Affordable Office Space for Professionals

Affordable Office Space for Professionals near Altadena, CA

The filming industry is still thriving as much as ever and one place that’s a little outside the heart of Los Angeles is Altadena CA. Famous for its Eaton Canyon natural site, Christmas Tree Lane, and the Mount Lowe Railway, Altadena promises some nice footage for film and television production crews. The great news is there are production studio offices nearby that you can rent and use to assemble your crew and bring your production ideas to life. Not sure why you should rent one of our office spaces? Here’s what you will love about it.

Our Office Spaces Are Complete With Turnkey Features

Our Hollywood PC offices are built to meet your needs and keep up with the demands of the motion picture industry. We’ve served clients of all facets of the entertainment industry from media executives to directors, producers, effects engineers, and other technical production members. We’ve equipped our facilities with fully-furnished offices, high-speed internet, desktop computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, and private kitchen areas whenever you need a snack break. In fact if you need to get to your office space discreetly for any reason, there are private entrances with 24/7 access.

Other Things You Can Expect Onsite

In addition to having your own fully furnished office, our production centers near Altadena also have other amenities to enjoy in the middle of your day or after work. If you love to get in shape or simply work out to help relieve stress, our facilities come with gyms and your own locker room. We also have other recreational areas where you can sit back and watch television or socialize with friends once your workday is over. We also have friendly front desk staff at HPC that are available any time you have questions or need a few pointers, and housekeeping staff that will clean your office when you aren’t there.

How You Can Get Started Renting With US

We have many different floor plans at our facilities near Altadena and you’re free to come to take a look at them. Our spaces come with both short term and long term leases for however long you plan to stay with us. But once our clients visit our production centers they usually fall in love with them immediately and never want to leave. To get a tour of the facility and see an affordable office space, you can schedule one and our assistants will be right with you. To do so you can call us at 1-888-295-5939 or by filling out the contact form on our website.