Affordable Office Space for Professionals

Affordable Office Space for Professionals near San Jose, CA

What would you define as the ideal office space? For many people working near San Jose CA, enough space alone qualifies. However, with Hollywood PC you can get so much more than just the space you direly need.

The Ideal Working Environment for Entertainment Professionals

Hollywood Production Center offices are designed just for professionals working in the entertainment industry. These include people in diverse facets of the industry including producers, managers, directors, and creative teams.
To this end, these offices feature amenities designed to support your activities:
• High-speed internet
Since you will be using the internet a lot, HPC offices come fitted with pre-installed wireless internet connection. This is further complemented by pre-installed voice and data connections. What’s more, the company’s cyber-security team is always on its toes to keep hackers and eavesdroppers at bay.
• Filming sets
What good is an office for professionals in entertainment if you cannot film there? Hollywood PC understands this all too well. As such, it features several filming locations including in-office filming sets and the rooftop.

More than Just Working Space

The offices are not just for working – you can also play a little whenever you need to relax. They come with a host of amenities designed solely for comfort and luxury:
• Yoga rooms
There is a yoga room near your office in case you ever want to get in touch with your inner self. Additionally, there is a yoga instructor to guide you through the sessions.
• Gym
Feel like losing some calories? There is an on-site gym fitted with all sorts of modern equipment. There is also a trainer in case you need some guidance.
• Massage parlors
There is also a massage parlor where you can relax and forget the stress and hassles of the entertainment industry.
• Private kitchen
You can also fix yourself a quick snack or a homemade meal whenever the munches come calling – this is especially convenient for those who often work overtime.

Supporting Amenities

The building housing these offices also features extra supporting amenities designed for your convenience and security.
For starters, there is 24-hour security surveillance and professional security guards to keep you and your business safe. Additionally, there is ample parking space and even valets to park and retrieve your car when you come and leave. What’s more, there is a car wash where you can get your car sparkling clean before leaving.

Affordable and Flexible

With such great amenities, you must be thinking that these offices are worth a fortune, right? Wrong. HPC offers affordable office space that is worth more than its lease. What’s more, the contracts are flexible as you can pay monthly or on any other schedule you prefer—there is a range of short term and long term leases to choose from.
As such, get in touch with Hollywood Production Center to learn more about the offices. Better still, you can book a tour and see them for yourself.