All-in-one Solution For Production & Post Production

All-in-one Solution For Production & Post Production near Spaulding Square, CA

For your next TV or film project choosing the right place to create is important. It doesn’t matter if you need space to write, edit, film, produce, or any other stage of the creative process, choosing the right place to do it is vital to the success of the finished product. Hollywood Production Centers understand this and that’s why for years they have been striving to provide excellent environments that are perfectly suited to the unique needs of these types of endeavors. No matter if you need office space for writing, casting, admin, or support tasks, or if you need ready to shoot sets for scenes, or even if you need a full-fledged sound stage and post-production facility, HPC has you covered. When it comes to production & post production needs you can count on Hollywood PC.

Hollywood PC offers a wide range of ready to occupy office suites that you can use to do everything back of the camera that you need, and as a bonus, you can use any of office space, or any other public space for that matter, at any Hollywood Production Centers’ facility for filming at any time. This means the fitness centers, valet parking area, parking garages, locker and shower rooms, on-site cafes, conference rooms, hallways, and more. If you need a large shooting space with custom-built sets you can always take advantage of the state of the art fully equipped sound stage at the all-new HPC Glendale CA location. This facility also has incredible editing and post capabilities the likes of which you will not find anywhere outside of the major studios.

If you are ready to find out more about Hollywood Production Centers and see for yourself while the best in the industry choose to create here, check out the company’s website and register for a free no-obligation tour. In most cases, you can tour, lease, and move in at the same time for even more convenience. HPC is the name to know for great workspaces in front of and behind the camera near Spaulding Square CA and everywhere else in greater SoCal, make it your next creative home.