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Lincoln, Nebraska is a bustling city located in the southwestern corner of the state. This city is surprisingly one of the few large cities in the state that is not located along either the Platte River or the Missouri River. The area is home to over 125 individual parks, ranging from conservation sites and zoos to gardens and hiking trails. These parks have boosted the importance of nature in everyday life, and the residents have come to appreciate the MoPac Trail, which an old abandoned rail trail that has become a walking, biking and equestrian trail.

Beyond the natural beauties that this city has to offer, there are other recognizable manmade landmarks which deserve recognition. The Nebraska State Capitol is a beautiful building that houses the primary executive, judicial and legislative offices of the state’s government leaders. While the 1st main floor, is where you will find the Supreme Court, the Nebraska Court of Appeals and the Nebraska Legislature. This magnificent building is the second-tallest U.S. statehouse, second only to the Louisiana State Capitol.

While the city caters to natural wilderness enthusiasts and politically inclined individuals, it also offers various opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs. The downtown area is recognized for its business district that offers a mix of offices, bars, restaurants and retail stores. Executive office suites pepper the downtown area, making the city’s business sector stronger, and in turn achieving the recognition of a formidable asset. Business office rentals in this part of town are becoming increasingly popular, and having so many likeminded business professionals is a great networking opportunity for those looking to stay involved. This city has a plethora of opportunities, and choosing a short term office space here is a great chance to expand your current market and customer base. Meeting the right people in your area is a wise business decision because your success can be dependent on who you know.

While most cities offer exciting attractions and weekend activities, Lincoln also provides a strong and well-established business network. The large number of executive office suites in the city is a strong indication of what people are doing and where businessmen are choosing to expand their companies. It is in the best interest of your new business to follow the current business trends, and moving to this city may be just right the option.