Business Office Rental

Business Office Rental near Universal City, CA

Choosing the right place to set up your office spaces can be a big decision. No matter if your next project is big or small, long term or short, choosing the right place to write, film, edit, and more is key to making sure that your film or TV project is a success. If you are looking for a business office rental near Universal City CA and are in the entertainment-related industries, why not make the choice countless others have made before you, why not choose Hollywood Production Centers.

HPC is the leader in turnkey offices suites catering to the entertainment-related industries in southern California. These all-inclusive office space options give you the ability to move in and be up and running the same day. All suites feature preinstalled and ready-to-go data, phone, and internet services, fully furnished offices, on-site security, janitorial services, short and long-term leasing options, same-day move-in, and more.

In addition, you will find that the buildings which Hollywood PC maintain are nothing short of spectacular to work in. There are five main properties, plus the newest facility in Glendale which includes a full features state-of-the-art sound stage that is ideal for any filming needs your project may have. All HPC facilities include on-site cafes, food truck service from some of the hottest tracks in town, flower and massage services, reception desk, security, valet parking, and fully vetted support staff. There are also options available at all properties for suites that feature balconies and skylights, in-suite kitchens, private entrances, and more.

Some facilities also feature fitness centers, yoga and massage professionals, personal trainers, car detailing, personal care services and so much more. These are truly all-inclusive office environments that are designed to handle everything from a one-man operation to an entire TV or movie production team working on a multimillion-dollar project. You can even use spaces at Hollywood PC facilities as filming locations for your project. Options include parking lots, courtyards, balconies, fitness centers, locker rooms, lobby spaces, and even fully furnished office sets that are ready for you to set up in and shoot. Just bring your great on-screen talent and script, HPC will provide the perfect backdrop for your scenes.

The best part of creating at Hollywood Production Centers is that they love to work with you to make sure that whatever it is that you do is a success. If you are interested in learning more about these incredible office spaces why not check out their website and register for a free tour. Come see for yourself why those who create in LA, create at Hollywood Production Centers.