All-Inclusive Executive Office Rentals

All-Inclusive Executive Office Rentals in Glendale, CA

The high cost of renting an office space is one of the factors hindering artists from getting a conducive environment to foster creativity.

Creativity is nurtured by working in a conducive environment. However, most people struggle to work from home because the high cost of purchasing office equipment plus renting, is daunting. This explains, the slow success speed for most artists. Besides, working from home only poses distractions, not to talk of the lack of opportunities. If you are in Glendale and would like to rent an executive office, yet are worried about the initial installation cost, do not hesitate to talk to Hollywood Production Center (HPC). We are the leading provider for Fully-Furnished Turnkey Office Spaces in Glendale.

Our Executive Rental Offices in Glendale

Hollywood PC2

If you are an attorney, Fashion consultant, run a real estate agency or are in the talent management business, then this executive rental offices are ideal for you. This building contains spacious offices, in addition to meeting rooms.

Hollywood PC3

This is our second Glendale building with offices available for renting on a month-to- month basis. However, you can lease for a longer period, if you like. If you are looking for a modern and sleek look, this is the rental office for you.

Hollywood PC5

This is our newest Glendale office. It is located next to Americana on Brand. It has four stories, with a total of over 100 offices. If you choose this office, you get two patios to entertain your guests. These facility is ready for occupancy.


All our Hollywood PC rentals in Glendale CA are fully-furnished and have the following amenities.

Ample and secure parking

Our Glendale building are gated and have ample parking, for you, your staff and clients. You will also notice that we have employed a valet who helps to ensure that your car is safe at all times.

Cleaning services

We have an in-house carwash, should you need to clean your car. Also, we employ janitorial services to keep the offices clean at all time. With us, you get a clean working environment, so you don’t have to take time off your job in order to handle the cleaning.


We take care of the utility bills so you don’t have to go through the stress of setting up the different utility accounts.


Other facilities in our Glendale office buildings include, an on-site gym, salon, cafeteria, kitchens and showers. Therefore, if you plan on working late hours, you have everything in-house. Talk of convenience at its peak.