Virtual Office


Taking out a lease for an office and furnishing it with everything you need is beyond expensive. The better choice is to with a virtual office if you’re looking to set up a location in Los Angeles CA. The space comes fully equipped with all the furniture and amenities you need while also offering the convenience necessary for your staff to focus on their job rather than deal with other time consuming tasks.

At Hollywood Production Center, we’re dedicated to providing the virtual office rental experience possible. We offer executive suits in a wide range of sizes. These suites include everything you need to run your business such as high speed internet, professional phone system, reception areas, parking space, and security. Even if you’re looking for a small space for rent, you’ll be able to find a suite that meets your budget.

Our offices are particularly set up for media production companies. The space comes with voice, data and high speed Internet services preinstalled, so all you need to do is plug in your devices. It is furnished with all the office furniture you need and has a professional meeting space so that you have the environment to work with your team. You can literally come in, install your equipment and get to work. You won’t have to go through the typical production rental hassles you’d normally deal with when starting out with empty office space.

The best part of our office suites is the fact that the environment is set up so that your staff can productively. There are on-site gyms, showers, personal trainers, car wash services, private kitchens, and more. Your staff will be taken care of so that they can focus on doing what they do best.

What’s more, our offices are affordable. Aside from saving money on the typical start-up costs, you can decide how long you want to rent out the office space. You can lease on a month to month basis which saves you the money you’d have to spend on a rigid contract that makes you lease the space longer than necessary. If you plan on staying longer, you can get a better deal by going with a long term lease.

We have multiple locations available, so you can go with an office that’s strategically positioned near your shoot locations. To learn more about what we offer, visit or call us at 855-737-7534 to check for availability. You can also schedule a tour of one of our locations to see if our offices are right for you.

Virtual Office


There are many benefits to having a virtual office in California near a Hollywood Production Center. One of the benefits involves helping the environment. When a virtual space is used, travels cost reduces. Another benefit is better productivity. This is useful because improved productivity means more sales. Telecommuting is better as well. All of these reasons are why businesses use virtual offices. Most businesses also use production rental services.

Telecommuting and virtual spaces are not different. When businesses use one of these methods, they work outside of their standard offices in another location. It is a popular method for employees. Because this concept is new, policies are tough to build; parameters outside of the office are not very clear. A virtual space, however, has lots of advantages, and it should be considered. Office rental can benefit any business.

The environment is not great in busy cities. The reason why is due to emissions from cars. When businesses use virtual spaces, less traveling is required. There is no need to use buses and cars. Virtual spaces help the environment because less vehicles generate emissions that pollute the air. Emissions are also reduced based on the structure of the building for the virtual space. When an office is designed properly, less emissions are generated from the office equipment.. Resources and spaces are improved when amenities are shared; this reduces emission from a building caused by workers.

When commuting time is reduced, businesses have more time to focus on projects. Commuters spend many hours a week traveling to their jobs and back home. Productivity improves due to virtual spaces because businesses have more time to complete tasks. When work is completed faster, employees have more time to spend at home.

Many benefits are gained from the various advantages offered when businesses use virtual spaces. Schedules are more flexible, and employees work more efficiency due to the office. Virtual spaces are used by various users. Small businesses enjoy the professional element it offers. Other businesses use a virtual space to share files. Businesses who have employees in different areas use virtual spaces too. All projects are handled by employees similar to a standard office. Projects are given to other employees as files.

Virtual spaces reduce stress; standard offices generally are more stressful for employees; there is no need to wear executive suits. Employees do not have to worry about traffic jams or spending money on gas. With a standard office, employees have to work based on standard hours. Employees can set their hours based on the best time they have to produce the best results when virtual spaces are used. Because the employee is the boss, there are no rules.

Virtual Office


Hollywood Production Center on East Broadway in Glendale offers a great virtual office for businesses. Many people do not understand the benefits of virtual spaces; they increase work productivity and efficiency. Office spaces are very affordable, and they offer many features of standard office spaces.

New businesses who are just starting should consider an office space. The space is flexibility and convenient when compared to other standard office spaces. When businesses choose a virtual space, they get many features, such as a telephone service with a receptionist, conference rooms, a workspace, cyber cafes, executive lounges, and more.

Businesses can select a prime location to establish their brands due to virtual spaces. When a company does this, it can channel its budget in other ways, such as growing the business with marketing strategies. Virtual spaces also help businesses save money because they do not have to hire many employees.

In most cities, the cost of a standard office is too expensive for small businesses. The cost of a standard office each month is around hundreds or thousands of dollars. Because of this, small businesses cannot choose the prime location they want. With virtual spaces, businesses can pick a great location to get good exposure; this is required to have a successful business, and the cost is very reasonable. The overhead cost of a standard office is expensive; business owners have to pay for the power, parking, cleaning equipment, and more. Virtual spaces are better because owners do not have to pay for those types of bills. The bill for a standard office can range around hundreds or thousands of dollars; this cost will be included with the cost of running the business. At the end of the month, a small business will not have enough money for important marketing strategies. Because of this, small businesses need a virtual space because the cost is way less; virtual spaces have all the benefits of a standard office.

As mentioned earlier, virtual spaces eliminates the need to hire employees; admin assistants or representatives for customer care will not be needed. The reason why is because companies who provide virtual spaces include customer support and admin assistants as part of the package. When the virtual space is paid for, the business services will be outsourced. All calls will be answered, and all emails will be sent to you immediately. When customer support is needed, the admin staff will handle it. The staff services offered by virtual spaces give businesses time to focus on growing.

More flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of having a virtual space; there is no need to rush to work with executive suits. Small business owners can grow their business comfortably from home or any location; there is no stress because all the administrative tasks will be covered. Due to the benefits and production rental, owners can gain a successful business at a low cost.

Virtual Office


Virtual offices have become the new norm for today’s busy professional in Beverly Hills CA. A virtual office is the perfect solution to an expensive office rental, especially in light of the fact that telecommuting is so popular. The best part about this type of office is that they appear professional while allowing the businessman to share the rent with dozens of other businesses. Hollywood Production Center businesses are doing this, for production rental purposes, and this especially helping cut down cost for small business who need just a small space for rent. Forget buying new executive suits to wear to work everyday. Work at home and dress only when coming into your virtual office.

As cities grow and space becomes more limited these types of offices are springing up all over the place. Not to mention since the economy has take a dive everyone is looking for a few ways to save money. No one wants to look unprofessional. You definitely do not want your mail delivered to your home or a PO Box. That is just unprofessional. With an office setting like this you have all of your problems solved.

In Beverly Hills image is everything. You could choose an office of your your own that is old and falling apart just to say you have an office, but this choice is much classier. When you have to meet with client, you simply schedule the time and space with the office and a room is yours. You have access to a board room, a break room, bathrooms, and even a secretary. You can even have a phone number that is forwarded to your phone that rings through to the secretary first. This is first class service at a fraction of full-time office prices.

Another benefit is that you do not have to worry about security. You do not leave any of your belongings there so everything is safe with you. You get to keep your things in the comfort of your own home. So, because you are only renting a virtual space, you are only paying the price of a virtual space. It is still a tax write off, but it is going to save you tons of money in the long run. You do not have to worry about electric bills, water bills, gas bills, or any types of utilities. Everything is taken care of. Your only job is to show up when you need an office.

As with a regular office, you will probably still have to sign a lease stating that you will pay the monthly fee for a certain amount of months before moving on. This is to protect the office and keep it moving forward. However, with all of your needs taken care of, you might find this is the perfect way of life.

Virtual Office


The Hollywood Production Center is only a few minutes away from the Glendale courthouse in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles, CA. Filming executive suits will be able to sit back and relax in their executive suites while they oversee production and filming operations for their project. There is virtual office space along with some small space for rent. These spaces are available depending on the scheduling and filming times of clients who currently is the production center to produce their films. Office space is also available and can be rented if no other clients are scheduled to use the space.

Production rental space is going to be a must for production crews that are going to go about producing a short film or movie. Having all of the necessary tools and staging at on location makes the production process that much more efficient and practical. Taking advantage of the office rental option gives a production crew more credibility and makes the staff look like a real professional film crew. The filming industry is a highly competitive industry and Hollywood Production makes sure that its clients have access to the best staging resources as well as different types of production areas to offer clients a variety of selections for filming their scenes.

The production center near Hollywood has many locations for potential clients to select from, so clients have options. Hollywood Productions has worked will a spectacular list of clients. These filming experts have worked with clients that have produced sitcoms for television, as well as major motion picture projects. The complete office rental package may be a little more expensive to reserve, but in any case either service will work for production companies. Renting out a space from this production company will allow the camera crew, actors, and actresses to be able to relax when they are in between filming scenes. The office area will also allow guests to sit back and relax while watching the production phase of filming session. This is an impressive feature that will have many talking about a film session that was memorable or has had a lasting impression on them.

In any fast-paced business, there is a need for office an office assistant. This production facility offers a very valuable resource by letting clients have the option of obtaining a virtual office where an assistant can perform his/ her duties right at the filming location. Hollywood Productions center gives filming executive suits and managers an executive-level feeling of confidence when they are on the film set making final preparations to start working on their movie or project.

Virtual Office


The Hollywood Production Center provides roomy virtual office space on West Lexington Drive in Glendale CA. These executive suits provide all the comforts and conveniences required to make a work day productive.

Whether it be a group of filming professionals arriving here to use production rental space, business executives need a conference room for an ongoing event, or a traveling sales person needs a small space for rent, rooms are available.

Facility amenities include fully-furnished rooms, guest valet parking, professional reception area, voice mail, high-speed Internet, and fitness room. Also included on site is showers, personal trainers, flower arrangers, skylights, private kitchens and balconies, and a gym and courtyard.

Furthermore, all the desks, tables and shelves arranged the way they are make it much easier to stay organized. This result is finding everything that’s needed to complete all jobs on time, because there is a place for all equipment and supplies.

In addition, every single group that arrives here has their own professional meeting place. Furthermore, the IT infrastructure is already set up and ready to use. Along with that, business tenants receive access to the most current technology available to help them manage all operations. They even get their own address to use for contacts and mailings.

Every single unit provides enough virtual office space to complete all work or filming projects. Moreover, each office rental space can be set up exactly the way a business, organization or crew needs it. Therefore, all team members can work through all steps of a project much easier faster. Whatever works for a team is what this Lexington Drive unit rental complex provides.

Completing all tasks becomes much easier when stationed at a work space that increases efficiency and improves productivity. Not only that, but groups who take advantage of a shared office rental environment can also save money on enterprise start-up costs.

At the same time, they all have their privacy when they need it. Every single place on the grounds also is tightly patrolled by high-conscientious security personnel, too. Anyone who conducts business here will have the peace of mind that they will remain safe while busy working.

No one has to clean up their messes, either. A hired janitorial crew makes its rounds throughout the day. This helps all busy professionals accomplish even more than they did before.

All team members are given the resources they need to be successful on the job. However, they also are provided plenty to do on site when on break. On their days off, they can also venture out into this well-respected California neighborhood and socialize.

Anyone can call HPC2 to book executive suits for both short-term or long-term use in Glendale. Leases are signed according to how long a group needs the space.

Virtual Office


Finding the perfect small space for rent on North Gower Street in Los Angeles is all about knowing what you need and matching that up to what is available. The Hollywood Production Center area is a great location for most needs with everything from executive office space to studio space to a place for an entire workforce. Depending on your needs, an entire production company can run its business from the right rental space, when all their requirements are met. In order to find the best spot for a business, there are a few factors that have to be understood so that they can be met.

Office rental space is extremely fast to fill up, especially in high traffic areas where everyone wants to have their business located. A successful business can only be successful if it is in the best location possible so it is important that you locate where your customers and clients can easily access your offices. Executive suits, on the other hand, want a location that is private and out of the rush of traffic so that they can conduct business. Knowing what type of space is needed will help narrow down a list of potential spots that a business can work in.

Whatever a businesses needs, office and work space is needed in order for the business to run smoothly. Even online or offsite operations require people working behind the scenes that keep everything running on a day to day basis. A virtual office requires just as much space as a production rental company would, though their space requirements would be different in order to accommodate the needs of the equipment and people working in them. To find the best space for you, understand what your business requires first and then only look at those properties that can deliver.

Another factor to consider is the potential growth that your company might have. It is not reasonable to be paying rent on a vast space that you want to fill up, but might not for another few years. Instead, focus on the needs of the company now, and lease a space that offers some room for growth in relation to what your business can potentially grow to in a year’s time. Most rental spaces are leased yearly and at that time if you’ve outgrown your unit it is always possible to look for a new location then. Understanding where you want your business to be in a year always makes financial sense.

Virtual Office


Renting a virtual office space or an office rental is convenient for most freelancers who work from the comfort of their homes. It can also be convenient for those who own a business but do not have sufficient space for an office within the building. In lieu of spending an obscene amount of money, individuals can allow the team at the Hollywood Production Center to provide luxurious office space of their choice nearSunset Gower Studios CA. They can save a great deal on startup costs and simultaneously receive high quality technology and already installed IT infrastructure. All units are fully furnished with excellent amenities such as the gym, clean showers, car wash, and valet parking. In addition, all offices have a built in kitchen for personal use, balconies (where the skyline is visible) to relax after a strenuous day as well as a private entrance. For safety purposes, there are 24 hour camera surveillance on site.

The company offers four distinct rental offices that are suited for every customers need. Some individuals may feel comfortable working in an office that is small in size, while other individuals may require that they work in a spacious environment. Providing superior customer service and being able to provide customers with what they want is extremely important, which is why the company provides several options, includingsmall space for rent and executive suits. The offices are between the areas of Los Angeles and Glendale, which known for having an array attractions such as theaters, parks, restaurants, and so much more.

Those who are interested in renting a production rental or any rental office near Sunset Gower Studios CA, should get in contact with the company by filling out the provided form on the website. All that is required is the potential customers’ first and last name, phone number, email address, and the type of space that has sparked their interest. Once that form is submitted, a staff member will contact the customer and will be eager to assist in finding the perfect rental office that best suits their needs. It will be brought to the customers’ attention that there are many options available and a description of each will be provided. One could schedule a tour of the units as well as move in on the very same day, it is that simple!

Virtual Office


Businesses near the Santa Monica Blvd will want to consider using the virtual office options that are available to them. This is one of the best office rental choices that people can make. They have manyexecutive suits there that will please almost any business owner or manager. This can be the perfect way to link yourself in to the amenities provided by this business. If you have never used one of these programs before, you may be interested in how they work. Read through this article to get an idea of what you can get when you rent an office here.

If you just need a small space for rent, you will find plenty of options available to you here. These offices can be perfect for anyone who just needs a quiet place to get their work done. You will be amazed at the increase in productivity that you see when you use one of these options. If you haven’t tried this out before, you might want to talk to the manager onsite. They will be able to show you some of the many options that they have. Try to take this opportunity to visualize what you need to get when you take a look at these different offices.

You might also be interested in some of the Hollywood Production Center options that they have here. You may be looking to collaborate with film projects in the area. This can be an extensive project, so you will need some space to make it happen. If you haven’t worked on one of these projects before, you may be interested to see how you can do it. These offices will give you the chance to lay out all of your production materials. It can also give you the space that you need to get projects done on time.

Finally, you may want to know how much these kinds of offices will cost. In general, it will depend on the different options that you may need. If you need a production rental, you might be impressed by some of what you get from here. There are many affordable offerings that you can get from this center. If you’d like to take a look, you can stop by the Century City business district. Many professionals have found that it is exactly what they need to get their work done right. Talk to the staff here to find out what you might pay for the perfect office that you need.

Virtual Office


Hollywood Production Center offers office rental space and production rental space near Raleigh. They also can fill the need of those who require a professional meeting space or virtual office.Hollywood Production Center provides a number of options and many amenities for professionals in the entertainment industry. Their stylish executive suits are ideal for TV or filming crews, media or publishing companies. Raleigh studios are a very affordable alternative for businesses that desire to reflect a professional image. The shared environment provides cost savings for clients yet allows them to establish a strong identity. Whether a small space for rent is required or executive suites, Hollywood Production can fulfill the need. Leases are flexible allowing clients to occupy as much space as needed and then subtract from it as is necessary. Short term leases are also available. There is no waiting. Clients can move in immediately.

Each facility includes a professional reception area and every luxurious suite is fully furnished. Some of the suites feature skylights, kitchenettes, balconies and private entrances. Flower arrangements adorn many areas. The location includes many settings that are ideal for filming such as courtyards, rooftops, and patios to name a few. There are no delays in putting up a set since no permits are necessary. Other amenities include a gym, with showers, lockers and onsite personal trainer, an onsite café and hair salon. There is also a car wash. Ample parking, including valet parking, is also available. A truly elaborate environment provides unparalleled sophistication in office rental space.

These stylish facilities are equipped with state of the art communications systems that help clients stay in touch with important contacts. The latest technology in voice, data and high speed internet connection are available to assist businesses in becoming highly productive. Each location has a premium address. All buildings are of high quality construction and elegantly designed. The office suites create the perfect ambiance for creative pursuits such as writing or designing sets. They are also complementary for post-production work. Should scenes need to be rewritten or shot, setting up equipment is less cumbersome since the location of the original filming has been maintained on site. The Raleigh studios are the prime location for production, post production and executive office space.

The production rental spaces near Raleigh come in a variety of floor plans. The community is gated and the facility has 24 hour security and surveillance. The parking area is also secured. Janitorial services are provided for the maintenance of the community as well. Excellent customer service is provided to bring about a sense of community among tenants and staff. The professionally equipped buildings are unequaled as filming locations and creative workspace for those professionals in the entertainment industry.

Virtual Office


If you do not need a permanent office in Glendale, CA, you should consider a virtual office rental inGlendale, CA, for your company to have a professional presence at an affordable price. The Hollywood Production Center is a shared office service, which allows foreign companies or people who work from home, to have a permanent place of business in Glendale, CA.

Who uses a virtual office in Glendale, CA?

It is very useful for small entrepreneurs or people who work from home and do not have sufficient resources to rent a conventional office in Glendale, CA. They receive a great service for a price much lower than they would pay to rent a corner office. Businesses can also benefit from a virtual office rental in Glendale, CA. They can establish a strong presence in the exciting and growing entertainment industry. If you’re looking for class A Office space at an affordable price, The Hollywood Production Center is just what you are looking for.

The Hollywood Production Center is designed with convenient options so you can choose the virtual office service best suited to meet the demands of your business. Whether you need executive office space, creative space, or any type of office space, The Hollywood Production Center has what you are looking for when searching for virtual office rental in Glendale, CA.

Our offices Include:

  • Phones and internet
  • Furnished and non-furnished office
  • 24-hour security surveillance and security personnel
  • Monthly conference room usage
  • Janitorial & utilities included
  • On-site gym with lockers and toiletries
  • Personal trainer & yoga classes
  • Secure parking with valet
  • Car wash
  • Pet friendly & mobile pet grooming
  • Conference rooms with tele-conferencing
  • Free cappuccino, coffee, mocha & espresso machine
  • Scalability: expand and contract as you need
  • Flexible short and long term leases
  • Fast and prompt service with a smile

With The Hollywood Production Center, you can impress your clients without paying for a large corporate office. You will have all the convenience of an executive or corporate office at a much more affordable price. With The Hollywood Production Center, you can establish yourself as a professional and reputable business in Glendale, CA.

Virtual Office



The Hollywood Production Center in Hollywood, Los Angeles, specializes in providing executive offices and production needs for the entertainment industry. The highest quality services are offered, and the best amenities are available for the business executives and production teams in the entertainment industry. Hollywood Production Center may provide a writing or creative space, an executive office, assistance with filming locationsproduction assistance, and post-production assistance. Casting may be provided, and those who would like to work among their peers can find a place at Hollywood Production Center.


Equipment rentals are possible with Hollywood Production Center. Virtual offices can be arranged for the entertainment executive or team member on the go. Virtual offices may provide telephone answering services and mail receiving for the business. A mailing address is available for incoming mail, and the telephone is answered in the name of the business. Having an appropriate location for a new entertainment business may be critical for its success. Having the appropriate rentals and other supplies are important.


Offices can be rented through Hollywood Production Center. An office space can provide a place for meetings. The offices can be furnished or unfurnished, and they usually have telephone services and Internet available. There is a 24-hour security surveillance and security personnel on site. Other services available with an office rental may include:

  1. A monthly conference room usage is a part of an office rental. These conference rooms can be used for small meetings or larger meetings.
  2. Janitorial services are included, and the utilities usage is a part of the office rental package.
  3. There is an onsite gym with personal lockers and supplies. A personal trainer is available through the gym membership.
  4. The parking lot is secure, and valet service is available.
  5. A car wash is available, and the office complex is pet friendly. Mobile pet grooming may be used.


Hollywood Production Center provides a scalable office lease that can be reduced or expanded according to the needs of the business. The leases can be short and flexible or long-term. The leases can include other services, and these services can be added to the rental package. Most leases will include office telephone services and Internet services. Telephone answering and mail retrieval are usually a part of an office lease package. Virtual offices in Hollywood Production Center are available for the entertainment executive who requires a mobile office.