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San Jose is located in Northern California, just south of San Francisco. The city is the third-largest in California, Los Angeles and San Diego taking first and second, respectively. San Jose originally spent 150 years as a small farming community until it experienced a rapid population growth, much of which was attributed to World War II veterans. By the 1990s, San Jose had turned into a leading technological industry and earned its nickname as the “Capital of Silicone Valley.” San Jose has since developed its suburban areas and their intense urbanization is equated to that of Los Angeles.

With a large city comes the benefit of big city sports. San Jose is home to the National Hockey League’s San Jose Sharks. Their home ice arena is the SAP Center in San Jose, which is referred to by the locals as the Shark Tank. Their best known tradition is their pre-game entrance, which includes a 17-foot shark head that descends onto the ice and through which the team skates through as they exit the locker room. The shark theme continues in instances of a power play, during which the “Jaws” theme song is played and the fans do “The Chomp,” using their arms to simulate a chomping shark jaws. San Jose will soon be welcoming a new sports team to their city, Major League Soccer’s San Jose Earthquakes.

With so many activities going on in San Jose, this is a great place to start your business. The city is continuing to grow, making business office rentals easy find and convenient to lease. A fully serviced office makes running your business easier than ever, and it can allow you to pursue other personal or career goals. Looking for an office space for rent is easier than ever in a large city and you get vastly more options in what kind of business office rental you want. However, a fully serviced office should be a non-negotiable because of the amount of stress it takes off of you as a business owner. Your office space for rent shouldn’t be viewed as just that, but instead it will become your home away from home. Impress your future customers, new and old, with a luxurious business office rental. Go to San Jose, find the perfect office space for rent, and then sit back and relax.

Northern California is commended for its vast amount of culture and sightseeing, as well as the number of events and festivities that are going on daily. If you take a moment to enjoy the entirety of California, you will visit San Jose and never want to leave.