of Hollywood PC today and prepare to fall in love with the Mount Olympus location right away. Contact us for more information about our various filming locations, so you’re able to find the right space for your work today. If you prefer to live where you work, you’ll find the suites move-in ready, so your personal and professional lives meet in the middle.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Sunset Hills, CA

Hollywood Production Center caters to production companies, independent filmmakers, writers, and crews who want to make their mark in the TV and film industry. Offering fully-furnished suites with world-class amenities, the property is one that benefits you and your inventive projects. Why pay extra for utilities, high-speed internet, and local phone calls when they’re all part of the price you pay for Hollywood PC.

Finding ideal filming locations in California isn’t all that easy. It takes time and resources. Thanks to HPC, you don’t need to waste a moment thinking about where to film your next big scene. You’ll have access to fully-furnished office spaces, rooftops, a courtyard, and a gym to use in your TV show or movie.

Filming locations are a hot commodity. There’s a lot of competition to find the best locations available. Luckily, you’re not forced to do that with Hollywood PC.

You can write, film, and edit onsite. You can conduct meetings with your cast and crew in one central location. If you need to have deliveries made during the workday, you’ll have a dedicated address to use where things can be dropped off.

There’s no need to leave the location if you don’t want to. You can easily opt to live where you work because HPC gives you that option. It’s move-in ready and very affordable thanks to its premium amenities.

Sunset Hills CA serves as the perfect backdrop for your creative film or TV show project. A scheduled tour free of charge allows you to see how advantageous it is to have a dedicated space for production and post-production purposes. If you decide that it’s the right choice for you, you’ll be able to move into the HPC suite right away.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Glassell Park, CA

Glassell Park CA provides the perfect setting for making movies and TV shows. Producers looking for a place to film their next big production come to the area with a mission in mind. They want access to the best filming locations in California and don’t want to settle for anything less.

If you have high standards for your productions, it’s time to take them to the next level by leasing out a fully-furnished suite at Hollywood Production Center. You’ll have access to everything you need to be successful including complimentary high-speed internet, paid utilities, and even local phone service at no cost to you. For filming purposes, you can use the gym, rooftops, courtyard, and offices to record a scene and set the tone for your next creative project.

Seeking offsite filming locations isn’t necessary because you have everything you need for a successful production under one roof. That means less lost time traveling and more time working on the TV show or film that you’ve been recording. All of your staff and crew can meet together in the same place and get things done before deadline thanks to the convenience that HPC provides.

Live and work according to your guidelines for success. You’ve got options that make your job easier. A convenient location, packed full of luxury amenities, and complete with its address makes getting your work done in record time effortless.

Don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to tour Hollywood PC for free. You’ll learn quickly what makes the suites perfect for the type of work you do. Seeing the value that the property brings to your production or post-production efforts helps you finalize the decision to lease a suite at HPC right away.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Sunset Gower Studios, CA

Sunset Gower Studios CA is located in Hollywood, a central location for films and fame. Take advantage of the amenities and resources on location to create your film from start to finish.

HPC offers a variety of filming opportunities, such as a helipad, lobby, office space, pool and in a suite, giving you numerous set options to choose from. Talk to the on-site engineer to get assistance transforming these spaces into the exact environments that you need for your scenes.

In addition to the multitude of filming locations on-site, you have access to space to tackle your casting. There are opportunities for contestant casting and places for contestants to live and film. You also have access to discounted room rentals for the actors and crew associated with your production.

Hollywood PC has parking on-site so that you do not have to park your vehicle far from your location. There is also generator parking. Use the freight elevator to make it easy to move your equipment around the location.

Talk to the site representative to learn more about what this location has to offer. To get help navigating the area and the property, you also have access to concierge services that can help you with everything from arranging transportation for those associated with your production to knowing where to have lunch.

As one of the premier filming locations in California, you have office space that you can use for production and post-production work. There is security available to keep you and everyone involved with your production safe. Use the catwalk access to get aerial views of your production while it is happening.

This location makes setup and strikes as easy as possible. You can also get help with the clean-up when you are done with your production.

Check out the Hollywood Production Center website to get more information and to book your free tour of this location.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Burbank, CA

Burbank CA is known for the aerospace industry and for its moving and television filming. Having an all-in-one place to work on your film tasks will allow you to be more productive because you can do everything in a single facility.

The Hollywood Production Center provides you with penthouse, rooftop, conference room, office space, gym and poolside filming opportunities. When you are ready to work on editing and similar tasks, there is production and post-production space for you to use.

With fully furnished living space, you can use the Hollywood PC for contestant living if you are working on a reality show or a similar type of production. You can also take advantage of discounted room rentals when you have cast and crew members who need to stay in the area for an extended period.

The filming locations come with expansive views of downtown Los Angeles, space to park for your cast and crew, security to keep everyone safe, and help with cleaning up. Take advantage of the engineer onsite to assist with the various architectural and electrical needs associated with your production. The site representative can help you to take full advantage of all of the amenities that are at your disposal.

These filming locations in California provide everything that you need for all of the elements of your production. Use the freight elevator to get all of your equipment to the necessary location with less effort. You also have access to a catwalk and generator parking to make moving your equipment and monitoring your production easier.

Here you will have access to concierge services to help you to navigate not only the property but also the city of Burbank. The facilities are pet-friendly, allowing you to keep your pet with you or use pets for your production.

Visit our website today to learn more and plan your tour of HPC to see how it will meet your filming needs.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Griffith Park, CA

If you’re looking for premium filming locations in California to choose from, you’ve got many options for your consideration. A few stand out more than others. Having access to fully-furnished suites through Hollywood PC is a real asset. With premium amenities to take advantage of, the value of space meant just for you and your crew is immense.

Filming locations onsite make it possible to shoot without losing valuable time. Instead, you can take advantage of some outstanding scenery. Use the gym, courtyard, rooftops, and office space assets to tell the story of your film or TV show plots. You can also write, edit, plan, and cast in the location.

HPC is ready for your crew to move-in today. There’s no need to wait when you’ve got a space furnished and available for you to use to the fullest of the capacity. You’ll have a dedicated address for deliveries, too, so you’ll always have access to the things that you need for your production success.

Griffith Park CA is a very sought-after location for creative people. Having access to a place all your own to work and explore your greatest ideas is very beneficial. Think of how much brainstorming, writing, filming, and editing will go on in a place that encourages forward-thinking, innovation, and excellent storytelling.

Ready to take the plunge? See for yourself what makes Hollywood Production Center ideal for production crews like yours. Schedule a free tour right away and discover the best fully-furnished suites in Griffith Park CA. Decide to change the way you work today. You’ll be able to find the perfect places to film your TV show or movie.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Bel Air, CA

Hollywood Production Center has a lot to offer TV and movie producers as well as writers, actors, and crew members. The fully-furnished luxury suites provide beautiful locations to write, film, and edit while enjoying wholly beneficial premium amenities, such as complimentary high-speed internet and local phone service. Pets are even welcome at HPC, making it a fully inclusive location to get work done.

Filming locations in the area can be full of competitors. If you want to have a unique experience, you’ll want to make sure that you have exclusive access to some of the most fantastic office spaces, building rooftops, exquisite courtyards, and high-tech gyms. That way, you’re able to get your scenes shot quickly. You won’t waste valuable time trying to find a location to film. Instead, you’ll be at the ideal spot in Bel Air CA to record and edit footage.

If you’re looking for ways to save money on costs and work in a shared environment without losing your identity, you’ll find HPC ideal. Leasing a suite could very well be what helps make your production a success. You’ll have access to everything you need to thrive and won’t be stuck searching high and low for the best locations in the city to film.

Offering comfortable digs for everyone who makes up your team, Hollywood Production Center becomes your home away from home rather quickly. You can move into the location as early as today if you like what you see while touring the space. Taking advantage of high-quality technology is a real possibility thanks to the suite being IT-ready for use.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to tour Hollywood PC for free. Choose a time to take a look at one of the suites to see if it meets your needs for a production or post-production workspace. Fully-furnished and ready to lease, it could very well provide you with the perfect filming locations in California.

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Altadena, CA

There are more options today for getting startup office space and opening an extended location for filming than there used to be just 10 years ago. More and more shared offices and turnkey facilities are being used by film companies, especially when they’re located near important filming locations in California, and our company has those facilities. What we offer are office spaces on-demand with the kind of features you would also find at many elaborate film studios, and hence we’ve named our company Hollywood Production Center. There is so much filming and post-production work that takes place here thanks to the amenities we provide.

Hollywood PC is a great place to network due to the diversity of industries that our clients represent. Many film executives host networking events here, and some of the top TV series that have been filmed here over the years include “NCIS”, “Finding Carter”, “Camping With The In-laws” and many more. The office spaces here come in a variety of sizes and can be arranged according to your specific spatial needs. The properties also have amazing filming locations both indoor and outdoor, and there’s even a sound stage for special effects work.

There’s even more to renting office space from HPC such as the freedom to scale it up or down as your needs grow. Working here also gives you access to a fitness center and your trainer, yoga instructor, and other health programs. If you’re in the market for office space near Altadena CA, then you can sign up to take a tour of the facility near there. You should act quickly so you can get the office you want by calling 323-785-2100 or visiting

Filming Locations In California

Filming Locations in California near Alhambra, CA

Being able to pull off the stressful tasks of film productions and make sure the finished work is picture perfect is a task that you need the right support and environment to work with. But finding the right location for film productions is also important, and that’s why our Hollywood Production Center can be found all over the LA and Hollywood metros. Our facilities can accommodate cameras and equipment for film shooting and office space for pre-production and post-production work. If you’re looking to be near some of the best filming locations in California, you should come to our place.

Hollywood PC is ready for you to get to work with offices that are already furnished and only need you to bring your main business items, plug in your computer, and go. Printing and copying can be done at the business center in our facility, as can sending and receiving packages. Whether you’re looking for filming locations that are indoor or outdoor, you can find them both within the facility and in nearby parts of Hollywood. We even have a sound stage where you can test lighting, sound features, camera action, and many other technical things. Our in-house technician can also assist you and your film team.

What’s great about HPC is our office leasing options work for both temporary film projects and ongoing activities. When you rent from us, you also get your own parking space, access to our private entrance, access to our on-site gym and massage center, and around-the-clock entry onto the premises. If you’re interested in renting offices for filming near Alhambra CA, you can find out more by scheduling the tour of Hollywood PC. You should make sure you do so while the space you need is still available, and you can reach us at 323-785-2100, or by visiting