California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Bel Air, CA

Are you looking for a corporate office to utilize for your staff while working in Bel Air? There is a great option that many top production teams turn to for short-term and long-term projects. There are several options for taking your whole team to work together on film projects. Options that give them a home away from home.

Those who want to be near Bel Air should consider HPC. This team of offices is designed for the writer, filmmaker, and producer in mind. Offering a professional meeting space is exactly what Hollywood Production Centers is known for.

Renting a California Office Space isn’t always easy at a moment’s notice. However, it is when you have come to rely on the true professionals that have been working with entertainers for decades. This is why HPC is a great choice for the entire production team. With several locations, each office is set up differently, yet still offers the same great amenities.

Many locations offer two floors, large size kitchens allowing you to set up buffets, and wireless internet to make it easy to focus on filmmaking. This offers the type of work environment that permits you to remain focused while taking care of your entire production team. Hollywood PC is the first choice amongst the most experienced entertainers and their staff.

Wireless internet is already hooked up and ready to go, while the buildings are taken care of by janitorial services around the clock. A world-class facility, HPC keeps it simple, allowing you to work hard and feel like you’re going home for meals just like you did before. The technology is second-to-none.

If you are an entrepreneur and working in the film industry, please be sure to review the website for for more information about how you can set up your production team with all the comforts of home.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Griffith Park, CA

Corporate Offices Available near Griffith Park, California

At the eastern end of the Santa Monica mountains in Los Angeles County, California, is a large municipal park that’s one of the most celebrated neighborhoods around Hollywood, known as Griffith Park. This is a dual-purpose location that gives residents the best of both worlds. You get a lot of the glitz and glamor from Tinsel Town, while also finding a low-crime residential area that’s great for kids.

Beyond anything, however, this area is the ideal location for California office space due to its relative vicinity to Hollywood and also its impeccable residential population. A lot of the people in this location appreciate spending time in the park, sightseeing, and more. Then, of course, you have a large part of the population that’s involved in the entertainment industry.

The point here is that people who set up shop in this area by picking up an office for rent have a very strong chance at succeeding in whatever industry niche they select. People who run production companies, editing firms, and other types of businesses in this genre typically experience a lot of success in this area.

Going Through Hollywood PC

One of the best ways to find a quality office in the Griffith Park area is to go through Hollywood Production Center. This is the ideal way by which to find offices that are ready to go for success. Simply move your stuff in, and keep moving forward in your plans for success.

Go through HPC when you need to find a quality office in the LA County area. Never skip a beat in your path to success.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Glassell Park, CA

Corporate Industry Offices in Glassell Park, California

Do you think your business would thrive if you found office space right outside of the famous Hollywood in California? While most people wouldn’t know how to answer, the fact is that people who do move their office locations to places like Glassell Park, California find a lot more success than in other locations.

This is because of two reasons. First and foremost, Hollywood Production Center is dedicated to finding corporate offices that are ideal for production companies, editing firms, or anyone else in the entertainment industry, whether dealing with movies, TV, music, or anything else. Secondly, Glassell Park is part of central LA county and is the ideal location for this sort of industry.

Hollywood PC offers far more than just mere open offices. You’ll find ready-made office spaces that already feature comfortable and luxurious amenities, and all you’ll need to do is move your stuff in, and then it’s time to get to work. There’s no real down or setup time when dealing with HPC.

The Best in California Office Space

Because of the location and the extreme popularity, it can be quite the tough task to find the right office for rent anywhere in California. Though when you’re dealing with Hollywood PC, those are issues of the past.

The thing that HPC does the best is ensuring that you find the right type of office space for your business, in the right location that’s going to ensure that your business hits the ground running. At the end of the day, you can’t ask for a better situation than to be in the center of LA.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Sunset Hills, CA

If you have a passion for making films or TV shows and you want to explore office spaces near Sunset Hills, you’re in luck. There are many beautiful rentals for you to take advantage of immediately. Few offer fully furnished layouts and are as accommodating as Hollywood Production Center, though. You can live, work, and play in a month-to-month rental property near Hollywood.

What to Expect from a Hollywood PC Rental Space

To better understand the value of a California office space such as Hollywood PCs, you must know what it has to offer you in the way of amenities. Delivering the most bang for your buck is imperative because you have production costs to consider. Every penny that you spend affects the profitability of your film or TV show.

Where else are you going to have a full-sized kitchen, gym with personal trainer and masseuse, private parking in a gated facility, and complimentary high-speed internet along with phone and data service? HPC offers world-class amenities that you won’t find elsewhere. You also have multiple places to shoot onsite, including balconies, rooftops, and a courtyard.

Flexible leasing terms make this office for rent highly sought-after. That’s why you should take advantage of the ultimate creative environment near Sunset Hills right away. HPC offers excellent options for short-term and long-term rentals.

In addition to having your address for deliveries, you’ve got a space to allow your creative ideas to flourish. Our offices are perfect for pre-production, production, and post-production activities. Benefit from having a place large enough to accommodate your cast and crew right away.

Schedule a Time and Date to View Hollywood Production Center In Person

A free tour awaits you at the ultimate California office space for creatives. Let us answer your questions and allow you to get to know how Hollywood PC benefits you, your cast, and your crew. We’re just a quick phone call away and willing to assist you in whatever way that we can.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Mount Olympus, CA

Writers, filmmakers and producers are always looking for a place to work near Mount Olympus. It’s vital to find a home away from home for you and your team while working on your latest film.

This is when using HPCcan make the difference. Having worked with the entertainment industry for decades, they know exactly what is needed to make the staff and their teams happy. This means offering the comforts of home in an executive suite that offers numerous amenities like wireless internet, private kitchens, multi-floor units, and more.

With locations in Hollywood, Glendale, and Los Angeles, offices are close to all major cities where filming is popular. Most filmmakers attempt to remain as close to Hollywood and the surrounding areas as possible. This is why Hollywood PC is a great choice for any film production team.

All of the experts and celebrities know that the right group to call upon for office space is theHollywood Production Center. This is because of their vast experience working with the entertainment industry. Offering short-term and long-term lease plans makes it easy to work with HPC to accomplish your production goals.

The Hollywood Production Center has been in existence since 2001, and during that time they have helped thousands complete the filming and production they set out to do in executive suites that offer the comforts of home. With three locations right in the heart of Hollywood, it’s easy to get the location of your choice, rented within a moment’s notice.

Getting a California Office Space within a moment’s notice isn’t possible anywhere else. This is why those in the entertainment industry have come to trust the process and the people working with HPC. Finding an office for rent can be easier than in times past with Hollywood PC.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Toluca Lake, CA

Filmmakers, writers, and producers always need a private space to work in for their next project. Finding office space for rent near Toluca Lake, CA has never been easier. There are five locations for the Hollywood Production Center to meet all of your needs.

Serving the professional entertainment industry since 2001, HPC offers executive suites for immediate occupancy. Those who need space immediately should consider talking with the staff about all of the amenities that the offices have to offer from the Hollywood Production Center.

The offices at HPC offer all of the amenities that filmmakers and writers need to bring their project to fruition. This is important because everyone involved in the project will need to have a space to work, and a home away from home.

This is why the suites are equipped with nice size kitchens, as well as abundant living space, wireless internet, and even janitorial service. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up when you’ve been working all day.

Hollywood PC is centrally located, right in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale, CA. They offer immediate occupancy, as well as occupancy post-production. This means that all the staff has to do is relax. These executive offices, complete with all of the amenities have everything needed for a long-term stay.

Finding California Office Space isn’t always easy. Finding it when you need it right away is easy when it comes to working with Hollywood Production Center. Having an impressive resume, HPC can boast of working with some of the most famous productions like Vampire Diaries, Single Ladies, Last Comic Standing, Family Feud, and many more.

Now you can find an office for rent with a well-known history of success and satisfaction. From providing janitorial service to offering wireless internet and a full-size kitchen, you’ll be able to focus on the work you came to do.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Century City, CA

If you’re looking for a place near Century City, CA, to rent for work, you’re in luck. Hollywood Production Center has office spaces nearby. Best of all, there are short-term and long-term leases to meet your needs. If you’re looking for a fully furnished place that provides privacy and offers onsite filming locations, you’ve hit the goldmine.

HPC offers you everything that you could want in an office space. There’s high-speed internet to use to update social media, complete editing, and even send out casting calls. Data and phone service are also amenities offered with Hollywood Production Center rentals so you can make outgoing calls as well as receive calls throughout the day.

You’ll have access to a full-sized kitchen, which is great when you need to make a meal or host a luncheon with your cast. There is also a gym that you, your cast, and your crew can use to get into shape. If you need a personal trainer’s services, you’ll have access to them at Hollywood PC.

Onsite, you’ll find many places to shoot, too. From balconies to rooftops to a spacious courtyard, you’ve got many choices. Instead of looking for a place to shoot a scene outside of your office space, all you need to do is open the balcony door or go to the roof with your camera equipment.

A California office space is where your creative ideas thrive. Offering you a place to cook, work out, and even get a massage, you’ve got options with Hollywood PC. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to look for a place to do your pre-production, production, or post-production work, now is the time to find the perfect space.

HPC offers free tours for you to take advantage of right away. Schedule yours today and see what it’s like to rent from Hollywood PC! There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain from viewing our office for rent. Live, work, and play in the same incredible space.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Spaulding Square, CA

Are you looking for California Office Space to rent for working on your next film? There is a great option for your next filming project near Spaulding Square. The Hollywood Production Center is always the first choice for filmmaking professionals. Why is it the absolute best choice for your team while you work on your next production?

These offices are furnished with everything you’ll need, from large private kitchens to wireless internet and balconies with amazing views. These executive suites are designed to meet the needs of you and your staff. HPC offers offices that are fully furnished, complete with a professional-grade reception area. They also offer 24-hour security along with surveillance to ensure that everyone remains safe.

Hollywood Production Center takes pride in what they offer. This is why so many filmmakers opt for their office for rent near Spaulding Square, CA, Glendale, CA, Hollywood, CA and many other areas. Located in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale, CA makes it a great location to stay.

Entrepreneurs or filmmakers looking for a California Office Space can feel good knowing that HPC offers long-term leases as well as month-to-month leases. Those who need it may benefit from a move in the same day they sign the lease agreement.

Hollywood Production Centers offers 5 different types of floorplans for their clientele. An office for rent offers plenty of room with two floors for all staff and those working on the set.It’s ideal for writers, producers, and even designers. All locations offer wireless internet, ready for you to plug in and get started.

More importantly, Hollywood PC takes pride in offering all of these amenities to you near studios where filming takes place. You’ll have a home away from home, and you’ll have space for everyone involved in the process.

Regardless of how long you’ll be staying in the facilities with Hollywood PC, just remember that it’s your home away from home, and will have everything you need. You will have plenty of room to work, eat, play, and become a superstar with your Hollywood production.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near San Jose, CA

Hollywood Production Center offers California office space for TV/film production crews, publishing companies, entertainers, and others in the entertainment industry. Our modern, spacious offices bring comfort and style to the forefront and offer gracious amenities for your comfort. Although many production studios in San Jose promise a home away from home, you’ll find that our studio really provides a relaxing environment that helps your team thrive.

Top Amenities

Utilities, internet, and telephone come with your office rental, which is available for immediate occupancy. Additional amenities included in our 30,000-square-feet office space for rent include:

– Convenient location and a premium address in the heart of the city
– Gym with showers
– On-site Cafe
– Hair salon
– Private entrance
– Janitorial service
– 24-hour video monitoring and security
– On-site car wash
– Private kitchens in-office
– Professional, attentive staff

Location, Location, Location

Our pristine location puts you in the heart of the city, near some of the most well-known attractions and landmarks and scenic beauty in the city. Location is everything, as you probably know. Rent our office and enjoy a myriad of top-class amenities backed by a pristine address.

The Office Space

Offices offer various square-footage, enabling us to accommodate production companies of every size. No matter which office size you choose, it’s sure to provide spacious comfort that you appreciate. Our office space offers a one-stop solution for any production team. Here, completing all aspects of production is simple.

In a hurry to occupy your office space? We offer same-day move-in. Our office rental accommodation short and long-term rental needs with your choice of month-to-month occupancy and long-term lease available.

Trusted Office Rental for Production Companies

Hollywood PC has served the needs of production companies for more than 20-years. When you need a studio that sets the standards for your team, take a look at our office suites and learn why people trust us for their office suite rental needs.

Subscribe to our newsletter if you’re ready to schedule an HPC office for a rent tour.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Westwood Village, CA

Hollywood Office Space Since 2001, HPC has served the needs of executives in the entertainment industry within the Los Angeles area. We’ve developed quite a reputation over the past 19+ years, as execs know they’ll get beautifully appointed, affordably-priced office rental space when they choose us for their needs. We offer same-day rental, short-term contracts, and four beautiful studios throughout Hollywood and Glendale. Our Westwood Village location is of special interest to many executives.

Our luxuriousCalifornia office space rentals offer all-in-one convenience and pleasure plus top amenities that help businesses small and large to get things done. Producing is no easy job. With the array of services and amenities offered at our office for rent, stress melts away, and producing becomes far easier and more enjoyable for everyone on the team.

Top Amenities

Stylish, modern, and fully-furnished, our office suites are ready to use without a wait at Hollywood Production Center. You’ll find the best amenities awaiting, including an on-site cafe, data and internet service, a gym and hair salon, lockers, a personal trainer, and more. Enjoy more than 30,000 square-foot of available space at our office studio, complete with private entrances and balconies, and skylights. We make your entire team feel right at home in our state-of-the-art office suites.

Convenient Locations

Not only is the office located nearby many entertainment businesses that you may need in your production efforts, but you’re also nearby top landmarks and activities. All work and no play is never fun. Why not get out and about and explore L.A. when you get a break? Nestled in the heart of the city, our office location is nearby attractions such as the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood Sign.

Need office space for your production team? Visit the website to subscribe to our newsletter and schedule your free HPC tour!

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Thai Town, CA

If you’re searching for an office for rent that has everything you’ve been dreaming of, Hollywood Production Center has you covered. At HPC, we offer stress-free luxury. We know that everyone who visits our rental offices will fall in love with our many amenities.

All of the offices available for rent at HPC come fully furnished, so they are ready for you and your company to move into whenever you’re ready. Each office also features flower arrangements, phones, internet, and utilities, all included in the price. There are many locations within the building that are perfect for filming, but the production, post-production, publishing, and new media companies will also all find that the spaces are designed to suit their every need.

Hollywood PC also offers amenities to make work easier, so you can be at your most creative. An on-site gym with a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and masseuse makes it easy to unwind after a long day or take a breather in between filming. Our café, also on-site, serves delicious foods so you don’t need to go far to get something fantastic for lunch. Finally, if you are looking for an office where your dog can come to work with you, all of HPC’s locations are dog-friendly.

Aside from our exceptional customer service, Hollywood Production Center offers renters four different locations, so it’s simple to find something nearby Thai Town. We also have a range of office options, from individual offices to suites, so there’s something for every company. We believe our many options and amenities make us an excellent option for the best California office space. Visit our website for more information, and subscribe for a free tour of one of our locations.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Palmer Park, CA

The office you rent for your film, production, post-production, new media, or publishing company should be as glamorous and fun as the work you do. An office for rent should also offer an expedient location and access to all the amenities you need to create your best work. At Hollywood Production Center, we want to take care of all your office space needs.

The conveniences at HPC start with our fully furnished office spaces. Each space is designed to be stylish, comfortable, and, most importantly, ready for you and your company to move into and begin work immediately. Phone, internet, and all utilities are included. We also offer a full-front reception area. Our offices are available in a range of options, from individual units to full suites, so you can choose what suits you best. In addition, because we have four locations, it is simple to find an office for rent near Palmer Park.

Hollywood PC also wants to ensure that time spent at your office in our rental location is as enjoyable as possible. Because of that, our locations include an on-site gym, complete with a yoga instructor, personal trainer, showers, and a masseuse. A café is located in the office building, while the larger office suites feature private kitchens. Each location has patios, rooftops, and a courtyard that are perfect for filming. Flower arrangements are also included in each office.

Our locations, options, convenience, and excellent customer service make HPC one of the best choices for California office space. To find out even more about our amenities and options, visit our website. There, you can subscribe and become eligible to receive a free tour of one of our locations.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Burbank, CA

For those who are seeking a California office space that truly offers everything you could dream of, including a location near Burbank, Hollywood Production Company has you covered. We not only offer excellent customer service, but we pride ourselves on creating accessible, luxurious, comfortable offices. These offices are turnkey and move-in ready, so you can start creating your best work as soon as you begin your rental.

Finding the right office for rent for your filming, production, or publishing company can often be an overwhelming challenge. At Hollywood Production Center, we want to make this task as easy and stress-free as possible. Hollywood PC offers a wide range of office sizes, from those designed for individuals to entire suites for larger companies, so we have something to suit every need. Also, our four locations make it easy to choose the area that is closest to you.

At HPC, we want to take the hassle out of finding and setting up an office. Our offices are fully furnished and come with a phone, internet, security, and utilities all included. Besides, valet parking, an on-site gym with a yoga instructor and masseuse, full reception services, janitorial staff, and an on-site café make working in one of our office buildings not only comfortable but incredibly enjoyable. Also, our office suites feature private kitchens, balconies, and private entrances. Each building features several patios for office get-togethers, and all of our locations are dog-friendly.

Hollywood PC wants your office rental experience to be the best you’ve ever had. Visit our website to get a feel for our different locations and amenities. Then subscribe to sign up for a free tour of any of our locations.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Sunset Gower Studios, CA

Between selecting a convenient location and finding a space that works for you and your needs, discovering the perfect office for rent may seem nearly impossible. This is where Hollywood Production Center comes in. With four locations and a range of office options, we have something to suit the needs of a large or small film, television, publishing, production, post-production, or new media service companies.

Hollywood PC offers rental offices that are designed to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. With our company, you will never need to worry about furnishings, utilities, or other matters such as janitorial staff or security, as we take care of all of these. Our offices come fully furnished and ready to use, and the internet, phone, and utilities are all included. We staff a behind-the-scenes janitorial team to keep everything sparkling and clean. Also, our offices offer valet parking, a built-in gym and café, and kitchenettes, so everything you need is right at your fingertips. Each building features several patios, and our suites offer private balconies. Four-legged friends are also welcome at HPC all of our locations are dog-friendly.

Should any other needs arise, however, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and ability to provide for any circumstance. We believe this makes us a great choice for the best California office space.

HPC has something to suit every need. Our offices are available in single units for individuals or small companies or in suites for larger businesses. Don’t spend any more time struggling to find office space for rent near Sunset Gower Studios. Visit our website for more information, and subscribe today to have a free tour of one of our luxurious locations.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Chula Vista, CA

Finding an office for rent can be a challenge. Selecting a space that is both conveniently located and suits all of your needs can sometimes seem even more difficult. However, Hollywood PC offers a stylish office setting that is intended to make creating films or television easy, comfortable, and fun. Publishing companies, new media, and post-production service companies will also find these luxurious workplaces the perfect California office space. Also, Hollywood Production Center takes great pride in offering excellent customer service to provide for any other needs that may arise.

For those searching for the perfect office space for their film or television show, Hollywood Production Company may be the exact place you have been looking for. These offices are designed for convenience and comfort. They are the ideal all-in-one location for writing, producing, filming, and editing. Also, the office spaces are move-in ready and feature fully furnished spaces with phone, internet, and utilities included.

Kitchenettes, an on-site café, and a gym make utilizing these particular offices even more enjoyable, and take the stress out of day-to-day work. In addition, those renting at HPC will never need to concern themselves with hiring security or janitors, as we take care of both of these things. Hollywood PC also offers a parking valet and parking lot security for added safety and practicality.

With four locations, HPC offers several different floor plans for those seeking offices for rent near Chula Vista. Potential renters can choose between suites of offices for larger companies or individual offices, depending on need. Please feel free to visit our website for more information and subscribe to receive a free tour of one of our locations.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Glendale, CA

Finding Corporate Office Space near Glendale, California

The city of Glendale, California is absolutely rife with history. It’s located in the north of Los Angeles County and is pretty much still considered to be part of Hollywood. If you’re interested in opening any sort of production company or anything else aligned with that industry, this is the ideal location to select.

The good news here is that the Hollywood Production Center can put you in a fantastic office space in the heart of Los Angeles County so that your business hits the ground running. Film studios, editing suites, graphics companies, and much more find a lot of success when they find offices in the Glendale area, and yours could be next.

When it comes to California office space, the locations offered by Hollywood Production Center are second to none in terms of modern amenities, comfort, and especially location. It’s a tough industry in which to compete, and finding the right sort of office for rent will make all the difference.

Going Through Hollywood PC for Your Dream Location

This famous city has been part of the Hollywood mystique since the golden age of entertainment. Finding an office space here with the help of HPC might just be the boost your company needs to get the most success in your particular niche.

Spaces around this area are always going fast. It’s the ideal location for any sort of production company or anything in that particular category. So if you’re ready to experience what the future has to hold, you need to act quickly.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Eagle Rock, CA

Finding Production Office Space in Eagle Rock, California

Of all the famous yet underrated locations in California, Eagle Rock might be the most noteworthy. Home of Griffith Park, Runyon Canyon, the California Science Center, and many more historic landmarks, this location in northeast Los Angeles is directly in the heart of the entertainment industry, often called Hollywood east.

This location is nestled between the famous cities of Pasadena and Glendale, and the Hollywood Production Center is right there to ensure that any company moving into an office space here will hit the ground running. The office spaces here are ideal for production companies, startup movie studios, editing and graphics companies, and anything else involved in the niche.

When it comes to California office space, going with the Hollywood Production Company is as good as you can get. Instead of having to develop your niche and put in the groundwork, you can simply move in and keep everything moving in stride, as the entire entertainment industry revolves around this area here.

The Best Office for Rent in the Area

There are a lot of available spaces in and around this area of Los Angeles. Though with most locations, what you end up with is an area where you must start from scratch and build up your business totally from the ground floor. However, by going through Hollywood PC, you’re starting off on the right foot, inside of a booming industry.

There are many reasons to go with HPC in this particular location, none the least of which is the success of your business in the entertainment industry.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Edendale, CA

California Office Space in Download Los Angeles

The location in South Los Angeles known as Edendale is the ideal location for office space in the state, particularly if you want to open up an office that deals in the entertainment industry. In terms of writers, directors, producers, editors, and more, this south LA district is the ideal location for a spacious office that’s located in the heart of one of the world’s most popular industries.

Downtown Los Angeles is historic in its own right, with famous locales like Echo Park, Silver Lake, and many more famous landmarks. The area is teeming with commerce and is ideal if you’re looking for an office for rent.

Going with the Hollywood Production Center means that you have an automatic boost in the industry, being so close to everything that’s going on in the entertainment industry. From small television shows and documentaries to big-budget blockbuster productions, an office in this Edendale location puts you in the center of the action.

LA and Hollywood PC , the Land of Dreams

Because of the size of the industry, the price point involved, and the high demand, California office space is most certainly difficult to come by. This is why so many people are vying for a location that’s nestled right in the heart of downtown LA in Edendale.

So if you’re a production company or operating anything in that direct genre, you want to go through HPC to find your ideal office space to compete in the industry.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Little Armenia, CA

The Ideal Locale in West Hollywood

The area of Little Armenia, California, might just be your ideal location to set up shop for a movie studio, editing suite, a place to write, or anything else in terms of Hollywood entertainment.

This is because of the location of the Hollywood Production Center. Also known as the HPC, this production center is the place where dreams truly happen. Whatever’s on a script comes to life in full, vivid color, including production and post-production, casting, producing, directing, and so much more.

The ideal centralized location for California office space, Little Armenia is one of the most historic neighborhoods in central Los Angeles. Everything that crosses one’s mind when thinking about classic Hollywood is epitomized by this Armenian neighborhood. Sunset and Vine, Hollywood Western, the Metro Red Line, and that are not even getting into the famous population in the vicinity of Tinsel Town here.

In other words, setting up shop here in the Hollywood PC opens doors you never knew existed and puts you in the literal front seat of all the Hollywood action. There are multiple major movie studios located directly in this area, including Source Film, AZ Film, Evidence Film Studios, and more. It’s in the center of West Hollywood.

The Ideal California Office Space

The fact is that this isn’t simply some basic office for rent. This is the area of the world that acts as the center of Hollywood entertainment.

The Hollywood Production Center in central LA is where the action happens. So if you want a centralized spot for any sort of entertainment production, HPC in the Armenian neighborhood is where you want to be.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Alhambra, CA

The Hollywood Production Center is a top-rated company, offering executive suites for Los Angeles entrepreneurs and filmmakers. The staff and leadership of Hollywood PC take pride in their work, ensuring that all filmmakers can find space to occupy at a moment’s notice.

Entrepreneurs and filmmakers that are looking for space to rent for their creative workspace should consider working with Hollywood Production Center first. Space will also serve as a home away from home while working. Giving your team the space they need to work on creating innovative masterpieces is essential to the success of any film.

The team at HPC knows and understands that while you need an office for rent, you’ll be expecting more than just an office. Some great amenities will truly fulfill all of your needs. Hollywood Production Center offers California Office Space with all the amenities you’ll need.

Offices are clean, furnished, reception areas that are taken care of via janitorial service, and they range in various sizes to meet all of your needs. Whether you desire office space near Glendale, CA, Alhambra, CA, Hollywood, CA, or elsewhere, our locations are sure to meet your needs.

All offices are safe, including surveillance, an on-site gym, personal trainers, yoga, pre-installed wireless internet, and much more. Our HPC locations also include a private kitchen with skylights and gorgeous balconies to take in the view around the area.

Hollywood PC is the ideal choice for your project, regardless of how long you’ll be in town filming. This turn-key facility is in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale and is centrally located to everything in town you’ll want to explore.

If you desire an office for rent near Alhambra, keep in mind that HPC is a great option with all the amenities that it has to offer. If you are an entrepreneur or filmmaker, and you need a home away from home, then Hollywood PC is a great choice for you and your team.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Altadena, CA

The Best Hollywood Production Center near Altadena

Finding a creative space for your staff that meets all the demands of the film industry is no small endeavor. You may need a large studio that can accommodate a variety of sets, basic utilities, ample parking, enough storage space, and other amenities. Few places can offer everything you need to make your work life easier; luckily, Hollywood Production Center (HPC) knows what the entertainment industry needs to thrive and has created the perfect facility to accommodate creative minds.

We Help Simplify the Work Day

If you are looking for a long-term upgrade for your TV/film production team or need a state-of-the-art sound studio within the next 24 hours, we can help! Located at the heart of Glendale and Hollywood, we have five separate facilities located throughout the area. Each location has something special to bring to the table, yet all share the same basic amenities.

These amenities include fully furnished office suites, valet parking, pre-installed high-speed internet, private kitchens, balconies, 24-hour security surveillance, and more. If you are located near Altadena, Santa Monica or any other district in Los Angeles, we likely have a facility near you. Some of our many clients include 20th Century Fox, MTV, Comedy Central, Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, and CBS.

California Office Space Rentals Made Easy

Looking for an entertainment office space or post-production workspace? We recommend Hollywood PC3. With state-of-the-art facilities located in the basement and throughout the three floors, chances are you can rent all the office space you need to accommodate the team. The modern design of the building and furniture adds an air of professionalism that rubs off on tenants.

In need of an office for rent that is close to Sunset Gower Studios? Hollywood PC1 is within walking distance of the historic filming district. The layout of the facility is perfect for designers, producers, writers, and editors in need of a creative place to film their movie, commercial, or TV series.

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Of course, our other studios are also worth looking into. Feel free to follow the link to the Hollywood PC website and see which layout is most suitable for your needs. Better yet, contact one of our agents at the location you find most enticing and set up a complimentary tour with HPC today!

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Universal City, CA

Hollywood Production Center is Catered to Your Industry

The TV/Film industry is a demanding business that requires long hours of dedication. Having an office space that reflects the values of the group and is comfortable to work in is crucial for the success of any production team. At Hollywood Production Center HPC, we have several facilities at our disposal to offer TV/film teams in need of a new collaborative office space.

Inject Vitality into the Work Place

Producers, managers, or directors in need of a temporary office for rent should consider looking into everything Hollywood PC has to offer. With six facilities located throughout the Hollywood and Glendale area, chances are one is close to your current place of business.

Some amenities they all share include valet parking, pre-installed high-speed internet, fully furnished office suites, 24-hour security surveillance, professional reception areas, private entrances, and much more. If your production team is located near Universal City, Santa Monica, Altadena, or anywhere else in Los Angeles, we recommend you allow us to showcase what we have to offer.

When it comes to making a work environment that promotes collaboration and the sharing of ideas, we are one of the leaders in California office space rentals for businesses. With recreational areas that can be used by all tenants in the facility, teams can brainstorm with other companies without giving up their privacy in the process.

Go on a Complimentary Tour of a Hollywood PC Facility

At HPC, we are dedicated to growing our business model to accommodate TV/film production teams as best as possible. That’s why, in addition to our six facilities, we recently expanded by developing a state-of-the-art sound stage in Glendale!

Interested in looking?

Follow the web link to the Hollywood Production Center website and see which one of our studios captures your attention and suits your preferences best. We encourage you to contact one of our rental experts at the facility closest to you to schedule a complimentary of the premises. Chances are, you won’t be disappointing!

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Garden Grove, CA

Hollywood Production Center is Catered to TV/Film Productions

Working on TV and show business takes long hours at the office and a team that is working together on all cylinders. What better way to promote teamwork and make work more enjoyable than by renting out a new office space that promotes both collaboration and pleasure. At Hollywood Production Center, we have six locations throughout Hollywood and Glendale that make a day at the office a better experience for everyone!

Insert New Energy into the Work Place

Sometimes, a change of scenery is necessary to promote new growth and opportunities. Managers, producers, or directors looking to invigorate their workplace or in need of a temporary solution should investigate everything Hollywood PC has to offer.

Our facilities offer amenities such as ample parking spaces, high-speed internet, luxuriously furnished office suites, 24-hour security surveillance, reception areas, private entrances and so much more. No matter where you are in the Los Angeles area, chances are we have an office for rent available nearby.

Several of our facilities have recreational areas that are available to all tenants, providing a unique opportunity to brainstorm with other individuals in the industry without giving up individual privacy. A couple of our more well-known clients that have made HPC their home include production teams from 20th Century Fox, Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, MTV and CBS.

See Why HPC is the Place to Be!

When it comes to down to California office space rentals, no company does it better than us. At Hollywood PC, we are dedicated to accommodating our tenants with everything they need to be successful.

If your place of business is in Glendale, Hollywood or Garden Grove, consider visiting one of our many office buildings today. Just follow one of the links provided to determine which location intrigues you most. Once you pick a facility (or several), call the number to talk to one of our rental experts. They will work with you to find out when is the easiest time for you to come and take a free tour of the facility. It is that simple!

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent in Santa Monica, CA

Hollywood Production Center has Office Spaces Available

If you are someone who works in film or television and is looking for an office space catered to your specific needs, you have come to the right place. At Hollywood Production Center, we know what directors, managers and editors need on-site in order to to simplify their workday. Our years of research and knowledge of the TV/film industry gave us a unique advantage when we were drawing out the blueprints for our office buildings.

HPC Makes Work Feel Like Home

Considering you spend 40 or more hours a week at work, isn’t it fair to suggest that it should be a welcoming place to be in? An untidy work environment, lacking resources, and unappealing can bring down workplace chemistry, employee motivation, and stunt creativity. That is why we have taken the liberty of creating a work environment that promotes collaboration, is open spaced and has furniture that is as stylish as it is modern.

At the moment, all of our buildings have offices for rent that are ready to be moved in within a 24-hour timeline. Our facilities come included with amenities such as parking spaces, security surveillance, pre-installed high-speed internet, luxurious reception areas, private entrances, and a variety of filming locations.

Know what else is cool about Hollywood PC?

Each one of our facilities has recreational areas that are available to all tenants. This provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with others in the TV/film industry without giving up individual privacy. Some of our tenants come from big-name industry giants such as 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, Comedy Central, and MTV.

Call Us for a Complimentary Tour

As far as California office space rentals go, we at Hollywood PC consider ourselves the top of the food chain.
Visit our website to get a better feel of what each of our locations has to offer. Whether your place of work is located in Hollywood, Garden Grove, Santa Monica, or anywhere else in the Los Angeles area, give us a call today so we can set up a complimentary tour at a facility near you!

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent in Los Angeles, CA

Finding the Right Office is Easier Than You Think

Finding a studio that is equipped with all the necessities of filming a movie, television series or commercial can be challenging. Chances are you need open space for shooting sets, a variety of basic utilities, and recreational areas for downtime. At Hollywood Production Center (HPC), we have taken everything TV/Film production employees need to be successful and have jam-packed it into one building.

An All-In-One Collaborative Office Space

If you are part of a creative production team looking at offices for rent in the Los Angeles area, we can help! We have six different facilities throughout Glendale and Hollywood that are cater made to TV/film industry workers. Each HPC facility is unique when it come to appearance, furniture, and layout, but all share the same basic amenities.

Those amenities include 24-hour security surveillance, pre-installed high-speed internet, beautiful plant arrangements, filming locations, basic utilities, private parking, recreational areas, and more! Our world-class facilities are available with flexible rental agreements and can be moved into within a 24-hour notice.

Visit HPC for a Complimentary Tour

When it comes to California office space rentals, we consider ourselves one of the best in the state. Our beautiful architecture and exceptional customer service have made Hollywood PC a hot spot for some of the most famous companies in the industry. We have hosted or are currently hosting TV/Film giants such as Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Comedy Central, MTV, and CBS.

Interested in what Hollywood PC can do for you?

We encourage you to come on down and visit any of our facilities. Simply follow one of the virtual links provided to see a digital snapshot of our floor plans. Then, call the number provided to talk to one of our highly rated customer service representatives. We’ve trained our staff to be as informative and helpful as possible, so feel free to ask as many questions as you need!

Once you come by and see the facility for yourself, we are convinced that you won’t find a better deal anywhere throughout the city of Los Angeles. Don’t wait any longer and contact us today!

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Brentwood, CA

A California office space for rent can be hard to come by. Many people look for the ideal place to set up while they film their next movie or TV series. If that sounds like you and you’re looking for an office for rent, don’t worry. Some places offer you the safety, security, and privacy that you need to create a fantastic production.

Hollywood PC is one such place. Packed full of world-class amenities and with flexible leasing opportunities, it’s among the best options you have available to choose from in the area. Providing you with everything that you need to film or work post-production, the premium office space is discreet, comfortable, and accommodating.

You can meet with your cast and crew at HPC to run through lines, rehearse scenes, and even do make-up and costuming. You can live out of your workspace. You can play where you work. It’s a fantastic set-up with high-speed internet, phone, and data options already installed. The beautiful setting is great for filming, too.

You’ll have access to balconies, rooftops, a courtyard, and even a gym! The only thing you need to supply is the creativity to make the settings work for your film or TV show. You have the space to experiment and cultivate new ideas.

From the place you park your vehicle to the kitchen you prepare a meal in, Hollywood PC has got you covered. Whatever you could want or need is available in the premium office space. Best of all, it’s close to area landmarks that you may wish to include in your film or television show.

Hollywood Production Center offers free tours as a convenience for potential tenants. If you want to take a look to see what is near Brentwood for you to rent, call to set up a time to check out the office space. That way, you’re able to know right away whether or not it will work for you.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent in Hollywood, CA

An affordable office for rent in Hollywood, CA, can be hard to come by. So many are available at a cost, but few are worth the money spent on them by filmmakers and TV show crews. You want something that delivers a lot of value for the money that you spend. You don’t need to acquire a bunch of bills renting furniture or props, paying for the internet, or scouring the city for the perfect locations to film.

Hollywood Production Center gives you the most bang for your buck, as mentioned above. You have a wide variety of amenities to take advantage of with the rental. The atmosphere is quiet and accommodating, too. People that share a space with you at HPC are also in the film industry, so they’re well aware of the setting you need to be your most creative.

Some of the things you won’t need to worry about when you rent from Hollywood PC are:

  • Parking. Safe and secure in a gated facility.
  • Furniture. Comfortable, accommodating, and ready-to-film.
  • High-Speed Internet. Get more work done with less stress.
  • Gym Access. Burn off that extra energy, and help your cast and crew remain healthy and ready to work.
  • Places to Shoot Scenes. Rooftops, balconies, and a courtyard are accessible for you to use right away.

You get a lot of use from the office space, which provides you with a place to work, play, and explore. If you don’t want to end up renting a building where you’re fully responsible for paying for every single utility, furnishing, and amenity that you require, you’ll find HPC the better option for you.

One of the best ways to know if the California office space is right for you is by scheduling a free tour of the building. That way, you can see how it’s laid out and witness the different amenities made available to you. Hollywood PC provides you with excellent options that allow you to be your best creatively.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Highland Park, CA

A California office space to call home for the duration of your production’s filming is ideal. You can’t put a value on what all Hollywood Production Center has to offer you, your cast, and your crew. There are many features and amenities that you can’t get elsewhere. If you want to shoot your film or TV show without interruption, you’ll find the space ideal.

Highland Park is a place where many people go to shoot because of its beautiful scenery. Imagine not needing to leave right away because you decided to find an office for rent. You can even live where you work if you choose to do so. When time is of the essence and every minute spent filming counts, you’ll appreciate having the option of renting a space long-term.

Even if you don’t choose to use Hollywood PC for more than a few months, you’ve got the option to sign a month-to-month lease. When your production is complete, you can easily move back into your own home or move on to your next location. You won’t need to worry about moving a lot of furniture, either, because the furnished office space provides you with everything you need.

You get a lot of bang for the buck when you decide to rent an office from HPC. Not only are you given the safety, security, and privacy to film without interruption, your fully furnished space comes complete with many places onsite to film. There’s even a gym with showers, a personal trainer, and a masseuse to use. You, your cast, and crew can train in between shooting scenes or also use the footage in your production.

Schedule a free tour of the office for rent today. You’ll be able to see for yourself why it’s ideal for your pre-production, production, or post-production needs. When it comes to Highland Park, there is no location more fulfilling or beautiful than what HPC has to offer you.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Civic Center, CA

Civic Center is full of places to film your next movie or TV sitcom. Few provide you with the flexibility of the Hollywood Production Center, though. Ripe with possibility, it’s among the best locations in the city for you to rent because of all the premium amenities it provides. Not only does it come fully furnished, but it also gives you a permanent address you can use as long as you’re renting an office space for delivery purposes.

Imagine a quiet environment to brainstorm your next big idea or to discuss production with the cast of your film or TV show. Hollywood PC offers that type of privacy. Parking in a gated facility ensures that your vehicles remain safe while you work. You’re also given access to all the amenities you would need throughout the workday, such as voice, data, and high-speed internet. They come pre-installed so you’re ready to work from the minute you enter your rented space.

Having a California Office Space where you can live, play, and work is ideal. It allows your creative ideas to flourish by giving them the space needed to grow. You’re able to try new things without inhibition and make the type of breakthroughs that make you the ‘next big thing’ in Hollywood. HPC offers the perfect backdrop for your most exciting scenes, too, with its many balconies, rooftops, and courtyard.

If you’re looking for an office for rent, you don’t need to go far because the perfect rental space exists already. You’ve got options that meet your needs and exceed your high expectations with Hollywood PC. Even if you don’t need to use the space for more than a couple of weeks, you’ll be well-prepared when you do so. HPC is full of world-class amenities, a private and safe location, and equipped with an on-call staff to help train your cast physically, provide them with self-care through massage, and create beautiful floral arrangements to use on set.

California Corporate Office for rent

California Corporate Office for rent near Silver Lake, CA

When looking for an office for rent, you don’t need to go further than Silver Lake. It’s one of the places that Hollywood Production Center calls home. Fully furnished, ready-to-film office spaces are available for you to use in whatever way you wish to do so. You can utilize them for your next blockbuster hit or popular TV series. Best of all, you’re not required to supply the furniture or design the layout because it’s all done for you!

HPC provides you with the safety and security needed to spend your working days being creative. Month-to-month leases are available for shorter projects. Long-term contracts also exist if you prefer to live where you work. Giving you the greatest flexibility when it comes to your unique needs is something that Hollywood PC does well.

Some of the most sought-after benefits that you get from renting space at Hollywood Production Center include office spaces of various sizes to meet your needs, an onsite gym, personal trainer, and masseuse, floral arrangements, showers, a private kitchen, and parking in a gated community. You can move in on the same day you fill out your month-to-month or long-term contract, too!

Imagine saving you, your cast, and crew time and energy by having one central place to exchange ideas, practice scenes, and shoot. HPC offers plenty of locations onsite to film with no extra effort. Providing you with an environment where your creative ideas thrive is the goal of Hollywood PC.

Don’t miss out on acquiring the ultimate California office space for your next big project. You’ve got ideas that deserve a space to flourish. When you decide to rent out Hollywood PC in Silver Lake, you’re making a commitment to excellence by setting yourself up with all the things you need for a successful production. Why not enjoy a beautiful location to work in for the next few months? You’ve got options that exceed your high expectations with HPC.