Affordable and Flexible Office Space for Rent

Affordable and Flexible office space for rent near Sunset Hills, CA

Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the United States with millions of people in the industry. Hollywood Production Center was founded in 2001 near Sunset Hills CA to accommodate producers, directors and other professionals in the industry with modern luxury office suites and a complete modern/contemporary building dedicated for the use of professionals.

From the original facility in L.A., HPC quickly expanded with three buildings in Glendale and one on Santa Monica Blvd. in L.A. with spectacular buildings. Soon, Hollywood PC will have affordable and flexible office space in beautiful high-rise locations in Shanghai and Bejing, China for international tenants. The movie and entertainment industry is growing rapidly around the world, and we are providing exceptional office facilities that highlight this industry.

Fabulous Amenities in Affordable and Flexible Office Space

All of the facilities are furnished with modern/contemporary decor, so guests will be impressed when they arrive. There is ample parking and valet parking and several of the facilities are gated for privacy. The offices’ suites are available by the month or for long-term use, and they come in a range of sizes to fit your business needs. At a Hollywood Production Center, you and your team can walk-in and often start working the same day.

When you need to meet with 8-12 associates, there are meeting rooms available by reserving them before the meeting. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and HPC has voice, data, and high-speed internet installed in each office and throughout the building.

The reception area and lobby are luxurious and contemporary, and there is 24-hour surveillance for safety. A patio and courtyard let you step out into the California sun to take a break or a phone call, and a car wash on the property is convenient and will keep your vehicle looking fantastic.

Every facility has a gym, showers, and access to a physical trainer and masseuse by appointment; you don’t have to leave the property unless you want to. Besides the stylish furnishings, the offices have skylights, private kitchens, balconies, and private entrances. HPC wants every tenant to be comfortable, so they can be their most productive. All facilities are turnkey.

On-site, there are many other added benefits in Hollywood PC such as a breakfast and lunch café, hair salon, and a Center staff that is ready with a smile to assist you. They will help with directions to make sure your clients reach their destinations, and they offer many other conveniences.