Affordable Office Space for Professionals

Affordable Office Space for Professionals near Eagle Rock, CA

Hollywood Production Centers(HPC)located near Eagle Rock CA were built for video production companies and film crews to live in and get their work done. When looking for a luxurious place to get work done, it should be loaded with comfortable furniture, high-speed internet, and large meeting rooms, right?

The Affordable Office Space available to rent in Southern California comes in four different shapes and sizes. Here are the production offices for companies to use:

1) Hollywood PC1 located in Hollywood

This facility is just a short distance away from Sunset Gower Studios. All of these rooms in this building come with a backdrop, perfect for filming videos or taking professional photos. There are usually editors, producers, writers, and designers of all ages and experience levels working in Hollywood PC1. These offices can be rented for individuals as well.

2) Hollywood PC2 located in Glendale, CA

This building has a basement level and six floors. The executive suites in this building are perfect for top-level employees looking for private space to meet and work. This building hosts lots of attorneys, PR companies, talent agencies, and models. There are both large and medium-sized meeting rooms in this building.

3) Hollywood PC3 in Glendale, CA

This building has three floors of Office Space. The PC3 building is a great spot for artists and production companies to get work done. Each room comes with skylights, a balcony, and a secret entrance. All work areas in this building are fully furnished with modern furniture and accessories.

4) Hollywood PC4 in Hollywood, CA

This building has two floors and 100 rooms. It extends to 31,000 square feet. This building has large meeting rooms that were built to house big businesses. In addition to office spaces, there is a gym for all guests to use. There is a cafeteria on-site and food trucks stop by Monday through Friday. This facility is dog-friendly.

5) Hollywood PC5 in Glendale, CA

This facility has three floors and a basement level. All of the furniture used in this building is modern and fresh. The property is often used by companies and individuals in need of production or post-production workspace.

Hollywood PC has been operating in the Southern California area for sixteen years. They provide some of the best production studios and filming locations in the United States. This place feels just like home when you are away from home. All office spaces are equipped with fancy furniture, high-speed internet, on-site cafes, and a gym with personal trainers. You can do work and get a workout done in the same place. All of the staff working for HPC are super energetic and friendly.

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