All Inclusive Work Space


Raleigh studios and Hollywood Production Center opens the door wide to open spaces in an inclusive professional environment. We offer beautiful studios designed especially for expansive living and working. We pride ourselves in providing the best work environment with amenities for those who also enjoy relaxing surroundings. In order to establish and execute these goals our beautiful facility offers fully furnished office suites ranging in various sizes and creates a pleasing atmosphere in our professional meeting space and professional reception area.

You’ll be amazed when you walk into our professional reception area and through our beautiful suites. You’re sure to find a suite just right for you – just what you have been looking for! Whether you are just beginning to look for a place to live and work and to stretch and grow, our studios and spacious working environment will create the atmosphere you desire. By stretching and growing you will find the atmosphere to your enjoyment and enhancement of your project. Take a tour today!

Located in the center of Hollywood, our studios provide an excellent filming location with office and world class amenities, professional equipment work space high tech infrastructure created especially with you in mind. Whether it be a TV film production, the newest media, or new publishing, our spacious work environments create the atmosphere necessary to get the work done in a very relaxed setting. Our executive offices and executive suites offer the film-making crew, directors, and entertainment community the opportunity to work in a setting that offer an enormous amount of full service amenities and exceptional customer service.

Our turnkey facility offers tours, our move-in today philosophy keeps the professional executives and staff in mind. This is an excellent filming location in the heart of Hollywood with exciting and comfortable surroundings. We open the doors to executive tours and you want to sign up today. The minute you open the door you will be ensconced with beauty. Even more than that you will discover beautiful production & post-production facilities, executive offices & executive suites!

The Hollywood Production Centers serve the entertainment community in Southern California and specialize in immediate office space for TV/film production, new media, and publishing companies. Our on-site facility offers full-service amenities and outstanding customer service. There is no place like ours! With our fully furnished office suites ranging in various sizes, we provide pre-installed voice and data high-speed internet.