All-in-one Solution For Production & Post Production

All-in-one Solution For Production & Post Production near Sunset Hills, CA

When working on your TV or film project it’s vital to the quality of the end product and to the efficiency of the production schedule that you quickly find solutions for production and post-production that fit your budget, location requirements, and project needs. While there are a lot of great choices in the film and TV entertainment industry for production and post-production in the greater L.A. area, there is only one all-in-one solution that gives you everything you are looking for and so much more, Hollywood Production Centers. HPC is the leader in ready to occupy space for the TV and film industry, and it’s for a good reason.

Production & Post Production All Under One Roof
All Hollywood PC facilities, including the ones near Sunset Hills CA offer a wide variety of filming locations through the building and surrounding area. In Glendale, there is even a state of the art sound stage and top of the line post-production and editing suite wing that rivals facilities at the top major studios. From the start of production to the last minutes of post, you can get everything done under one roof with Hollywood Production Centers

Admin Offices Bring Everyone Together
Hollywood PC combines production spaces with fully furnished office spaces so that you can do everything you need under one roof. This convenience is made even better when you consider that everything from office furniture, to security personnel, janitorial services, and even valet parking are included at no extra charge. All you need to bring is your team and your desire to succeed.

Ready to Move Up To Better?
When you are ready to move up to a better place to write, edit, film, and produce, then you are all ready to move up to Hollywood Production Centers. HPC is more than office space, it’s your ready-to-go solution for everything you need to move your product from idea to completion. To find out more why not check out the Hollywood PC website today and be sure to register for a free tour. In most cases, you can tour, lease, move in, and get to work the same day if you like.