All-in-one Solution For Production & Post Production

All-In-One Solution For Production & Post Production Near Griffith Park, CA

Being in the filming industry is big business and the proper space can help manage time production, money, and satisfy you and your cast members when there isn’t any production. If you’re near Griffith Park CA, patrons can enjoys spacious office opportunity with four locations to choose from with great locations to match. That’s right; Hollywood PC has superior floorplans located in an area which promotes productivity from your entire production crew. You’ll have extraordinary on-hand amenities to make the most out of each film project with a flexible lease for any length of stay.

Are you a major production crew or filming an independent movie? Hollywood is a wonderful post-production and production facility for any size project. Popular syndicated television networks like NBC have used Hollywood office space while others have said; work feels like a home away from home with award-winning amenities. They cater to savvy, energetic, proactive professionals with all your office tools available the day you get your keys. Best of all, they never pressure you with a timed commitment on your leasing agreement because you choose the length of your stay with a reliable turnkey opportunity.

Their production & post production has award winning amenities which include complete ready to use IT infrastructure, emergency production assistance, many point and set film locations to choose from, valet parking, friendly courtesy officer on-site, 24 hour surveillance monitoring, sound stage, full in office kitchen space, private shower area, unlimited calls with international call access, and basic utilities to name a few. Many guests have also enjoyed their rooftop full gym, pool, relaxation lounge, and helipad with a signed leasing agreement at HPC professional office facility.

They also host bi-weekly events which promote the association of other like-minded professionals, but they also provide space for freelancers, tax consultants, or writer’s who need quiet space. You’re invited to visit their official HPC website to schedule a tour of their popular office park facilities with unique floor-plan and location opportunities today.