Affordable and Flexible Office Space for Rent

Affordable and Flexible office space for rent near Palmer Park, CA

Palmer Park CA residents, we recognize how hard it’s to discover a place that meets all your filming and professional needs. At the Hollywood production facility, you’ll be in a position to get right down to business when the lease is signed by you.

At HPC you will notice that this facility places you in a position to save money. This is a result of the services that are included with your lease. Your office suite includes high-speed internet services and telephone services. There will be no need to pay extra for these services because they are already included. Other services are also included with your lease when you become our guest. Our residents appreciate 24-hour security and our onsite janitorial service. We make sure your executive office stays clean and that you and your guests are safe at all times.

In addition to offering affordability, Hollywood PC also provides flexibility. So much time might be wasted trying to find the perfect place to shoot your film. Once you have found the right area to film from, you must go through the time-wasting procedures that include obtaining permission from various offices and individuals and also paying for a permit to film. At HPC you won’t have to worry about obtaining a permission form or a license to film. Once you sign a lease you’ll be capable of using rooftops, patio, courtyard, our office sets, fitness center, and a lot more places for all your filming needs.

We realize that filming may be quite trying and time-intensive. So we’ve included on-site accommodations which will permit you to relax and get your thoughts together. A brain freeze may be helped with a trip to our on-site fitness center which can help to alleviate some of this anxiety. Or if you prefer, you can definitely get refreshed with a trip to our masseuse. We also have yoga classes that you can attend in the event you need to recharge your energy.

Not only is the flexibility offered through the amenities of our facility, provides options to our guests. Unlike other Office Suites, our leases are flexible. We have short and long –term leases to fit the professional needs of any guest.

Affordable and Flexible office space are hard to locate in the Palmer Park CA area. Instead of giving up trying to find the perfect office suite, be sure to contact us today at HPC in order to make your search a lot easier.