2018 The Best Filming Locations

2018 The Best Filming Locations near Universal City, CA

Every year L.A. has 43 million visitors annually with several million here specifically to work in the entertainment industry. These visitors are interested in the stellar filming locations and other opportunities that L.A. has to offer. Universal City CA is a great place to start, but when you are ready for production and post-production work, HPC has the professional executive offices and the amazing amenities to produce, direct and edit your next film, commercial or corporate video. Excellent filming locations are within several minutes from the Univeral City Plaza and NBC.

Hollywood Production Centers are focused on top-quality production and post-production and offer luxury executive offices that are fully-furnished in ultra-modern décor. The facilities accommodate all dimensions of the entertainment industry because the owners are in the film industry. They have designed the Hollywood PCs to accommodate those in the industry with phenomenal amenities and a professional location that will allow your company to produce your dreams.

One payment a month includes the full-sized, fully-furnished professional office with high-speed internet, voice data, all utilities, onsite maintenance, car wash privileges, and the pride and joy of the Hollywood Production Center, our high-quality, high-tech equipped meeting rooms. Superior meeting rooms are vital in producing an outstanding film or video, but, the amenities don’t stop there.

On each property, you’ll find a fitness center with a personal trainer, a hair salon, a cafe for breakfast and lunch, and plenty of parking for your guests. Your visitors may enter through the beautiful shared lobby, which is stylishly furnished in ultra-modern decor or they may enter through the turnkey door for each office.

In 2017, Hollywood PC added its fifth location, so now there are three HPCs in Glendale and two in Hollywood, which are within minutes of Universal City CA. Hollywood Production Centers invites you to schedule a virtual tour of each of our facilities and all of the benefits available to you and your team. It is our attention to detail that will allow you to make your dreams come true!