Business Networking Events

Business Networking Events near Altadena, CA

If you are in the entertainment business and are concerned about high-quality office space and production facilities, then the Hollywood Production Center is the perfect place for you. They specialize in quality office amenities designed specifically to meet the needs of professionals that work within the entertainment business; including professionals such as music video directors, music producers, managers, directors, film and television professionals, production companies, and other professionals who work within the entertainment space. At Hollywood Production Center, also referred to as HPC, they understand the importance of maintaining a reputable image on behalf of your clients and your guests. Whether you require pre-production or post-production, TV, film, music, or videos, we can meet your entertainment work and office space needs.

If you’re in the Altadena CA area, you may find that any one of our production centers are useful for you. Not only are these fully furnished, turnkey office spaces great for work, but they also make a great choice for business networking events as well. Just a short distance from the Rose Bowl located in Pasadena, CA, Altadena is a great place for professional networking and meet-ups – both in or around the Altadena area. Close to the 210 and 134 Freeways, Altadena is just a short distance from our two Glendale locations. However, if you need to host an event or work directly from Hollywood’s hub, one of the Hollywood locations may also be a great choice for you. Whatever you decide, one of our Glendale or Hollywood locations, or our Los Angles facility, you’ll be amazed at the time we put into making sure you have all of the most up-to-date technology and office decor that you need.
HPC makes an excellent choice for professionals in the entertainment industry who are concerned about working with a professional company that understands and meets their needs. From private entrances, to secure valet parking, the Hollywood Production Center is the most accommodating office space for entertainment professionals around. With its impressive and unique office amenities, HPC can become the go-to location for your next formal or informal event. It also comes with a fully furnished large conference space, kitchenettes, and access to food and refreshments from our on-site cafe’.

We provide fast access to our office spaces for immediate occupancy. You won’t be disappointed at how we can accommodate all of your office space and business networking needs. For a free tour of our great amenities at any one of our locations, please subscribe by signing up online today.