Affordable Office Space for Professionals

Affordable Office Space for Professionals near Mount Olympus, CA

Since the Hollywood Production Center was established, professionals from across industries as well as the entertainment community in Southern California have significantly benefited. The firm provides professionals with executive office space in its facilities that are not only modern & stylish but also secure and fully furnished. The facilities also host production, post-production, and filming activities.

The provision of short term and long term leases to professionals give them the much-needed flexibility to adjust to their changing needs. A professional occupies the office in the size that suits his needs at that particular time and can move to a bigger or smaller space when the need arises. To complement these, professionals are treated to a gym, salon, café, and many other amenities. Most importantly, the staff working in these facilities are well trained to handle tenants with the utmost respect and exemplary customer service.

Los Angeles

Hollywood Production Center has a facility in 1010 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, near Mount Olympus CA. This facility serves best those in the entertainment, advertising, and media sectors. It’s equipped with the latest technology, modern production suites, and big & well-furnished board and conference rooms.

Professionals also get a good platform to grow their businesses in this facility. One is treated to a favorable professional environment and a networking mixer ideal for the striking of business deals. The luxury in this facility is out of this world. Considering that Hollywood Production Center offers affordable office space and the state-of-the-art facilities, then there is no better place for an upcoming professional to grow.


There are two facilities in Hollywood: along 1149 North Gower St. and 6350 Santa Monica Blvd. These facilities are ideal for post-production due to their proximity to most of the biggest studios in California.

In the facility on Gower St., the security measures are simply awesome- right from the parking lot to the office area. As for the HPC property on Santa Monica, it has more than 100 office spaces and spacious conference rooms.


In Glendale, the properties are three: along 127 S. Brand Blvd, along 121 W. Lexington Dr., and along 225 E Broadway. They are all equipped with high-speed internet. This coupled with the ready-to-go pre-installed voice in each of them makes production easy, efficient, and convenient. The facilities are ideal for those in the entertainment industry.

Hollywood PC is the place to be for anyone operating within the entertainment and professional sectors. Visit its website today and subscribe for a free tour around all facilities.