All-Inclusive Executive Office Rentals

All-Inclusive Executive Office Rentals in Hollywood, CA

If you are in the entertainment industry, you know understand the important role of your working environment when it comes to the success of your business.

Getting a chic and stylish office helps you to easily attract clients. If you are looking for executive offices in Hollywood CA, look no further than Hollywood Production Center (HPC). Hollywood PC specializes in offering classy offices in beautiful environment, serviced by an excellent team of staff and with access to full amenities.

HPC Office Spaces

Hollywood PC1

Hollywood PC1 is perfect for those in need of fully-furnished turnkey office spaces. This two floors of this building provide ample space for production works and to hold amenities to make your production smooth. The office spaces are located on North Gower Street, close enough to Sunset Gower Studios and a few minutes to Raleigh Studios.

Hollywood PC4

Located in Santa Monica, this is one of the newest buildings by Hollywood PC. There are over 100 office spaces in the 31,000 sq. feet. The building is full of amenities meant for the tenants use.


Fully furnished

Our offices are fully-furnished. Therefore, you need not worry about buying new furniture for your office. All you need is to come with your files and staff and you are ready to begin working.

Ample parking

Ample parking is one of the major worries when choosing an office space. You want your customers to be comfortable coming to your offices. With us you are guaranteed of safety of your vehicles. Besides, all facilities are gated and there is a valet service. You will also find a car wash in the facility.

Reception area

Our HPC facilities in Hollywood have a professional reception area increasing the credibility of your business. Aside from that, we cater for all janitorial jobs. Therefore, you need not worry about cleaning and all that. We ensure that you are working in a clean, healthy and safe environment, while allowing you concentrate on your core business.


We enable smooth and efficient connectivity by installing high speed internet. We also have pre-installed data and voice services.

Refreshment facilities

We have an onsite cafeteria, gym, showers, masseuse, and personal trainers. If you go for the office suites, you get a private entrance, balcony, and a private kitchen.