All-Inclusive Executive Office Rentals

All-Inclusive Executive Office Rentals near Little Armenia, CA

Hollywood Production Center is the perfect address to find fully-furnished turnkey office spaces with a modern design. As a first-time business owner or an experienced entrepreneur, Hollywood PC has the location, the amenities, and the availability that you need to manage your growing business, and it’s located in the heart of downtown L.A. surrounded by 300 L.A. communities including Little Armenia CA.

Hollywood PC offers executive offices and apartments fully furnished in ultra-modern decor that include high-speed Internet, cable, local phone service, and all your utilities. This allows you and your team to be free to focus on your own interests and to grow your business. If you require meeting rooms to discuss important strategies, they are available in varying size rooms completely furnished in modern design, and they are equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment for your company at no extra cost.

Hollywood Production Center appreciates that your agenda may change from time to time; the fully-furnished turnkey office spaces are typically available when you need them. The lobby is creatively designed for visitors and clients who visit the executive offices as your guests. Individual offices are offered as well as luxury office suites. Our exceptional staff’s only goal is 100 percent satisfaction for you and your team.

The HPC at TENTEN is a more excellent property because it was designed for tenants to Live, Work, and Play in one building, and they offer fully-furnished turnkey office spaces and apartments as well as relaxation on the rooftop with the other tenants. There is a rooftop pool and sauna and a Happy Hour every evening, which makes this is a fantastic property to network with others with the same interests.

Hollywood Production Center Locations

Today, HPC has five locations centered around L.A. with three in Glendale and two in Hollywood. They are strategically placed, so your office will have prime representation among all the other offices in the neighborhood. You can be confident that with the convenience of our fully furnished turnkey office spaces, you are also located in a prime business district.

Our prestigious studios and sophisticated office spaces present the ideal backdrop for your business and office needs. Writer, editor, film designer, producer, director, or whatever your line of work, HPC has created a fabulous foundation for you to grow your brand and follow your own interests.

The Production Center offers free tours, so you can see for yourself the superior offices that are offered. Go to and schedule your tour today.